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Author: What's Really Happening Today

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You either see it or you do not see it. You must unlearn what you have learned.
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More on what is really happening in this world. My verbal rant opens the chambers of Patricks mind and causes an avalanche of recall that paves the way for the perfect conversation today. The programming of the commoners has been so near perfectly rolled out that getting through to most is a challenge. Conversations with the mentally retarded would go better.Patrickvaccinefraud.compolitcalartfranzetta.comgeneralportal55@gmail.comYouTube:search for | vaccinefraud | to get to his
I go over a film laced with climate propaganda and finish up with reality of the destructive political society that we have allowed to mold the false reality that most think is real.
Regarding the article from June 2nd 2020 written by Chris HedgesOpinion | The Treason of the Ruling Class | Common DreamsJimmy Dore talks with Chris Hedges in June of 2020 to talk about the real state of the nation and world. Hedges is a classic liberal but he understands that the left/right political class is worthlessand has sold out. it is less than an hour and so very powerful in its accuracy as to where we are today with congress and other worthless aspects of the USA and the world.
Every Royal Family in every country worldwide are connected. Every US Presidents except for one are related to 1199–1216 JOHN LACKLAND, KING OF ENGLAND. Nearly all Hollywood celebrities are related to Queen Elizabeth.Clint breaks down the real and most important conspiracy in depth. It is vast, and the effort that has been put forth to keep this bloodline/blood type pure is immense. All men are not created equal according to who gets all of the spoils. When you watch the Oscar's or any television or movie awards, you are looking at actors and actresses that nearly ALL cousins.This is the key to understanding the world, who operates it and who gets all of the spoils and flattering titles. Only %15 of the world has this bloodtype and the rest of us are NOT important. Negative blood or blue bloods are copper-based. Positive blood is iron-based.For example:Barack Obama aka. Barry Dunham is22nd great grandson of William The Conquerer1st cousin 15 times removed of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England1st cousin 19 times removed of Henry the 5th, King of England1st cousin 16 times removed of Henry the 8th, King of EnglandCan anyone you know, or do know be of those connections? This is just an exampleof WHY he was selected ( not elected ) to fill the position.YOU can never be president no matter how hard you work in life. Are you related to George Washington? No? Well Barack Obama is, and all of the other US presidentsthat ever were. This is a conspiracy no matter how much you struggle with reality.
Patrick joins me to discuss a myriad of topics from A2Z.
Patrick and ShaLee talk about the ongoing psyop that is the US G0vernment lies and cover-ups as the deep state killers take us closer to civil war and more jen-0-syde
Patrick and Greg are with me in this one. We discuss Ye and why he is doing what he is doing good or bad. Greg talks geo strategy and the financial outlook. Patrick provides his analysis of what the world faces. Lets GO Brandon.
To boldly go where no man has ever been or can physically go. Only in your mind can this be done. A fools errand this is, and a profitable one at that. Feeding your mind with bad data makes one type of person; a Fool. Mark Twain wrote: It is easier to fool someone then to convince them that they have been fooled and deceived.
The blueprint for america was written up many years ago. Vote manipulation has happened in nearly every election throughout history. Columbus Day is a holiday but Election Day isn’t? How fucking ridiculous is this? Not so ridiculous when it is understood to be what it is. It is a farce to make the masses believe in a system that is a lie. The lie that america is and has been is coming to the surface. They have to hide it for a little while longer until the civil war so that contract will be broken. It’s all a lie. Grow a pair and maybe the future won’t be trashed.
How much longer will we sit back and be slaughtered? The illegitimate US leadership is participating in medical genocide and are essentially collaborating with those that wish to inflict harm. Elections are just lies that make the commoners think they have a voice. We don’t have a voice. Most of the commoners are just too stupid to exist anymore. Most in the military and medicine will be erased and then Orwells vision of the future will be complete.
Your free, your vote counts, doctor knows best, take your medicine if you wanna be well. Masks work, it came from a lab in china, it’s a vakseen really. There is going to be a red wave. Those white lines are water vapors. A news team you can trust. There is no inflation. We are not in a recession and more.
The parties are no different. It just seems as if they are by design. The design is divide and conquer by any means. Right now the DNC has the power, some of the power will be distributed to the RNC. that distribution will be just enough to hold this satanic system in a neutral position. That neutral position will keep us in a holding pattern while further destruction of the economy continues. The United Nations is behind the migration through the southern border, yet the right pendants will say nothing about the UN. The destruction of the United States of America is bigger than Biden and Trump, if we focus on them we miss the big picture, and that is the goal.
Starring Donald Trump, Joe Biden, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, US Senate, US Congress, CDC, NIH & more. Cameo’s by many collaborating assholes and demons.
Patrick and ShahLee discuss the late Drummer and Lyricist Neil Peart of the Canadian band RUSH. Peart died in Jan of 2020 of brain cancer. He was an exceptional drummer and poet who lost his daughter to a car accident and then his wife to cancer. He wrote a book called Ghost Rider about his travels after his personal loss. I saw them Live many times over the years. I like many were inspired by their music and artistry.
Please understand, this is not an attack on any group. This is a call to try and understand what is being collectively done to us. No matter what you think of America, it is being collapsed via any way possible. As this happens, they need to distract and use as many people, groups and organizations as possible. Do not fall for this agenda.
Normalizing death via desensitization and hatred. Unexpected or sudden, we are in the grips of evil. Deceptive lies, divide and conquer in play to distract from it on a daily basis. The killer elite just walking freely because of a foolish, godless and glutinous society who’s selfishness is beyond the scale.
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