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Author: Karthik Vijayakumar / Design Your Thinking Labs

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The podcast is all about online product launches for creators, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. On the show, we discuss and deconstruct online product launches with guests that are launching online courses, podcasts, masterminds, coaching, and all kinds of services from copywriting to fashion. The podcast comes out in seasons with each season focused on a specific topic. In Season 1 of the podcast we focus on online courses, diving into topics like cohort-based courses, email marketing, audience segmentation, creating irresistible offers, pricing strategies, traffic generation, mindset, course video creation, and more. You'll learn about launching businesses from scratch, growing your business, and scaling your product or service business. Every episode is accompanied with worksheets, transcripts, and you don't want to miss this. Hit the Follow button and get ready to level-up your launches. To continue the conversation, download the two-part ebook "Thirty Minute Launch". Use the first part of the ebook to pick a market, define your audience, and define your product or service. In the second part of the book, you'll find nuggets from every episode on The Launch Plan podcast. As a bonus, the ebook also gives you access to our customizable Podcast Launch Plan tool, go to
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Struggling to sell your info products?One of the biggest reasons why many solopreneurs don't sell enough is because they hit a wall. They think that it's hard to sell (or that their products are not good enough).  Many creators give up. The wall feels overwhelming. But the wall is not made of concrete.You can break the wall (If you know how).Because the wall is made up of exactly what we discussed in the previous episode -- the four-letter F-Word, and if you understand this, you can dismantle this seemingly mighty wall just like a tent. And then, you will unlock the secret that will help you sell more and bigger info products and courses. How to break the wall (and sell your online courses)?It turns out that you don't need to break this wall. If you do exactly what you learn in this episode, you will see the wall magically disappear. And your clients will do that themselves. Here's what you'll learn in this episode:The five-step process to remove fearHow to handle clients like an eight-year-old  (and help your clients buy)Learn the different kinds of proof you can use (and how they will impact your sale)Grab the Irresistible Offer Playbook your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Why do clients NOT buy?Clients, like all humans, are predictably irrational. That's something we know, thanks to Dan Ariely. But why do we chase them away? Well, chasing clients away sounds more irrational than them not buying. But why will business owners chase away clients? We want clients to come and buy our products and services. That's why we sell them on our websites.Yet, we shoo them away when they come.No way! I don't chase away my clients. I do everything so that I can keep their attention. Maybe you are.  As it turns out, many websites and sales pages chase away clients more than attract them. And entrepreneurs do that unknowingly.So, how can I stop chasing away clients?It turns out that the answer is simpler than you imagined. Just stop doing this - the four-letter F-Word. No, it's not what you think. In this episode, you'll learn how to stop chasing away clients. Specifically, you'll learn the following:What is the F-Word that we unknowingly use all the time?The three specific ways we send away clients (even those that came to you looking for help)The psychology behind the F-Word (and how you can avoid them)Grab the Irresistible Offer Playbook your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Have you ever wondered why some YouTube Ads work (and many don't)?The holiday season is closing in, and every business wants to make the most of it. Facebook and YouTube are littered with Ads. You want to make the most of this season as a course creator, freelancer, or infopreneur. Somewhere in the corner of your mind, you are asking yourself this question:Should I run ads on YouTube and scale my course sales?And in no time, you are filled with an avalanche of questions. What kind of ad should I run? How long should the ad be? What kind of content should my ad have? How to get started writing the copy for my YouTube ad? If even one of these questions has been inside your head, wait no more. Learn exactly why ads succeed (and why they fail).In this episode, our guest Shoden, Dennis Abad, discusses why Ads fail and succeed. He's a Marketing and Online Business Growth Coach who runs ads for several well-known course creators. In this episode, you'll learn:Crucial sections of a profitable YouTube Ad.The "30-Second Rule" that can help you literally run Ads on YouTube for Free (and reach more people)How to design your first YouTube Ad even if you are just getting started with videos (and a "formula" if you are comfortable with videos)Connect with Dennis AbadWebsiteFacebook ProfileGet your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
