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In today’s fast-paced world, many of us are constantly looking for new ways to keep up with demand, speed things up, cut out the middleman and be more efficient overall. As many PeopleOps leaders will know, there’s always room for improvement, and operating procedures, process and documentation are important areas to focus on if they hope to help their teams become more efficient, productive and satisfied in their roles. In this episode, Rhys sits down with Chris Ronzio, the founder and CEO of Trainual: an app that helps small business leaders systematize and scale in a way that fits their needs. As someone who’s passionate about helping businesses develop systems that work for them—not the other way around—Chris has plenty of great tips to share that can be applied to any role. Chris and Rhys cover everything from avoiding burnout to building a more autonomous culture at work, sharing plenty of valuable advice that will ultimately make life easier for you and your team.  Download your free copy of Oyster’s 2022 Employee Expectations Report. We want to hear from you! Please take a moment to share your thoughts on the New World of Work Listener Survey. This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
Although there’s great talent to be found everywhere these days, this doesn’t always translate into diverse hiring practices. As PeopleOps leaders, it’s important that we act as champions for diversity and inclusivity as we build and scale our teams. In this episode, Rhys sits down with Hugh Chichester, the co-founder of Niya, a diversity hiring platform that connects underrepresented talent with global job opportunities. Supporting refugees and migrants, ethnic minorities, women, LGBTQ+, neurodivergent and physically disabled people, Niya works hard to promote diversity and inclusion in the tech industry while empowering candidates to pursue a fulfilling career in the industry. Niya is also one of Oyster’s partners, collaborating on the Oyster for Refugees program, which empowers companies to find refugee talent and hire them compliantly. During the episode, Rhys and Hugh discuss some of the current challenges in the tech industry Niya is helping to solve, how PeopleOps professionals can prioritize diverse hiring practices in their own companies, and why he believes the skills gap is a myth.  Download your free copy of Oyster’s 2022 Employee Expectations Report. We want to hear from you! Please take a moment to share your thoughts on the New World of Work Listener Survey. This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
By viewing the entire company as the end product, business leaders can create everything from offer letters to benefits packages with a user-first design mindset. Similar to the teams that design and build the products that are ultimately shipped to clients and customers, PeopleOps leaders have a golden opportunity to create touchpoints that the entire staff can use, thereby creating a real difference within the organization. In this episode, Rhys sits down with Richard Mabey, the co-founder and CEO at Juro, a company that enables in-house legal and business teams to create, approve, sign and manage contracts in one unified workspace. Together, they discuss some real-world examples of how both Oyster and Juro have been built like products, and some of the key lessons they have learned along the way. Download your free copy of Oyster’s 2022 Employee Expectations Report! Join us at Ascent by Oyster, a free virtual conference where anyone passionate about distributed work can connect to change the world of work, together. Save your spot here! This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
Helping new hires feel welcome and valued isn’t a new idea, but studies are showing that it could be more important than ever—especially in a remote working world, which has created unique challenges for new hires and people managers alike. In this episode, Rhys discusses the importance of onboarding and retention with two guests from Bonusly: Lisa Schmuttermair, a PeopleOps Specialist and Laura Saracho, a Content Marketing Manager who weighs in from the people manager perspective. As an engaging employee recognition and rewards platform, Bonusly strives to enrich company culture, so both Lisa and Laura share some thoughtful perspectives and tangible pieces of advice that will help you continue creating a vibrant workplace environment, both on and offline. They also touch on the value of designing a thoughtful and deliberate onboarding plan, timely communications, and pathways to connecting with other team members. Download your free copy of Oyster’s 2022 Employee Expectations Report! Join us at Ascent by Oyster, a free virtual conference where anyone passionate about distributed work can connect to change the world of work, together. Save your spot here! This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
