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We've cooked up a great interview with Cape Breton's Mary Janet McDonald, host of the popular online channel "Tunes and Wooden Spoons." Mary Janet talks about how her cooking and baking channel got started and what the whole experience has been like.
We're joined in this one by Libi Berenson, the CEO and founder of Geenees ( Libi tells us about her time as an officer in the Israeli military and then reflects on a highly impressive journey that includes a happy marriage and two great kids, a move to Canada, working with her husband, and over 15 years in leadership roles in many different industries from Amazon to fast-growing startups. Her professional passion over the past five years has been Geenees, a platform for easy gift giving between people within the general public.
We're joined today by Laura Simpson, the co-founder of Side Door Access. We talk about Side Door, which connects artists with alternative venue spaces. Laura witnessed that far too many wonderfully capable and talented artists were burning out - unable to make it through the funnel of industry gatekeepers toward a sustainable career. Laura talks about her journey and shares her thoughts and advice on entrepreneurship.
In this episode of Good Company, we have a great conversation with Kristy Payne, COO of Hill & Knowlton Strategies. Kristy shares her thoughts on leadership, diversity in the workplace, finding balance, the importance of self-reflection and much more.
In our first episode, we spend some time getting to know our hosts, Leigha and Stephanie. We find out about their backgrounds and the tricky balance between their equally busy family and work lives. They also discuss the company they started (NyRad) in the field of defence procurement and the challenges that sometimes arise in this primarily male industry.
Check out the trailer for our new podcast, Good Company with Leigha Cotton and Stephanie Batstone. Leigha and Stephanie are entrepreneurs, mothers and life-long learning enthusiasts. Good Company is about their pursuit to learn from the interesting women they know and want to know. Their conversations are meant to be real, relatable and most importantly reflective of the magic and messiness of finding success. Join them as they discover how other women build resiliency, maintain motivation and manage the pressures of work and life. These conversations should leave listeners feeling inspired, providing them with new ways of thinking about their own winding path to success.
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