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Hello Beautiful sisters! Welcome to the beautiful messy showEcc 3:11 "He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to endMany times we go through the messy seasons but believe that God is going to do the beautiful! Watch My LIVE teaching on Gods Timing: to the HB Womens ministry newsletter for all updates , freebies and downloads. Subscribe to stay informed here: the FACEBOOK GROUP HERE: I shared in the show 6 steps to prepare for a Good fast.Please listen to this episode for the full teaching but here are the 6 things to prepare beofre your fast.Read Romans 8:26-281. Set Your Objective, Why are you fasting2. Make your plans and commitments3. Repent from unconfessed Sin or unforgiveness4. Surrender your heart and life Romans 12:1-25. Physical prep, get waters ready, bone broth, veggies, pre made juices. If this is your plan. Its nice to have it all prepared.6. Set time with the Lord for fast day. Morning, noon and night. I explain more in the show. I am excited for this next season and I am excited to pray for you. Please email the ministry today with a PRAYER REQUESTS HeatherMY INSTAGRAM:
WELCOME BACK OR WELCOME FOR THE FIRST TIME BEAUTIFUL SISTER! This Podcast show is directly connected to HB Women's Ministry! A ministry for women to believe, behold and become all God has for them in every season of life. We do a bible study a month and each bible study represents the SEASON for the podcast show! This month or season we are studying HOW TO RUN IN SUCH A WAYPlease grab your workbook study here: watch all the past teachings for this study would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below on what spoke to you in today's episode! I would like to pray for you personally in the next episode as I read comments and share stories. Thank you for sharing the podcast with others as well! Let us continue to grow and run together on this side of heaven! JOIN THE EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY HERE 
RUN TO THAT GIRL CAVE SISTER! Welcome to the international women's Ministry! We are in a new season which means a new study for the month in HB Women's Ministry!  All episodes for the season have to do with what we are reading and studying for that week in the ministry! You are welcomed to join! If not you will still receive a powerful Word! Head over to the MINISTRY STORE FOR YOUR PERSONAL WORKBOOK! Let's RUN IN SUCH A WAY:In today's episode you will learn 3 steps that can take place in your girl cave that has you running toward success! Join me for your weekly dose of faith! Learn -> -> \>>\ to go a little deeper?Purchase the RUN BIBLE STUDY WORKBOOK!  In this three-week study Heather will take you on an in-depth study of 1 Corinthians 9:24-27. What does it mean to RUN spiritually?Need to chat one on one? Snag a private session with Heather Today!
WELCOME TO A NEW SEASON CALLED: CREATE IN ME A CLEAN HEARTHere is where you can grab your CREATE IN ME ANEW HEART WORK BOOK! WORKBOOKThanks for joining the episode today! Life can be MESSY but we can find the beautiful together! Today we look at 4 steps in renewing our mind as Christians.We have a responsibility to lean into as believers to activate the full anointing of God. If you are looking for the routine and plan to help find your way to the one true voice this ministry will help.  please connect here: HB WOMENS MINISTRYI would love to help you in your walk in this side of heaven. We will be in this season for 3 weeks and it will help you get into the corners of your life and CREATE a NEW season in the area of focus for your season! Thanks for being here, please LEAVE a comment below on what spoke to you today in this new season. SIGN UP FOR THIS SEASON TODAYBlessingsPastor Heather
Join today over at Makeover Workbook:We do a bible study a month here in this ministry and we learn to listen to HIS ONE VOICE over our lives. God loves you and cares for you sister! Lets Believe, Behold and Become all God has for us in every season of life! BlessingsPastor Heather
This season we are studying EXTREME MAKEOVER if you would love to join in you can grab a copy of your personal workbook study here: would love to have you here in the ministry, Join anytime! me on Instagram
WELCOME TO THE EXTREME MAKEOVER BIBLE STUDY THEME THIS MONTH! Grab your workbook here and Join along: the ministry we do a bible study every single month together and our episodes revolve around the theme! You are welcomed to grow and learn without the workbook but it will enhance your study time and knowledge.  Thank you for being here sister you will be blessed with a Word from God! If you have any questions please reach out to the ministry today! to set you your Better You in 2022 workbook with a one hour coaching call please contact today! would love to set up a time and join you in this sacred place! BETTER YOU IN 2022 WORKBOOK Sisters, Pastor Heather
We launched a NEW bible study called EXTREME MAKEOVER if you would like you own personal workbook please visit the ministry store today! HB International Women's Ministry Today is a place to grow daily and become rooted and established in the Word of GodIn today's episode I was reminded that God is doing an EXTREME MAKEOVER in the world. Makeovers can look ugly in the process but the end result is victorious! God will work through the evil for Good in todays episode I share some biblical reminders on what the bible says about WARS. I hope this helps process the Messy and see what will be beautiful. Remember this is not our home we are just passing through. I was reminded of this as I am moving into a new home and doing extreme makeovers inside! Good thoughts to ponder in today's episode! We want people to know that God loves them and He hasn’t forgotten  just because they’re going through this very difficult time, God is still with them.”“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? … No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.“For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”—Romans 8:35, 37-39
Reset is so important! First off, Blessings upon the NEW MONTH beautiful sisters! I am sharing 10 powerful RESETS to practice every month.In today's episode I am just going to weave back and forth through theses 10 RESETS that help me keep my thoughts organized. I will be launching the NEXT SERIES this FRIDAY on you tube during our "LIVE" teaching session at 12pm EST time.  Please join the ministry here.If you are interested in setting up THE BETTER YOU IN 2022 WORKBOOKLet's connect. Set up a ONE HOUR SESSION HEREGRAB A BETTER YOU IN 2022 WORKBOOK HEREThank you for being here today! We do so much in this international ministry. You are welcomed here! Blessings Upon this NEW MONTH! 