With remote work becoming the status quo and teams distributed across continents, the state of workplace communication has changed dramatically in just a few short years. In this episode, Rhys sits down with Joe Thomas, CEO and co-founder of Loom, a video messaging tool that allows users to record quick video messages in place of meetings or written communications. During their discussion, they explore effective strategies for team members hoping to build trust and get to know one another, even if their working hours don’t overlap or they’re in different time zones. Joe explains how video messaging can foster culture and connection in remote, distributed or asynchronous workplaces, and why it could possibly help to build team culture and reduce unnecessary meetings. He also shares his key predictions for workplace communication over the next few years, including why he believes more companies will shift to a hybrid working model in the future. Download your free copy of Oyster’s Global Employment Report! Join us at Ascent by Oyster, a free virtual conference where anyone passionate about distributed work can connect to change the world of work, together. Save your spot here! This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In the PeopleOps world, fostering a culture of intrapreneurship means promoting curiosity, bringing forward new ideas and continual improvement within the organization. By encouraging people to practice intrapreneurship within their day-to-day roles, PeopleOps leaders can help to drive forward innovation, spark creativity, and increase job satisfaction for their colleagues. In this episode, Rhys explores the concept of intrapreneurship with Yossi Mlynsky, the CEO and Founder of UpStack. As an all-in-one remote talent solution, UpStack helps companies easily hire, retain and motivate software engineers around the world. Yossi shares plenty of tactical advice for PeopleOps leaders hoping to foster intrapreneurship at work and strengthen company culture. This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
From informal chats around the watercooler to team lunches, there’s always been room for social connection in the workplace. However, for PeopleOps leaders, the task of maintaining morale and fostering workplace connections has become more of a challenge as teams continue to shift to remote, hybrid or distributed working models. In this episode, Rhys sits down with Rajiv Ayyangar, the CEO and Co-Founder of Tandem, to discuss smart strategies for PeopleOps leaders who are hoping to rise to the challenge of keeping a strong sense of community alive in this new world of work. As a tool that allows teams to connect, hang out and collaborate remotely, Tandem is aiming to help companies bring back a positive office vibe—without the office. Rajiv shares his perspective on the value of creating a tight-knit company culture despite being spread across cities, countries and continents, and how emerging technologies can help PeopleOps leaders accomplish this.New World of Work is produced by Quill.
In a post-pandemic era, many organizations have become aware of the need for a more holistic, people-centered approach to benefits plans. Employees have new expectations, and the companies who hope to attract and retain top talent in this competitive market will need to keep up with the changes. In this special panel episode, Rhys sits down with two guests: Ricky Turner, Director of Employee Relations at Facebook, and Jack Mardack, Co-Founder of Oyster, to discuss this issue from a modern PeopleOps perspective. Rhys, Ricky and Jack explore how benefits plans have evolved since the pandemic first began, and why it’s more important than ever that organizations listen to their employees. They also outline smart strategies for companies who are hoping to continue prioritizing people in the future. Overall, the episode presents a new perspective on benefits plans and how we can all take a more holistic approach as we learn to navigate this new world of work together.New World of Work is produced by Quill.
After the past two years, many people have had a chance to reflect on the values and priorities they consider to be most important in life, and for a large majority of the workforce, finding a strong sense of purpose at work has risen to the top of the list. In fact, according to a recent report by McKinsey, around 70% of people say they “define their purpose through work.” In this episode, Rhys sits down with Nicholas Andreou, the Founder of Impact Edge Consulting, to unpack the reasons why being an impact-driven business has become a strong competitive advantage for companies. During their conversation, Nick explains why a strong sense of purpose at work acts as a source of value for companies by helping them attract, retain and inspire top employees, which is key in today’s war for talent. Nick has over a decade of impact experience spanning academia and impact investing, and he’s worked with stakeholders including the World Health Organization, Harvard and Big Society Capital. In this episode, he shares his perspective on the current focus on impact-driven careers, especially among younger generations, and why he believes ESG and impact factors will only become more important in the future.New World of Work is produced by Quill.
