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#RetailReligion - Pastor Wale Adefarasin talks about the specific roles the Church should (and shouldn't) be playing during this period of uncertainty and fear all over the world.
#RetailReligion - On this episode, Sam Adeyemi talks about the knowledge of God, change and end time.
#RetailReligion - On this episode, Dr Sunday Adelaja talks about the many unbiblical practices of Churches in Nigeria, and what is truly expected of the Church.
#RetailReligion - Pastor Wale Adenuga, convener of Green Worship, talks about the impact of gospel music from Nigeria, and what the annual worship concert, will be like this year.
On this episode, Pastor ID Iluyomade talks about the responsibilities of the Church to its community and the world at large.
#RetailReligion - Bishop Mike Okonkwo, in this interview, talks about the infallible truth of the gospel and the unconditional love of God towards all.
#RetailReligion - On this episode, Nike Adeyemi talks about what the quality of life (both spiritual and physical) of a believer should be, different from the labels and stereotypes of religion.
#RetailReligion - Rev.Father Oluoma came with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but that truth! No bars were held as he talked about how the socio-political system of the country affects the Church and religion generally in Nigeria.
#RetailReligion - Mfon Ekpo goes deep and talks about what our relationship with God should be like as against what religion teaches.
#RetailReligion - Pastor Abel Damina goes deep into what religion should be about - explaining what our relationship with God should be like and the true character of ministry.
#RetailReligion - Mr Valentine Ozigbo talks about the vital role the church has to play in impressing positive change in our society.
On this episode, Pastor Sarah Omakwu talks about taking a stance of justice for the people she serves at all times and speaking truth to power even at the expense of losing what some may call 'beneficial' relationships.
Bishop Matthew Kukah talks the interconnection between the church, politics and religion at large, in Nigeria, sharing from his experience and access to the corridors of power from the Obasanjo regime. He also talks about the need for secularity in the Nigerian government.
On this episode of the Future of Faith, Chude and Pastor Ituah Ighodalo talk about the crucial role the church has to play during and post-pandemic.
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