How many times have you bought something that’s not on your shopping list?That lipstick or that sneaker that you bought last week. Perhaps it was a chocolate that you snagged while standing in the queue to buy groceries. Or maybe it's something else you bought. Apparently, impulse buying accounts for between 40 and 80% of purchases.But that's what humans do.We are emotional beings. We tend to do a lot emotionally and later justify rationally. I’m sure you have a reason why you purchased that sneaker or lipstick last week. But I know why you “really” did that. No, not because you were excited, or sad, or angry. It’s because you were made an irresistible offer.Common, that's not true.It is. And that's what we cover in this episode of The Launch Plan podcast. You will learn:Why we buy stuff that are not on our shopping list (even if they are expensive).The six factors that you can use to infuse irresistibility into your offers.Learn how to use these factors in your offers with the tips we share inside the Launch Plan Workbook.Grab the Irresistible Offer Playbook your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Are you trying to sell products or services?For a long time, people who sold were considered cheaters and swindlers. These were the time when men went around on horsebacks and carriages from one town to another selling "stuff." The only goal these people had was to make money. This trend continued in the 20th century with newspaper ads. From big, attention grabbing headlines to sell cures to esoteric diseases to "stuff" people never had head, people focused a lot on "selling."And then one day someone thought:What if you stop selling?Instead, what if you could look around and see what people really were looking for? What if we could see what people really needed, and sold them a solution? Some of the biggest names from the 19th and 20th century were inventors that invented "stuff" that solved people's problems. Many of them went on to build multi-million dollar businesses. They focused on just one thing: find out what people really needed and wanted, and "offer" them a solution.And you need to do it too.When you click the play button and listen to this episode, you'll learn how to do it for your business too. In this episode, we focus explore the idea of learning from your target buyers. You will learn:The truth about "selling" (and a secret from Jordan Belfort, the original Wolf Of the Wall Street)How to "own" your target market by finding gaps and opportunitiesGrab the Irresistible Offer Playbook your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Do you have an online business, podcast, or a blog?You have a website that you are proud of. And you invest your time and money into making it even better. You put in a lot of effort in creating content. There are opt-in forms that collect leads that power your business. There is much going on with running an online business or creating content with a blog or a podcast. And the last thing you want is mail from an attorney or a lawyer.People are waiting to eat you up.Running an online business is challenging. And when you are doing it well, people notice. Sometimes it could be a competitor wanting to take you down. But it can be new clients or customers. Perhaps they bought your product or service for the wrong reason. Perhaps your copy set false expectations, or maybe some unforeseen gap in communication. No matter the reason, you want to ensure you have the necessary defense systems to protect you.And that's why you need legal pages.You probably know these too. Privacy policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, and many others. You are protecting yourself when you have them on specific pages on your website and make them prominent, usually in the footer. But where do you get started? What are the exact legal pages you need to have on your website? What is the latest (and scary) trend you need to be aware of? We discuss all of this and more in this episode.In this episode, I use a legal expert's help to find answers to these questions (and more). Our guest is Amira Irfan. More about her is in the guest bio below. Here's what you'll learn in ~30 minutes:What are the four legal pages you need for your website?Why your website needs to be compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) even if you don't live in the US.How to protect your website with the right legal pages even if you are just creating content.Download Legal Pages for Your Website:American Disabilities Act Legal Page TemplateContract Template Bundle for FreelancersDiscounted Legal Bundle for CoachesComprehensive Legal Bundles With Business Agreements and ContractsThree Legal Mistakes That Can Get You Sued By FTCPlease note that some of these are affiliate links.Get your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Are your Optin Pages converting enough?Optin pages are the lifeblood of businesses. Okay, I agree traffic is king. But how does that matte if the sentries don't open the gates to the castle? The highway is bustling with traffic. But if you don't have proper exits and giant signboards to your megastore, your store is a haunted