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Finally we got a face to face episode live in the Philippines! The Engineering Club was able to pull another interesting topic spontaneously. How is technology evolving to disrupt the dating culture? How creative Filipinos are in using different platform to look for a date? How do we explain to the older generation when we met someone coming from an online dating app? How can we avoid being a victim of dating abuses especially when meeting strangers online? What are some of not well known dating apps that serves specific purpose? Let us hear the Season One Ender with Arvin, Malaya, Vanessa, Chito and Cinta discussing this topic over drinks in the Very Filipino Problems podcast.
The Educators Club are back in the podcast with Eugenio and Tiana talking about their personal experiences regarding different problems in the education sector. How does the lack of financial capacity and infrastructure affects poor kids on how they access the schools and educational facilities around the Philippines? Why are there still problems with FIlipinos going to school despite the increasing national budget being allocated for education and the facilities being built around the country? Are Filipino educators paid enough or are they receiving just the right amount to survive daily living expenses? How much stressful it is for educators to handle a lot of tasks beyond their capacities, including additional extra-curricular works? Why do corruption affect the quality of education we get and how we provide the needs for tools for use in teaching? How are we going to address all of our issues and start small changes so that when there are emergency distant learning like the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be able to easily adjust? And how do we fare against Southeast Asian counterparts in Thailand and Singapore?  Let us hear personal stories and experiences coming from Eugenio and Tiana and how they feel about our education system in the Philippines in general.
The Engineering Club is back in this episode with Noel coming back to the Philippines and joining again our podcast after a short business trip in Armenia. We talked about some toxic family culture in the Philippines, including disagreeing with older family members and tolerating harmful people just because they are your relatives. Why do we always hesitate to have different opinions and expressing it in front of our family members? Why do Filipinos think that is so disrespectful to contradict older family member even though you have a valid point? Why are some of older Filipinos close minded and think that they are always right? Why do Filipinos tolerate harmful people especially when they are blood related to you? And why do a lot of Filipino people easily let bygones be bygones even when there are unrecoverable damages done to you by your relatives? A lot of realizations in this episode regarding how we should treat our relatives and their wrongdoings with Arvin, Malaya, Vanessa, Clint and Noel in the podcast.
Warning! Long episode ahead. But this is a very important episode regarding the hardships every Filipino jobseeker encounter in their lives with the Engineering Club discussing certain points of our jobseeker lives. Why do we feel that local companies offer lower salaries against overseas companies? Why are employers looking for certain things that are not so important with the job they are offering? What is the Filipino padrino system and why nepotism at the workplace is really bad for us? Why is that there are a lot of contractual jobs in the Philippines and how companies are exploiting the workforce with this kind of system? How are we affected with employers hiring more people from prominent universities and ignoring those that are coming from less known places? When should employees pay for the trainings they are getting to perform in the job and when they should not? Why are there a lot of Filipinos competing for the same job and a lot of jobs without applicants as well? And why is it so expensive and tiring to apply to another job where completing the requirements requires us to spend lots of money and time for the most basic documents we need? Let us hear Arvin, Chito and Malaya talk about the job seeker life and the very Filipino problems in between.
The Engineering Club is here to talk about how to answer the very intrusive Filipino question of either bearing a child or opting to become childless. Why are there growing numbers of young Filipinos considering being childless? What are the common considerations that affects this decision of upbringing a child? What should the government do to help people do family planning and make upbringing of children easier for starting up families? How do we evaluate ourselves when we are ready to bring a child financially and emotionally? Why do Filipinos always feeling the pressure of bringing grandchildren to grandparents even when we are not yet ready to take the responsibility? And to talk about the toxic Filipino culture of upbringing children to have retirement plans and support system when they get old which trap Filipinos into this endless sandwich generation. Lets hear our thoughts and opinions regarding bringing a child or being childless with Arvin, Vanessa, Malaya and Clint in the podcast.
With the World Teachers' Day that happened this month, we bring two newcomers in the podcast coming from Thailand and Singapore with Eugenio and Tiana in the podcast to share their interesting journey as educators in the neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. How are they able to come up with the decision to leave the Philippines to teach in another country? How do you convince your parents to let you go to the country of your choosing to jumpstart your career in teaching? How hard is it for Filipinos to apply for documentations and visa just to comply with the exit clearances and be able to travel and stay outside the Philippines? Where do you source the strength and determination to move to another place and start to explore life on your own as a starter? And how do you handle all the shocking changes in the airport when you just landed in the foreign country? Let us hear stories from Eugenio and Tiana their unique experiences of leaving the country to work as educators.