Work hard, play hard. Rise and grind. Sleep is for the weak. Do any of these modern proverbs sound familiar? If so, you’ve likely been exposed to hustle culture: a mentality that prioritizes hard work at all costs, regardless of any harmful effects it may have on your health, happiness or personal life. In this episode, Rhys explores some of the reasons why so many people continue to romanticize hustle culture, despite its obvious negative consequences. He sits down with the former Chief People Officer at Kickstarter and current Chief People Officer at Fabric, Mai Ton, to discuss strategies for building a well-rounded identity outside of your career, and why this is important for overall mental health and peace of mind. Mai offers her perspective on why companies that recognize their employees have lives outside of work are the ones who will thrive in this new world of work. She also shares more about her own career backstory and why the end of hustle culture is a topic that’s close to her heart.New World of Work is produced by Quill.
Great talent is everywhere, but many companies still tend to hire from the same tech hub talent pools like San Francisco, London, or Toronto. While there are skilled workers in developing countries, too, hiring in emerging markets like Nigeria or Argentina can come with its own unique new set of challenges. In this episode, Rhys sits down with Ariel Camus, the founder and CEO of Microverse, an online school that teaches people all around the world how to program in multiple software languages with a unique focus on how to work remotely. Ariel shares his perspective on how remote work is opening the borders to emerging talent hotbeds, as well as key insights into the challenges some face finding opportunities in their country of birth. He also offers advice for companies who are hoping to expand the search for talent beyond their own cities when hiring.New World of Work is produced by Quill.
The recent shift to remote work has helped many people find a better work/life balance, more autonomy, and a flexible schedule that suits their lifestyle. The option to work remotely has become a non-negotiable for many job seekers, and companies that don’t offer it will struggle to attract and retain qualified staff. In this episode, Rhys sits down with Tushar Agarwal, the co-founder and CEO of Hubble, to learn how the shift to remote work will change real estate needs for enterprises everywhere. Hubble helps businesses like Accenture, Trustpilot and Oddbox navigate this new remote working landscape, offering access to a global network of on-demand workspaces, a curated set of remote work perks and much more. During the episode, Tushar offers his perspective on how the shift to remote work has brought on new and evolving real estate needs like the downsizing of office space or the addition of new elements like hoteling stations or collaboration rooms. He also offers his insights into the remote working world, sharing tips for business leaders hoping to provide their teams with more flexibility and the freedom of choice.New World of Work is produced by Quill.
A simple mindset shift can go a long way in any business, but it’s a philosophy that can be especially useful in the world of people operations. In this episode, Rhys sits down with Oyster’s very own Chief Workplace Officer, Mark Frein, to hear his perspective on the mindset changes we can all make to lay the groundwork for successful people operations. During their discussion, Rhys and Mark explore how a simple mindset switch or even just a shift in language can make all the difference when it comes to managing teams effectively. Mark shares his unique perspective of viewing business as a performance, similar to the ways we think about an athlete competing at the Olympics or a band performing a set. He explains why he believes we can all bring the same passion, connectivity and drive to the business world, sharing key strategies for driving a company forward during its early growth stages.New World of Work is produced by Quill.
A remote working environment comes along with multiple perks like convenience, flexibility and enjoying all the comforts of home, but it also presents its own unique set of challenges. For example, remote teams may find it more difficult to form genuine connections and build trust with their colleagues. In this episode, Rhys sits down with Jess Johannson, the Chief People Officer at Tucows, to explore how to bring a team together despite physical barriers. As a global company dedicated to making the internet better and narrowing the digital divide, Tucows is on the leading edge of strategies for uniting remote teams. During the episode, Jess shares her expert insights and tips for building a tight-knit culture while working remotely such as ritual-building activities. She also discusses the importance of taking a customized approach in people operations overall to create a positive, inclusive company culture.New World of Work is produced by Quill.