Hello Beautiful Sisters!Thank you for being here in this space to Worship and grow through the unfailing Word of God and His LOVE! If you are interested in the UNFAILING LOVE WORKBOOK CLICK HERETo Join the amazing International Womens Ministry CLICK HEREThis weeks teaching on WHAT DOES TRUE WORSHIP LOOK LIKE?Today we will look at SEVEN STEPS TO TAKE TO LEAN INTO GOD'S LOVE Life can be difficult but let God flip your perspective through the seven steps! Grab and pen and jot some notes down and worship through the lesson as you make life adjustments! God is your way maker and miracle. maker! Blessings Pastor HeatherPlease leave a comment below! 
This month we are in the season of understanding His Unfailing Love for our lives! He loves us so much that HE HELPS US STRETCH! 5 Areas to Stretch Out in 20221 Reach out in SurrenderThis is a time to give up more of ourselves to receive more of Him.God is multiplying our surrender.  To the degree we reach, He is reaching back with double. Give him what He is asking for and He will give you what you are asking twice as much.2 Reach out for the PresenceWe have been conditioned for the presence of God at a certain level. God wants to take us deeper into His presence and cause us to experience Him.  God is expanding the capacity to experience Him. Don’t look back to the glory days, look ahead and reach for the glory that is coming.3 Reach out in the Word JOIN THE MOTHLY STUDIES HEREGod wants to bring forth fresh insight and revelation as you read His Word. God is releasing new life to your as you read the scriptures this year.UNFAILING LOVE WORKBOOK STUDY4 Reach out in New OpportunitiesGod is bringing new opportunities to your reach. Stretch out and grab them when they come by.  New jobs, new business ideas, new levels of promotion.5 Reach out in FaithGod is growing your faith this year.  Dormant faith will not grow, but active faith will grow leaps and bounds.JOIN THE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY TO GROW YOUR FAITH HEREThe greater reaching you do in this season, the greater level of reward you will receive.  There is an invitation to step into the unknown. Run to the risk God is drawing you too, it will produce miracles for you.STRETCH SISTERS! BlessingsPastor Heather
Happy New Year 2022!Welcome to HB Womens International Ministry! To get involved in the monthly bible studies and more please head over to Take a look around!  Subscribe to the weekly newsletters, Join a monthly bible study, a weekend workshop or online LIVE teachings. The ministry offers so much to help you in your spiritual growth! To join the BETTER YOU IN 2022 visit this link: workbook and everything is there for you! I am so happy that you are here! Blessings in your 2022 journey! Pastor Heather
A blessing for you and yours on this week of Christmas. Let us gather today around LUKE 1:26-35.  I hope Mary can help us relate to those seasons we experience in life.May her heart extend a welcome to you on this Christmas, when we mark the day God moved in and everything changed. Now, God is making all things new, in you and in me. Amen. Listen in. Links + Resources From This Episode:Follow me on instagram: for the weekly ministry Newsletter! Shop:
Questions of timing, next steps, and which path to take can consume our thoughts, causing us to be distracted, lose sleep, or make a decision in haste just to have it behind us. Difficulty distracts us and allows our minds to drift. That’s because difficulty holds power. If you find yourself stuck in the detour of difficulty stop and RESET! Remember it's all about your routine, rythem and response!  Links + Resources From This Episode:•Explore the  ADVENT ADVENTURE with your personal digital magazine workbook•Join the Exclusive facebook group for more interactions all year round•Find me on InstagramLooking forward to amazing things coming up! BlessingsPastor Heather 
Welcome to our DECEMBER ADVENT SERIES CALLED: Meet me at the manger! If you would like the spiritual worksheets provided for this series please head over to the amazing ministry store ! do a topical study every single month in this Women's Ministry! Subscribe today to find out what is going on in the ministry today: Exclusive Facebook Community: for Pastoral Coaching? Book a discovery call with me today as we prepare for 2022! and Thank you for being here today! Pastor Heather
