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Ever been told to ‘calm down’? How’d it feel? Well, this autistic feels like exploding!: Out Loud Podcast Listen & Subscribe: Apple Spotify Audible Stitcher PocketCasts Amazon/Alexa Support the show
Folks ask about my #neurodivergent marriage.Umm… over and over. Like… “Is that even possible?”Gotta story for ya…Transcript: Out Loud Podcast Listen & Subscribe: Apple Spotify Audible Stitcher PocketCasts Amazon/Alexa Support the show
Season 3's mission? To boldly explore living authentically autistic... out loud. That first story? Carving out a safe space to be our true autistic selves... a big part of that quest.Support the show
 Season 3 of AutisticAF Out Loud starts off with 3 new stories: 1. Living Unmasked Is a Political Act 2. Autism, Love & My Friend Billy: A New Epic Myth 3. Faking Normal: How I Mask My Writing Disorder... to Bring You Autistic Joy Transcript: "Hi! I'm still Johnny.I'm still Profane... AND I'm still here. Finally... Season 3 of Autistic as Fuck Out Loud! Why no episodes since Fall? Major burn out. Dog attack injuries. Coupla health scares. Some dark emotions. Exhaustion... Shut down for 3 months. Then woke up... So I'm declaring victory... and a new focus. How to live authentically autistic... out loud."#AutisticAF Out Loud Podcast Listen & Subscribe: Apple Spotify Audible Stitcher PocketCasts Amazon/Alexa 0:00 Intro 0:11 1. Living Unmasked Is a Political Act 1:14 Season 3: Living Autistic Authentically 2:32 2. Autism, Love & My Friend Billy: A New Epic Myth 10:02 3. Faking Normal: How I Mask My Writing Disorder... to Bring You Autistic Joy 17:57 Shoutouts, Coming Next Episode, How You Can Support Support the show
I'm autistic. And I can't DO social groups. I don't think I'm alone. So, I'm launching a hashtag. #GroupProcessingDisorder.Transcript: #AutisticAF Out Loud Podcast Listen & Subscribe: Apple Spotify Audible Stitcher PocketCasts Amazon/Alexa  Support the showSupport the show
Spacing out... Zoning out... Most autists do it... to survive boring conversations, family get-togethers...So dissociation's a good thing, Til it starts screwing with living your life. Or sense of reality. Content note: mild profanity, one bleeped expletive relating to intellecutal disability.Transcript: #AutisticAF Out Loud Podcast Listen & Subscribe: Apple Spotify Audible Stitcher PocketCasts Amazon/Alexa  Support the show
 Wanna know what autistic life is like at 70? Joy... and horror. Transcript: #AutisticAF Out Loud Podcast Listen & Subscribe: Apple Spotify Audible Stitcher PocketCasts Amazon/Alexa Support the show
Experimenting with  a short #AutisticRave format. Let me know if you'd like to see these in the mix for #AutisticAF Out Loud Podcast.TRANSCRIPT 👇✌️🖖👇 Listen & Subscribe: Apple Spotify Audible Stitcher PocketCasts Amazon/Alexa TRANSCRIPT Know what I don't see on #DisabilityTikTok… #DisabilityTwitter?Talk about how the economy is killing disabled folk.See… Inflation isn't inconvenient for the poor & disabled.It's lost wages. We can't afford gas, childcare… even over-the-counter medicines. And Covid is killing our hours at work.It's hunger. Food is our largest expense after rent. General inflation is  around 10%. But our groceries? Up 40%.It's illness. Covid? Monkeypox? We can't call in sick. We can't afford it.  And we can't abandon our kids when they're sick.It's homelessness. There's nothing we can afford to rent. Corporations buy up low-cost homes on speculation… creating a housing crisis.And don't get me started on the medical crisis. Lots of places, doctors simply don't accept Medicaid. Taxpayers pay for our care. Caregivers don't care.Poor? Disabled? Most autistics are both. AND our invisible disability makes it even harder to get help.I'm autistic. And I'm fighting to keep my Foodstamps… in the libertarian wilderness we like to call Indiana.Yay #Hoosiers.A side note…I've been homeless three times in my 70-year life. Manhattan once. Bloomington, Indiana twice.I have some idea just how bad this can get. 61 million disabled adults in America.It can get bad. Real bad.Add tag…Support the show
