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Global food insecurity is not limited to the agriculture industry. If your enterprise employs people, the problem is at your doorstep too.
Explore what worked, why it worked, and how to afford your employees an unrivaled onboarding experience—within hybrid work environments.
The risks and rewards of a celebrity spokesperson.
All in the Family

All in the Family


How corporate boards of founder and family-led companies can adapt to ownership and executive leadership changes with agility.
Generative AI will revolutionize how executives and enterprises approach and execute tasks—from the mundane to the extraordinary.
Building an executive legacy is not one-size-fits-all, but there are key conditions leaders can use to hone their focus and strategy.
Listen to hard-learned lessons for new CEOs to foster sustainability, profitability, and the development of their enterprise.
The five most important conversations within an enterprise—and how to enhance organizational communication in a hybrid environment.
Bill Pappas, MetLife Head of Global Technology and Operations on unleashing magic of talent amid global upheaval.
Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) have introduced enormous challenges for businesses large and small. Current events—ranging from the pandemic and supply chain problems to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and its ripple effect on energy supply and inflation—have created a web of complexity.Tina Fordham’s mission is to make sense of geopolitical risk. She has spent more than 20 years advising senior leaders around the globe. She also is a member of international advisory boards for the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs in New York City and the Centre for Geopolitics at the University of Cambridge in the U.K.IQ recently spent some time with Ms. Fordham and asked her to provide some perspective on today’s geopolitical risk and uncertainty. Here is what she had to say.
Myriam Cohen-Welgryn, president of the L'Oréal Worldwide Active Cosmetics division, accelerates growth using breakthrough technology, innovative concepts, and relationship building with medical professionals to poise the company for success.Listen and Read more on
How Andrea Montagna, CEO of Bonduelle Fresh Americas achieves consistent growth within a sector challenged by climate and commoditization.Listen and Read more on
Seeking Growth? Chances are that you answered this question with a resounding “Yes!” That said, if your desire is to create steady, lasting momentum—quarter after quarter, year over year—then it would be wise to first assess whether your business has conditions for growth in place. Listen and Read more on
In 2019, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and Celgene Corporation announced to the world that they had entered into a definitive acquisition agreement. Bristol-Myers Squibb would acquire Celgene in a cash and stock transaction with an equity value of approximately $74 billion. It was the largest pharmaceutical acquisition in history.
IQ spoke with Global Vice President of Packaging at PepsiCo, Ran Khan and CEO of Linxens, Cuong H. Duong to discuss innovative culture within their organizations. 
Insigniam Partner Jon Kleinman offers insights on how leaders can effectively embrace a VUCA leadership mindset to stay successful during global disruptions.
No industry has managed to escape global disruption. IQ spoke with two leading companies, Travelport and Frontier Airlines, to discuss how they are applying five principles to not only manage uncertainty but transform it into a long-term strategic advantage. 
Large enterprises will play a unique role in raising productivity and creating opportunities for a wave of young people just entering the workforce. 
Despite having one of the most advanced economies in the world, the United States has built and continues to tolerate, a system rife with healthcare disparities. Access to care can vary across a dismayingly large array of factors, including race, insurance coverage, and whether one lives in an urban community or a more rural one.
Taking a Forward-Thinking and Proactive Approach to cybersecurity can help you better defend tomorrow's organization against rising digital dangers. 
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