This episode is just the continuation of the previous one where Arvin and Lui talked about their recent trips in the Philippines. How important is planning when visiting Philippines and why every second counts while spending holidays there? What are good places in the Philippines that are really worth your time visiting? How majestic is the island of Palawan and what they can offer for those that are visiting Philippines for the first time? Why are most of tourist gaining weight coming from a bountiful holiday season in the Philippines? Why are Filipinos really splurging a lot of money when coming home during their holidays in the Philippines? And why do tourists have a lot of options with the colorful festivities Philippines has to offer? Let us hear the closer episode about Arvin and Lui's holidays and what they feel about their recent trips back home.
Let's talk about distance learning here with our political science student from Pagadian, Zamboanga del Sur, Kristian. What does it feel when all your expectations transitioning into the college life became so different with the burst of the COVID-19 pandemic where everyone stayed at home? How was distance learning adopted in the Philippines and what are the implications of it moving forward now that we are slowly going back to normal? How hard is it to sacrifice your dreams of studying in a prestigious university for your own safety? And those that struggled financially or technically like the unavailability of tools and infrastructure? How does it feel when you are shortlisted in an opportunity if you competed with the best ones in the industry? And how to stay focused in achieving your goals after everything that happened during the pandemic bubble? Let us hear Kristian on his early struggles as a student, on moving forward and being resilient and doing the things he loves to do despite all the changes around him.
It is our birthday month this October. Hooray! Happy Birthday to us! But with our upcoming birthday celebration comes with our common Filipino problems where there are latecomers, gatecrashers, ego-maniac individuals, baby sitters and "marites" all around the Filipino party. Why do Filipinos always come in late in a party? Why is it so hard for Filipinos to make financial budget on their celebrations and deciding how much and how big the party is? Why are kids always been a part of Filipino parties? Why are Filipino foods being brought in a Filipino party always so greasy? Why is it a habit of Filipinos to talk and/or gossip about someone who is not in the party? And why do we need to allocate more time before leaving the Filipino party especially those that are fans of Sharon Cuneta and Regine Velasquez? Let us hear our personal experiences and struggles dealing with all the people we had encountered in a Filipino party with Arvin, Malaya, Vanessa, Clint and Noel in the podcast.
We are back in the Philippines with the Engineering Club talking about the favorite Filipino past time of singing in the karaoke/videoke. Why do most Filipinos like to sing in the karaoke? Where is your go-to karaoke place around the Metro? Which favorite songs Filipinos like to sing in the karaoke and why do Filipinos like to sing birit songs even if they can't properly sing it? Do Filipinos really able to connect to the meaning of the songs or we just like to sing the most popular song available in the karaoke? And what are the most annoying persons you can be with while singing in the karaoke? Let us hear Arvin, Malaya, Clint and Vanessa talk about their experiences and stories about singing, karaoke and annoying people around karaoke seshs.
Doc Lui is back in the podcast and we are to talk about our recent holiday trips from the Philippines. How expensive it is for Filipinos living abroad to plan a holiday back home in the Philippines? How did Arvin and Lui make a grand surprise to their families by coming home without the families and friends knowing their plan? Why is it that there are a lot of documentations and expenses needed for a Filipino planning to work abroad and even for those that are coming back home? What are the common adjustments to take the moment you landed at the airport especially during post-pandemic? And how does it feel to be back to square one where basic services such as transportation and communication still are lagging behind? Let us hear Arvin and Lui’s excitements and struggles from their recent holiday trips in the Philippines.
Lets go back to one of the most beautiful cities in Italy with our student traveler Ellie from Turin sharing her Pride March experiences in this episode. How did the month of June became the official LGBT+ Pride Month and where did this Pride March started? What does joining and representing during this Pride March mean to her? How is the LGBT+ treatment differs in Europe as compared to the Philippines and what responsibilities does the Philippine government have in protecting the rights of LGBT+ community? What is the usual discriminatory experience she had while living in the Philippines and how did she able to overcome this problem? What is this SOGIE Bill and why does this bill provide inclusivity for the benefit for everyone not just the LGBT+ community? Let us hear Ellie's experience with joining the Pride March and her thoughts and opinions with several issues surrounding the Pride Month and the LGBT+ community.