Happy December friends, This month can make us feel extra frazzled, lonely, or distracted despite your best intentions. I want to introduce to you our next season called:MEETING AT THE MANGER. This is an advent blessing that will help settle your heart and mind  into perfect peace during one of the busiest months of the year: the 2021 ADVENT JOURNEY IS HERE!  It is ready for you in the ministry shop:'s take a walk in the word every day  together. Let's discover what the GIFT OF GOD is all about as we meet at the manger and study  the Word of God.Please Subscribe here to receive the weekly Newsletter to keep up in the ministry and find out what is going on each month! We would love to have you! the EXCLUSIVE FACE BOOK COMMUNITY HERE:
Thank you for Listening to todays show! What a great verse to embrace as we enter into the festivities of Thanksgiving together! When we genuinely trust in Christ, God roots us in Him, but we need to continually sink down more roots into Him. This is the hidden part of your walk with Christ that others don’t see. It refers to your heart before God and your time alone with Him. When the hidden part is rooted yo will experience and OVERFLOW of Blessings! Today we will place our hearts around Colossians 2:6-7NEXT STEPS:Join the International Womens Ministry HERE: have your own personal GRATITUDE JOURNAL please visit the Ministry Library HERE: you would like to have someone help you become more ROOTED in your faith or in a certain area of your life I would love to partner with you in a coaching session! Book a DISCOVERY CALL today and let us discover together Gods best for you!
Welcome to :THE GRATITUDE SEASON. We are taking this month to focus on Gratitude. As Christian women, we know that God doesn't want us to be ruled by our emotions. But how can we handle our emotions in a healthy way (without stifling or stuffing emotions) in order to create a happier, more balanced life?  G R A T I T U D E!If you want to learn how to control your emotions so they don't control you, today's episode on having a healthy emotional self is just what you need!YOU’LL LEARN:•            The importance for having a daily quiet time (even if you feel too busy)•            How pressing pause for time with God is the foundation of life balance •            How to worship God in the  Valley GRAB THIS MONTHS SPIRITUAL RYTHM AND ROUTINE WORKBOOK GUIDE ON GRATITUDE HEREJoin the Women's Ministry HEREPlease leave a comment in the show notes this is a huge blessing! I would also love if you could leave a show note REVIEW! Blessings Sisters,Pastor Heather xoxo
How can we mentally prepare for the holiday season?  Managing this season can be difficult for so many reasons.  Christmas and Thanksgiving can be extremely difficult since these seasons are traditionally a time of family celebration and fun or let's say.... "COMFORT AND JOY"In today’s podcast episode we will be speaking about how to experience comfort and joy no matter what your season is dictating.  Marriage problems, divorce, loss, military deployment, lonliness,  a move away from family,  moving to a new town away from family and friends. The list can go on... You fill in the blank with your personal challenge. Today's episode will help you manage the holiday and find comfort and joy! NEXT STEP RESOURCES: This episode mentions the GRATITUDE JOURNAL/STUDY, and I highly recommend this as a next step. VISIT THE MINISTRY STORE HEREThis Bible study and journal  is a powerful packet filled  with  activities to journal and bible verses on gratitude.  The Bible study is a wonderful tool to help you to explore what’s keeping you from discovering true comfort and joy.Join me for this fresh encounter with God’s love… and let God’s love transform you from the inside out. Join the ministry for weekly newsletters and more! Thank you for listening and please leave a comment and be sure to share with a friendBlessings, Pastor Heather
The world, the flesh, the devil. What's really at stake? There is an all-out war for your faith and you need courage to fight.How do we CRUSH the enemy? In our Fierce Faith Bible Study which you can find HERE. We are learning how to be Women Warriors in today's world.  This episode will walk you through some words that STAND OUT in Psalm 91. The words help us realize that we have personalized strategies to help us feel SECURE and promote victory in a MESSY world! I would love you to join the Ministry! We do a bible study a month and get rooted and established in the faith! JOIN HERE FOR FREEThanks for meeting and listening to today's EPISODEI hope it was a blessing! Pastor HeatherYOU TUBE TEACHING FOR PSALM 91 FROM THE FIERCE FAITH STUDY WEEK TWO
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