place.You ain't gonna make sales.There's no history of a business that survived with window shoppers. If your email list is filled with squatters then you don't have leads. You've got squatters aka window shoppers. And squatters are like leeches. The only way you can fix this is not by purging your email list, but by building a better optin page.And you can start building one in exactly ten minutes.Well, that is if you click the play button and start listening to this episode. Because in this episode of The Launch Plan Podcast, we show you how to fix your optin page in three steps. You will learn:The three cornerstones of a good optin pageWhy more leads is not good, and how to improve the quality of leads by just fixing your optin pageWhy your optin page is failing despite having good copyDownload the Launch Plan your 90-Day Marketing your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Is podcast guesting on your to-do list?Maybe you have already given it a try. As business owners, we are always in the look out for ways to get more customers. You have some of the best products or services, and you just want more of the right people to look at your wares. A greater exposure entails a greater chance of making more sales and more clients. And you tried podcast guesting. You started pitching podcasts, but you don't hear back.Don't do it the wrong way.When I first started doing outreach to be on podcasts I struggled. Which podcasts should I pitch? What are the right podcasts I should be reaching out to? How to pitch them? What to do when I don't hear back from the hosts?You need to optimize your time.If you have been where I was with, your frustrations are understandable. That's why I invited my friend Alex Sanfilippo from PodMatch and to join us in this episode. I've known him even before he started PodMatch, and I know he has a genuine interest in solving problems podcasters face. Two years ago, he started PodMatch, and ever since, he's been having a ton of conversations and research on how to help podcasters find the right guests (and guests find the right podcasts).In this episode, I ask the exact questions you will want to ask him. And he shares some very good tips that can not juss save you time, but also get you on some podcasts right this week!Please join us in this episode. Goes on for about 35 minutes unlike most of our episodes (~20 min). But it's valuable. See you inside!Signup for (full disclosure, this is an affiliate link)Download the Launch Plan Workbook (Alex's strategy included):Just subscribe to the podcast with your email and get the workbook. Here's the link: your 90-Day Marketing your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Is your podcast guesting strategy not working?Podcast guesting is one of the most effective strategies to generate leads and build a brand. Depending on the podcast, this strategy can help you generate short term leads and benefit from the long tail too. If you've not had a great experience so far, this episode is for you.Generating leads as a podcast guest is not just about the quantity.This is more a quality game. If you don't have a solid plan with your content, podcast guesting can soon turn out to be one of the most expensive strategies. What makes the same strategy go from the most effective marketing strategies to the least? What aspect of the content can make such a huge difference?Creating actionable content is your answer.You heard it right. It's not just the content. It's not about how big the show is. It all comes down to how well you were able to transfer listeners from listening to your email list. And that's what we focus in this episode. In this episode, you'll learn:Nine steps to creating actionable podcast content as a podcast guestHow "spilling the beans" is a good strategy when it comes to podcast guestingWhat should be your singular focus when going on any podcast as a guest.Download the Launch Plan your 90-Day Marketing your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Do you want to attract unlimited leads as a podcast guest?Small business owners and solopreneurs oftentimes run their businesses with limited resources. Be it traffic, lead generation, marketing funnels, or sales, you do it all yourself. But if podcast guesting is one of the strategies you've used to build your brand and grow your audience, you have probably encountered a challenge.You don't get enough engagement or leads as a podcast guest.Have you ever felt like podcast guesting is not working for you? Have you felt like your appearances as a podcast guest have not generated enough engagement or leads? Have you always wanted listeners to see you as the expert on your topic?You need to focus on One thing.Oftentimes, the host of a podcast does a great job of shining the spotlight on you. Yet, the episode falls through the cracks. In this episode, you'll see how you can create very good podcast episodes as guest on other podcasts. You'll see how by focusing on just four critical elements, you can position yourself as the expert that listeners should listen to (and want to follow). In this episode, you'll learn:The biggest mistake a lot of people make as a guest on others' podcastThe four elements you should focus