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Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, CEO Brandon M. Welch decided to visit his Ukrainian team in Lviv. Along the way he encountered an enthusiastic Brit, loads of car troubles, and the resiliency of people we call heroes.
Nick Bondarenko didn’t know why he wanted to fill up his gas tank at three in the morning, nor did he know why he decided to drive to the Hungarian border instead of Poland. Still, he listened to his inner voice and escaped from Ukraine with his family with less than ten minutes to spare before martial law was declared. CTO Heath Morrison recounts when and how he fell in love with the country of Ukraine, and shares his unique perspective on the war as an American who’s lived in Ukraine for many years.
Before February 24th, Olga Khomenko wondered why none of her friends and family seemed concerned about a Russian invasion. She was in Kiev when her friend called her at 5:25 in the morning to say Russia was attacking. The next few days were chaos as she and her friends tried to flee west. They spent nights huddled in subways and days stuck in motionless traffic while airstrike sirens filled the air around them.
Liza Zhukova was staying in a apartment in western Ukraine when the invasion started. Being relatively safe in the west, she didn’t experience the same challenges at the beginning of the war as many of her friends and colleagues did. Since then, Liza has struggled with survivor’s guilt, and has volunteered every day to help her people in whatever ways she can.
Nataliia Bondar was one of many Ukrainian mothers faced with a horrifying question: what must I do to protect my family? Her husband and eldest son forced by law to remain in Ukraine, she must decide what to do with her mother and youngest children. CEO Brandon Welch recounts the story of his first hire in Ukraine, and how that initial relationship developed into a huge and passionate Ukrainian team.
We know people in Ukraine. They’re our coworkers and friends. Heroes of tells real stories from the Russian invasion of Ukraine—what our employees went through and what they’re going through now—in their own voices. We have turned over the podcast to these stories at the request of our Ukrainian colleagues. They want you to hear their stories. Listen to the podcasts, and buy a We Stand with Ukraine shirt. All of the proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders to support their efforts in Ukraine and around the world. In this episode, CEO Brandon Welch talks about the project and what he hopes to accomplish by amplifying the voices of these Ukrainian employees.
Psychologist Dr. Stephanie Salcedo Rossitch has experience helping veterans who suffer from PTSD and other mental health problems associated with war or military service. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine dominating news and discussion around the world, we wanted to bring her on to discuss how individuals can manage their own mental health in times of crisis. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast episode are those of Dr. Rossitch, and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the United States Government or Department of Veterans Affairs.
On this episode of Telehealth Heroes, we talk with the founder of Healing Healthcare Systems, Dr. Susan Mazer. She explains the importance of hospital ambience and recounts the history and evolution of the C.A.R.E. Channel, a private television program currently used in over a thousand hospitals and clinics.
In this episode of Telehealth Heroes, we talk to one of the early users of, Psychologist Dr. Rees Chapman. He talks about the skype call that convinced him telemedicine might work and then changing states while keeping a full clinic of patients.
On this episode of the Telehealth Heroes Podcast, Dr. Christopher Wolfe talks about how he uses telehealth to supplement his physical practice and warns patients about imitation telehealth services that ignore important factors in eye health. Auto-renewal prescription services may be convenient, but they’re also dubious!
On this episode of Telehealth Heroes, licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Marie Fang talks about embracing a private therapy practice, creating youtube videos to solve her own problems, and the journey to discover herself as both a therapist and content creator.
In the twelfth episode of Telehealth Heroes, we interview Dion Rambo, the CEO of Telehealth Van in Los Angeles, California. Tune in to learn about Rambo’s creative solution to the problem of providing care to underserved communities, from the first single house call to over 5000 individual calls in one year.
On the eleventh episode of Telehealth Heroes, we interview Jennifer Hecker, Executive Director of Options - Domestic & Sexual Violence Services. She talks about the challenges of helping victims in rural Kansas, how doctors can help victims of domestic violence, and the tragic correlation between the Covid-19 Pandemic and domestic violence cases.
In the tenth episode of Telehealth Heroes, we interview Dr. Anthony Dunnigan, Vice President and Chief Medical Information Officer at Valleywise Health. Tune in to discover how Dr. Dunnigan helps his providers as a CMIO, what he thinks about current health technology solutions, and how Valleywise Health went from no telehealth service to over 5000 calls in less than a month.
In the ninth episode of Telehealth Heroes, we interview Dr. Tania Elliott, one of the biggest names in telehealth. Join us to learn all about her time as Medical Director of Doctor on Demand, the future of telemedicine, and how doctors can make the most of their telehealth calls.
In the eighth episode of Telehealth Heroes, we interview Kathy Schwarting, the CEO of Palmetto Care Connections. She talks about improving technological literacy, her upcoming telehealth summit, and PCC’s goal to bring Google Fiber and improved broadband to rural communities in South Carolina.
In the seventh episode of Telehealth Heroes, we interview Sarah Serrano, a licensed clinical social worker. Join us to learn about the causes of burnout, the different ways it manifests in people, and how Dr. Serrano avoids getting burnt out herself by using telehealth.
In the sixth installment of Telehealth Heroes, we interview Dr. Darius Campinha-Bacote, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist operating in Texas. Dr. Darius discusses the doors that telehealth has opened for his patients, the advantages of treating people in their own homes, and how he helps patients define their success.
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