In today’s job market, it’s more important than ever to learn unique skills that help set you apart from the competition. Companies need to create a culture of continuous learning and upskilling for their teams, not only to keep a competitive edge, but also to keep their employees satisfied and engaged in their roles. In this episode, Rhys sits down with Cara Brennan Allamano, Senior Vice President of People at Udemy. As an online platform designed to help adults learn new things on their own schedule, Udemy reminds people of the value of continuous learning beyond traditional educational settings. Cara holds a master’s degree in liberal arts from Stanford University, and in the past, she’s held roles in people operations at companies like Adobe and Pinterest. As we continue the transition into this new world of work, Cara offers her insights about how companies can foster a culture of continuous learning and training while working in a remote, globally distributed, or hybrid setting.New World of Work is produced by Quill.
Sharing feedback with an employee isn’t always everyone’s favorite task, especially if that feedback happens to be less than stellar. As many of us move into full-time hybrid roles and the war for talent rages on, it’s more important than ever to ensure teams are operating on a solid foundation of trust, respect and mutual understanding. In this episode of New World of Work, Rhys sits down with Shelby Wolpa, the founder of Shelby Wolpa Consulting, for a discussion on how people operations leaders can build a culture of continuous feedback to ensure employees remain fulfilled and satisfied in their roles, while performance issues are addressed quickly and smoothly. With over 15 years of experience in people operations, leading the charge at companies like InVision and InstaCart, Shelby now advises top CEOs, people leaders and venture capital firms to help them in their journey towards becoming people-first organizations. During the episode, Shelby shares her tips and proven strategies for cultivating an environment of continuous feedback at work.New World of Work is produced by Quill.
As the digital revolution continues to unfold, creating a sense of tight-knit community has never been easier, but paradoxically, it’s also never been more challenging. Building a strong sense of community involves more than touching a few buttons—it requires a human perspective that leverages our unique capabilities to see one another on a fundamental level. In this episode, Rhys sits down with Lars Schmidt, the Founder and Community Catalyst of Amplify, to discuss the process of building an authentic community for people operations leaders. Lars shares his career backstory so far, and he also explains why a strong sense of community has never been more important for people operations leaders as we all adjust to this digital, globally distributed age.New World of Work is produced by Quill.
Since 2020, we’ve all had to cope with major transitions to the way we work, live and communicate, no matter your age, occupation or nationality. Major shifts to the status quo rarely come without a few hiccups along the way, and anyone who manages people for a living knows this all too well. In this episode, Rhys sits down with Dipti Salopek, the Chief of Staff at Snyk, a developer security platform that has seen major growth in recent years. During the episode, Dipti shares some of her secrets for maintaining alignment throughout the organization during periods of major growth and change. She also shares some of the strategies Snyk has implemented recently in response to these rapidly evolving times.New World of Work is produced by Quill.
Navigating a leadership role in people operations can be challenging, regardless of where you’re located. Add to the mix a global team operating from 100 different countries with a variety of different cultural norms, languages and customs, and things can get even trickier.  In this episode, we hear from Cory McGonigle Rose, the Senior Director of People Operations, Total Rewards, and HRIS at Chime. Cory’s career has taken her from Vegas, where she currently resides, to San Francisco, all the way to Berlin, so she understands the challenges that can crop up when operating on an international scale. During the episode, she reflects on her time working in Berlin at Delivery Hero’s headquarters, where she describes herself as a fish out of water. She explains how this experience helped her gain a first-hand understanding of the tough issues that can come up when managing a team from a global perspective, and offers her advice for people operations professionals hoping to improve their leadership skills.New World of Work is produced by Quill.
In many ways, the success of an organization depends on people at the managerial level. Not only is it part of their role to ensure employees are feeling happy, fulfilled and supported, but managers are also responsible for delegating tasks and facilitating communication across the company. In this episode, Rhys sits down with Natasha Kehimkar, the CEO and Founder of Malida Advisors, a team of people operations professionals that helps companies accelerate on the path to impactful leadership. As a people operations professional with over 20 years of experience in global HR and talent, Natasha shares some key insights about people managers and streamlining the communication across teams during the episode. She also shares her perspective on effective strategies for managing managers and promoting diversity within the company structure.New World of Work is produced by Quill.
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