on when you are a podcast guestWhat you need to do today to make your next podcast guesting appearance a hitDownload the Launch Plan your 90-Day Marketing your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Do you want to start a podcast for business?If you are a small business owner or solopreneur that's interested in podcasting, read this carefully. It could be that you already have a podcast, or maybe you are thinking of starting a podcast for business. You like podcasting and you are interested in using it to grow your business.You should stop thinking of creating a random show.Instead, you need to ask the hard questions upfront. Who is this show for? How will it align with my business? How can I have fun creating the podcast while making it extremely useful for my clients and listeners? You are a business owner and you are in business for a reason. A bad podcast can ruin the image of your business. How do you make sure the podcast and your business are in perfect alignment?You need to position the podcast for your business.And that's what we discuss in this episode of The Launch Plan podcast. You'll learn:Five ways to position a podcast for your businessThe exact questions to help you monetize your business with a podcastHow to attract and engage with the right listeners that will help your business growDownload the Launch Plan your 90-Day Marketing Messaging Mastery your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Do you want to start a podcast?You perhaps know that there are over 5.2 million podcasts today. Yet you want to start a podcast. You have decided to put in the work to do what it takes to start a podcast. Perhaps that what got you here. Or maybe you've been listening to this podcast and decided to start a podcast for your business, just like we do here.But you worry about not getting enough downloads or listeners.Or is that the right way to measure your podcast? Just because everyone talks about download numbers doesn't mean that's the right yardstick to measure a podcast. When I started my first podcast, the show made over quarter million downloads, and yet it made negligible impact to my business (until I fixed it). Today, we don't focus on numbers. Because we have something better to measure. Dollars.So what is the right way to start a podcast today?The answer is the same as what it used to be even a decade ago. Focus on serving one specific audience and over-deliver. In this episode of the podcast, you will learn:The four key levers of a successful podcast (and how you can use them)How to create a hyper-targeted podcast by answering simple questions for each leverA better way to measure growth and success of your podcast (and that's not number of listeners)Download the Launch Plan your 90-Day Marketing Messaging Mastery your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Do you struggle sending emails that get responses?Businesses need leads. But if you just focus on lead generation, you can end up with a heap of useless email addresses or phone numbers. It's not just about leads. You need high-quality leads. Your need people that are highly likely to do business with you. But how do you find high-quality leads?Find people in the market.Traditionally when you have to sell or buy something, you go to the market. People you find in the market are there to do business. They are not trying to window-shop with shopping bags. How can you find such people when you run an online business selling courses or freelancing services or info products? You find businesses that your prospective customers are already going to.  And you get them to introduce you to their audience. But why would they do that? And even if they did, how do I reach out to them?You need to pitch yourself.You will need to craft an email pitch. But who answers unsolicited emails anyway? Even if they did, how do I get past the initial objections and get them to say a 'yes'? Well that's exactly what you'll learn in today's episode of podcast. You will learn:How to use partnerships to grow your businessThe structure of a winning email pitchHow to get people to respond with a 'yes' by reducing the number of variablesDownload the Launch Plan your 90-Day Marketing Messaging Mastery your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Are you struggling with traffic or customers?Leads and clients are the lifeline of a business. When you have enough of them, you are good. And when there is a consistent flow of leads and clients, your business is healthy. But where do you get leads from in the first place? You need traffic. For an offline business, we use the term footfall. What if you don't have enough traffic or footfall?Borrow traffic from someone else.It can sound crazy. But imagine this. Your friend has a business that caters to a clientele similar to yours. Let's say they had a decent traffic or footfall. Could you borrow them? In simple words, can you ask your friend to send his clients your way? Sure. But what if you don't a friend like this?You need to make some friends.And that's the topic we discuss today on the podcast. How to find people who you can build alliances and partnerships with. But isn't that scary? What if you are an introvert (like me)? What if you