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You either see it or you do not see it. You must unlearn what you have learned.
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In this episode we determine that human beings are programmable steerable weapons. The EPA will never examine anything that the public asks it to do. We cover the lie that was the civil war and how the gentlemens agreement was between cousins. We touch on geneaology and the how politics, entertainment, authors, european monarchy and more are all realted by blood and so much more.Pat:vaccinefraud.comYouTube:
Patrick and Clint expound on the Prion agend 5 years before the global agenda goes LIVE in 2020. Two real men without the need for a medical license figure out the implementation of disease and put a large percentage of so called doctors to shame.
In 2016 I asked Clint and Patrick to join me on my platform. The result of this conversation was a distant early warning of what was to come. No one else was talking about this issue except 2 of the best people that I was/am blessed to have crossed paths with. They spent years looking at the dangers of all injections. Author and documentary filmmaker Clint > Richardson & Patrick Jordan, also an author and researcher spoke weekly in LIVE podcast format. What they unraveled was what we are experiencing today. The culmination of medical experimentation over the years to figure out a means to cull the human population.
Mathias and ShahLee discuss the ongoing deception of this psyop called global society. From education to politics and bogus made up religions. Biblical impersonators and the only bloodline that matters.
There is a true biblical eviL in this world, THEIR world. The iLLusion of freedom was sold many years ago. We were made into commoner subjects on this prison plane(t). covid, ukraine, east palest(ein) & spy balloons to terrorize and deceive. The youth is being corrupted by technology designed to scramble the mind. Celebrities collect awards for acting and politicians are in collaboration with genocidal madmen who live parasitically off of us. When will enough be enough?Link to Hyper Normalization vaccinefraudpoliticalartfranzetta.comMe:
We always hear that education is one of the biggest problems that needs to be addressed. Education is a big problem yes. The problem is that the concerted effort to disinform and misinform about history and everything that matters in this world. We can never make informed consent because everything that we have been told by Government / MSM / Universities and even our own parents have been manipulations of realtiy. The lies are now in overdrive with c0v1d. Why? Because even the most ignorant societies have the ability to figure out that something is wrong.So before we figure out in mass, they have to create global ermergencies and chaos so that they can hide behind their destruction. The real criminals are inside government, and the banking interests that put them there. Masters never inform or educate their commoner slaves. Education is there to create a cookie cutter society so that we all think and believe the same things. This was and is a concerted effort to mold and manipulate ;us all for an extended period of time.Those who you cannot criticize are the ones that you must see through. FIgure out who they are and you are automatically labeled in a way that destroys any validity you have. It is mass mind control and most are completely unaware that they have been poisoned by it.
Please wake up to the LIE that the world is. THEY do not care about you or the health of your family. The world mis-leaders are part of a death cult. Fight back or perish and be thrown into the trash heap of history.Please donate to Franzetta at PayPal using friends and family to the email addresspoliticalartfranzetta@gmail.comPatrick:vaccinefraud.comHis YouTube vaccinefraud
Now that they have shown themselves through their operatives and collaborators in federal and local governments, you must understand the plans that they have for the common people. Satanism runs rampant throughout society. We have been shown examples of this in their world for years. The catholic church and masonic halls and synagogues are their temples to manipulate the commoners minds away from the One True God who THEY hate. THEY want to destroy Gods creation.
More on what is really happening in this world. My verbal rant opens the chambers of Patricks mind and causes an avalanche of recall that paves the way for the perfect conversation today. The programming of the commoners has been so near perfectly rolled out that getting through to most is a challenge. Conversations with the mentally retarded would go better.Patrickvaccinefraud.compolitcalartfranzetta.comgeneralportal55@gmail.comYouTube:search for | vaccinefraud | to get to his
I go over a film laced with climate propaganda and finish up with reality of the destructive political society that we have allowed to mold the false reality that most think is real.
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