This episode I talk aging as an Autistic Elder.Getting finally diagnosed at 63… only to face mental decline as I hit 70…?One Swedish study pegged autistic male lifespan at 53. So I'm living on 17 years of borrowed time, I guess… so far.If you’re autistic, love one, work with some… or just can’t figure out if you are one…There's gonna come a time you worry…Real talk. About real life.Cuz they ain't talking autism in AARP… yet.EXPLICIT: some profanity, brief mentions of drug use & suicidality.Transcript: with captions: & all platforms:  https://autisticafoutloud.buzzsprout.comSupport the show
Finally learning to create a place of safety, peace, and passionate work...Did more than keep me out of psych wards.It kept me alive. No joke.If you’re autistic, love one, work with some… or just can’t figure out if you *are* one…You really, *really * need to think about where you live... Videocast with captions: in a new tab)  #AutisticAF Out Loud PodcastListen & Subscribe:Apple Support the show
What do *most* humans want from a new home?To entertain & impress guests. For everything else... they invented tool sheds... and storage units.Honestly...? Autistic-as-f***.me has *different* priorities. Videocast with captions: Out Loud PodcastListen & Subscribe:Apple Support the show
Her eyes. So big… Then… Bigger…. Brighter… Enormous… I can’t hear anything but a roar. Spinning. I’m going to fall… Terror. That's what eye contact *feels* like… Videocast with captions: #AutisticAF Out Loud PodcastListen & Subscribe:Apple the show
Johnny Profane's presentation to the Intersectional Inifinity Summit, educators, parents, caretakers... and autistic folks as well.A little funny. A little bittersweet. And a lotta sly insight from this former class clown...Let's kick Autistic April off with a squeal!Conference video: #AutisticAF Out Loud PodcastListen & Subscribe:Apple the show
“Are you okay? Are you okay? ARE YOU OKAY?”  Like they’re talking to a Japanese tourist. And if they just shout loud enough… he’ll understand English...  But I'm autistic. And can't speak. When they unload me from the ambulance & into the ER... Transcript:, download, subscribe from Apple/Spotify/all platforms: Support the show
“They” say #autism… or #ADHD… are not disabilities. It only seems like that in a world designed for “neurotypicals.”I call that some toxic bullsh*t.Heads up.I'm recovering from what may be a "cold"... or... Omicron Covid.So, I may be triple-vaxxed... But I'm unable to record this week.I'm trying an automated reading service to keep in touch with you all.I call this one, "Shitpost: The 'It’s-Not-a-Disability-It’s-Society' Myth… Sucks." Transcript:, download, subscribe from Apple/Spotify/all platforms: the show
You can help your autistic loved ones feel safer from sexual abuse & assault... It starts with honesty about yourself... and them. Transcript: the-cavalry-never-comes-sexual-assault-an-autistic-life-pt-2-s02e02 #AutisticAF Out Loud.https://AutisticAF.meSubscribe:Apple the show
Let’s kick off Season 2 of #AutisticAF Out Loud podcast… by taking a risk.There’s not much research on sexual abuse of autistic children… much less adults.Maybe funding sources aren’t ready… yet… to stop trying to cure us. And study our lives.So here’s my story. Someone’s gotta start talking…I’ve gotta warn you it’s rough. Some was too hard for me to read. So I used an assistive voice synthesizer… Weirdly enough, it’s robotic voice moves me.If you’re autistic, love one, or especially parent one…You need to hear this story.But sexual assault is traumatic. If you experienced it… or love someone who has… this graphic episode could disturb you. In the US, the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline offers support at 1-800-656-4673. Day or night. You'll find a link in the transcript. Also further reading. Support the show
What better holiday to discuss adult autistic anxiety...Than Colonialist Thanksgiving....?For many, a freaking minefield of social obligation, exhausting small talk & *grinding* anxiety. Subscribe for all new episodes:#Apple: platforms: #ADHDSupport the show
Here's the TL;DR....Dear autist, you are hard-wired for #AutisticJoy.Stimming is part of that wiring.You can use this reflex to manage a crisis...AND, believe it or not... to enrich your life.Support the show
Let me bring you inside the experience of Autistic Sensory Overload.Support the show
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