don't know them in person? Well, that's what we discuss today. You will learn how to spot potential partners for your business, and what you can give them.Visit Brian at the Launch Coalition:launchcoalition.comDownload the Launch Plan your 90-Day Marketing Messaging Mastery your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Are your lead magnets working well?Lead magnets are the reason why people get on to your email list. Businesses of all sizes have used lead magnets as an entry point for newer clients. At least, that's what they hope to see. Leads in, clients out. But does it work well in your business? Or, are your lead magnets being ignored by your website visitors? Maybe you are having the opposite problem - too many people download your lead magnets but not converting to clients. Are you having a list of buyers or squatters?You are having a positioning problem.If your email list is filled with low-quality leads or you don't see enough leads come through, you likely have a positioning problem with your lead magnet. What does that mean? How can I position my lead magnets such that it attracts the right clients and repel the wrong ones? In this episode, we share three key elements you can include when you present your lead magnets. Just doing this will help you see significant results.Complete your learning with our workbook.We highly recommend you don't waste time taking notes. That's because what you're about to listen to is a nuanced topic. And you need to make sure you don't miss out on the details. Listen closely, and sometimes it helps when you read between the lines.Intro to the MMMA Framework™: the Launch Plan your 90-Day Marketing Messaging Mastery your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Are you giving your clients what they want?Businesses of all sizes put out tiny magnets to attract the right clients. But magnets attract only iron filings. Your clients are not iron filings. They are gold. And magnets don't attract gold. Yet, businesses have wasted priceless resources creating resources that attract the wrong clients. If you have created lead magnets and yet struggled attracting the right clients, this episode is for you.Six elements are all you need.Small businesses and solopreneurs spend valuable time asking the wrong question about lead magnets. What lead magnet works best? Should I create a checklist? Or, should I create an ebook? Or, should it be a course? These are the wrong questions. Because any of these lead magnets could work.The question you should be asking is this: what elements should a good lead magnet be based on? If you're asking this question, this episode is for you. Because in this episode, you'll learn six steps that will help you infuse six vital elements into your lead magnets. This cocktail is powerful, and will instantly turn your lead magnets into client-attracting-machines.Complete your learning with our workbook.We highly recommend you don't waste time taking notes. That's because what you're about to listen to is a nuanced topic. And you need to make sure you don't miss out on the details. Listen closely, and sometimes it helps when you read between the lines.Download the Launch Plan your 90-Day Marketing Messaging Mastery Course: your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
What is the cost of not nailing your message?Millions, if not billions, if you're a big business. If you're a small business like ours, it could be devastating. That's because the wrong message doesn't just hurt a small business but kills it. Because the price you pay is not just losing new clients but finding and managing the wrong clients.Not nailing your message can lead to a swelling email list of "squatters," managing disgruntled clients, and spending more time processing returns, and they are just the tip of the iceberg for a small business.Six elements is all you need.The good news is that you can save yourself from all that pain and tragedy of landing yourself in a business with the wrong clients. All you need to do is listen to this episode. You'll learn the six elements most likely missing in your message.But what is a message? Well, that's what we start with inside this episode. Grab your earphones and listen closely to the episode where we help you attract the right clients for your business and repel the wrong ones. You heard that right. When you find the perfect message, it acts as the doorkeeper to your business, refusing the right to entry to the wrong people.Don't forget the workbookWe highly recommend you don't waste time taking notes. That's because what you're about to listen to is a nuanced topic. And you need to make sure you don't miss out on the details. Listen closely, and sometimes it helps when you read between the lines.Download the Launch Plan Workbook: your 90-Day Marketing Plan: Messaging Mastery Course: your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