In this episode, we go back to Philippines in the city of Pagadian, Zamboanga del Sur with student volunteer Kristian Rivera talking about his advocacy works during the COVID-19 pandemic. How did he started his leadership journey and why did he decided to do volunteer works within the community? What are the advocacies he is promoting for? What are the common struggles of managing and sustaining a non-profit organization and how is he able to cope up with the situation while in the middle of the pandemic? How do you set up your priorities to do things that you need to do and things that you want to do? And how does it feel being able to help people who are out of reach and struggles the most during the pandemic? Let us hear Kristian share his incredible journey towards starting his own advocacies, running a non-profit organization and carrying over during the COVID-19 pandemic with the true spirit of volunteerism.
Welcome to the VFP Season Two baby! The Engineering Club is back live in this episode with another very interesting topic regarding talking stage of a relationship. What is the difference of talking stage and courting stage? How important is raising questions during this stage of building a relationship? Why are they suggesting on managing your "rupok" levels and not fall very early in the process? How is the Western dating culture differs with the Asian culture and how does it matter regarding the do's and dont’s of talking stage? How do you introduce someone to your Asian parents with the understanding that you both are still the talking stage? And how important is communication and setting the right expectations for dealing with the other half during the talking stage? Let us hear Vanessa, Malaya, Clint and Arvin talk about this confusing stage of the relationship and their unique relationship experiences and struggles.
We are back with the Engineering Club discussing how different public schooling is from private schooling in the Philippines. How different is the experience studying in public school and what are the common struggles of students? Why is there no private schools in Finland? Are tuition fees directly equate to the quality of education we have? Why do students coming from public schools being discriminated against private school goers? How different it is studying in the province and is it really more relaxed as compared to those studying from the city? And how about handling transfers? Malaya, Chito, Vanessa and Arvin have a lot of experiences to share and a lot of comparisons to check with private and public schooling.
In this episode, we went back to Turin with our student traveler, Ellie, to share common struggles when studying abroad. How is it like studying in a far away country with a different culture from what we have back in the Philippines? Why are some European students hesitant to adopt and use English in their daily conversations? How does European countries differ based from their educational system and how does it feel to adjust coming from an Asian perspective? How to manage daily life in Europe including budgeting finances, transportation and preparing food? Why do we have to capitalize on the education system that is being offered by the European countries? And what are the things that Filipinos can learn from the European systems? Let us hear the unique experiences Ellie is having while studying abroad in France and Italy.
We are back with Clint and Chito in the episode and we talked about different disaster problems. What are the common struggles of Filipinos when there are disasters such as typhoon and floods? How can we quickly adjust and respond to these unfortunate events that can happen anytime in an instant? Why do we need to adapt to the new technology of doing things remotely including work and study so that we can still move forward in times of crisis? Why are Filipinos very resilient and strong even when we have the most disastrous typhoons and floods in our history? Are there preparations you can really do in such a quick random event like an earthquake? And how about the volcanic eruptions that happened prior to the pandemic? Really relevant topic to discuss regarding preparations, survival and moving forward with different disastrous things and whatnots.
In this episode, we go back to Finland with Kumu Nordic talking about living in the happiest country in the world. How subjective feelings like happiness can be measured objectively? Are you going to be really happy with having lots of money alone? Is the saying "health is wealth" making sense and how does our health condition affect our individual happiness? Are there really places that are zero tolerance against any type of corruption? How does it feel to have someone to count on when something bad happened to you? And how important it is to have the freedom to make life choices and be generous enough to help others as well? Let us hear how we perceive happiness in the happiest country in the world with Meg and Charlese in the podcast.
We are back in this episode with Joan of Kumu Canada for another interesting story coming from Ontario, Canada. How would you handle moving to a place very far from where you are in the sake of reuniting with the one you love? How to face bigger risk in your life and realizing how important the outcome of huge decisions you have to do with your love, life and career? What are the surprises you might encounter as a Filipino when discovering your life on another place unknown to you? What is the difference on how we are treating others at work as a Filipino worker abroad as compared to what we had experienced in our own country? And how to deal with making mistakes and moving forward with life especially in an industry that requires a very delicate process? Let us hear Joan as she shares moving places, dealing with workmates and adjusting to a new place that is so different from where she had back then.
Celebrity endorsements, dramas and dirty politics around the 2022 Philippine Elections campaigns and Malaya, Chito and Arvin has a lot of points to discuss. Is social media really a big factor on how people decide who to vote for in the upcoming elections? How is lack of media accessibility affecting Filipinos that have farther reach to technology and information? How truthful and reliable election surveys are and what to expect with these tools? Why Filipinos vote for the popular and winnable candidate instead of voting for who they believe and support to? Are there gender preferences when electing a candidate in the Philippines? And why do women candidates need to portray a stronger personality to convince people to vote for them? Let's hear what the Engineering Club has to say about the upcoming elections.
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