Have you been struggling with your marketing?You've learned about the different marketing frameworks, looked at marketing case studies from big and small companies. Maybe you even think that your marketing plan is good enough. Even if none of these resonate with you, answer one question - do you want to make more sales?If your answers to any of the above questions is a YES, this episode is for you. Because in this episode, you'll learn a framework that will help you fix your marketing plan (if you have one). If you don't have a marketing plan, you're in luck; because by the time you finish listening to this episode, you'll have one. At least, you'll understand what to do in order to get more marketing qualified leads, make more sales, or increase revenue or profit.It's like turning a knobIn this episode, you'll see how Steve Jobs turned around Apple from a failing business into one of the most valuable companies. No, you are not going to learn ten things to do, but just pick four areas of your marketing. If you've turned a knob to increase or reduce the speed of a ceiling fan, this is not too different.Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast with your email and download The Launch Plan Workbook (plus more goodies!). Click the play button above to get started.Download the Launch Plan Workbook: your 90-Day Marketing Plan: as a beta reader for my book: Messaging Mastery Course: your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
On The Launch Plan podcast, we help solopreneurs, small businesses, and creators launch successful online courses, memberships, and other info products. How?It turns out that ‘quitting the hamster wheel’ was wrong.You see it was never about the wheel (or getting off of it). It was always about the hamster.A cute little hamster running inside a wheel is unforgettable. And if these rodents could see anything beyond the wheel, they would surely jump off it. But they don’t. Why?Hamsters can’t see.A hamster can only see a few inches past its nose. To make things worse, they are colorblind too. And that’s the reason why hamsters don’t get off the wheel. Even if they want, they don’t know they can.We are like hamsters too.Whether launching a personal brand, an online course, or a business, we knowingly start running the ‘hamster wheel of launch.’ And once we are in, we keep running (like Tom Cruise), creating an online course, creating content with a podcast or blog, posting on social media, rinse, and repeating.And then kicks in the Sunk Cost Fallacy.After months of running the ‘hamster wheel of launch,’ we aren’t ready to abandon the ‘strategy.’ Strategy? Or did you have a plan in the first place?Because the formula for failure is to have a strategy without a plan.And when you have a plan, you are no longer a hamster.For one, you can now see well beyond a few inches past your nose! But more importantly, a plan allows you to visualize the exact steps to your goal.The Launch Plan podcast is about the plan and strategy.Sure, we do talk about tactics too. But even the tactics are in the context of the plan and strategy. Every episode is designed to be actionable and hence covers one crucial idea or topic.Zero fluffThis podcast is not an interview-fest. We bring on experts only when required. But most time, it’s just you and me (and my undivided attention to help you).The podcast is not a pitch-fest either. You’ll only hear me talking about my business in the last 2-3 minutes. The Launch Plan podcast is a marketing podcast, and I do this because it helps me grow my business. You will hear me share updates on my business, and I promise to keep this extremely useful to you.Tiny bitesEating a giant Big Mac can sure be satisfying and full. But a full stomach is a good recipe for a nice siesta. But that’s not why you’re here. Every episode is actionable and hovers around the 20-minute mark. Think of each episode as one bite of a Big Mac. Just enough to get you acting on the next step of your plan.Download the Launch Plan Workbook: your 90-Day Marketing Plan: Messaging Mastery Course: your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
How well do you understand your market?How much time did it take for you to get a grasp of your market? In this episode of The Launch Plan podcast, we help you understand your market FAST without having to do extensive market research. We don't intend to suggest you skip market research completely. But if you are a solopreneur or small business, the chances are that you don't have the resources to do expansive market research.To understand your market fast, you need to be clear what you're looking for (and why). I'll outline some instant benefits of using this approach, including using it to create better products and services.Avoid losing sales in the last minuteThere are times when customers or clients are very interested in your offer, but they back-off in the last minute without buying your product or service. Ever experienced that? You'll learn how to avoid this completely by learning a very important data-point about your clients.To listen to the episode, click the play button above. Please subscribe to the podcast with your email and get a copy of The Launch Plan Workbook. Inside the workbook, you'll find the exact strategy we share in this episode (plus all other strategies from the previous episodes).Download the Launch Plan Workbook: your 90-Day Marketing Plan: as a beta reader for my book: Messaging Mastery Course: your 90-Day Marketing the Launch Plan
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