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Should a struggling single mother be fired from her job for what she does off the clock? Sarah is a former school teacher and while struggling to make ends meet, decided to start an Only Fans page. She was fired for the decision, which was actually suggested by her boss and leaked by a washed-up, misogynistic, disgraced journalist.  This is much more than just a story about getting fired, but about women empowerment, personal choice, and hypocritical society. 
Diane's father was a World War 2 veteran, who while on a mission was shot-down over German territory and forced to live in a P.O.W camp for almost 2 years. Diane wrote a book about the stories he told her as a child, and the hours upon hours of research to piece the stories together. You will never believe what these people went through. Be sure to check out Dian's website and her book.
Decentralized finance? Crypto-currency? Blockchain? Bitcoin? If any of these terms sound confusing to you, you're not alone. Join us as we talk to Keri Kaplan this week and absorb her vast knowledge on the subject. Learn al about how blockchain works and what the future of crypto looks like.  Start your own Crypto account on Coinbase and get $10 to invest for free! check out Keri's website for more information!
This episode is all about Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Shawn Kelly is a life-long Pawtucket resident and he thinks it's time for a leadership change. Between rising crime and the back-door deal to build the Tidewater stadium, Shawn has had enough! He's running for councilman of district 4. Have a listen and get out and vote for Shawn on Primary day! 
Are you being gaslighted and manipulated in a relationship with a significant other or parent? Maybe you are and you don't even realize it. This week we're talking about narcissists and how dangerous they are. A parent, a spouse, a boss, you'll be surprised just how many there are out there and even more surprised at how social media is grooming more and more of them every day. Check out Angela's site and get her book at
Joshua is a professional Dominant (the male equivalent of a Dominatrix), and a Non-Traditional Sexual Behaviors Consultant. Karma is Joshua's sex slave, and a happily married (to another man) mother of two. Karma was a staff reporter for a reputable conservative publication, and Joshua was research. But, following Him deeper and deeper into New York's sexual underground, she crossed the line between observer and participant, right and wrong. At its core, their story is one of an uplifting personal transformation; it also showcases the lifestyle of one of the most sensationalized and least understood factions in LGBTQA+. Be sure to check out Karma's book: Surviving Master Joshua: The BDSM Memoir Of An Unfaithful Wife.
This week we're talking English Premier League Football with Javier and Javon from The Final Whistle Football podcast. Javon and Javier have a broad knowledge of all thigs football. We have some fun learning how they got into football. We discuss Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and give predictions on where the top 6 teams will land in the table. Check out The Final Whistle Football Podcast at
If you've ever wondered what the ideal person is that we desperately need in politics, you've come to the right place. Dr. Bah is running for Congress in Rhode Island District 2. We not only discuss policy, but also his upbringing, his journey from African refugee to becoming and incredibly successful American citizen. Dr. Bah is a breath of fresh air and proof that there is still hope for a better Government in Rhode Island and the United States.  No matter what side of the aisle you are on, you cannot deny Dr. Bah's infectious attitude and eagerness to help. Be sure to check out his website and donate if you can at
How bad is the opioid epidemic? What is it like to be in recovery? Sam Perez is a news reporter, author, and daughter parents who opened up DV8 kitchen in Lexington, KY. A restaurant that exclusively hires people in recovery.  Sam shares her experiences growing up in the recovery world, the amazing things her parents have done for the community, and how she is taking those teachings to continue the fight on addiction. Sam shares some wonderful, uplifting stories and lets people know how to spot, and speak with people who may have addiction problems. Be sure to check out Sam's new book Deviate from Denial. Pre-order here!
Roe vs. Wade being overturned, it's what's on everyone's minds these days. What led to this decision and how has the Supreme Court, a group of un-elected judges, acquired so much power over years? Dr. Moreno answers these questions and many more about the SCOTUS. He gives us the history of the Supreme Court, and educates us on some of the biggest cases this country has ever seen. Be sure to check out Paul's book How the Court Became Supreme: The Origins of American Juristocracy, releasing on September 14th 2022.  
Everyone is feeling the pinch in their wallet, but why? Is the Russian occupation of Ukraine causing sky-high gas prices? Will the housing market crash? Can we expect a recession in the coming months? Rick is here to teach a couple dumb dudes and their audience about the economy. Rick answers the questions that people are dying to know, and puts a perspective on where this crazy economy is headed. 
This week we're speaking to Jill Kinney.  At 14 years old, Jill was forced to attend a Bad Girl Camp in Texas.  This was no ordinary summer camp. The beds were actually old prison beds. So you can imagine how the rest of experience was. Listen in to find out! Check out the pictures, and be on the look out for Jill's book at
This week is a heavy episode, but something that needs to be addressed.  We're speaking to Kelsey Walker, founder of From The Green Desk, an organization devoted to helping women cope with child mortality. The focus is on abortion, and Kelsey was brave enough to tell us her story of an abortion she had while living in Kansas. The hoops she had to jump through and experience that was mandated by law will shock and astonish you. From darkness comes light though, and Kelsey shares how she's now helping other woman so they can have an easier experience. Check out Kelsey's website at
 William Branum is a Navy SEAL veteran with 26 years of service. He's the CEO of Naked Warrior Recovery, and they help people recover from stress, anxiety, pain, and trouble sleeping through a change in mindset and the use of CBD. Their  mission is to and to reduce veteran suicide from 22/day to 0. 22 to 0!!! Use code DUMBDUDESCBD to get 20% off your order!
In this week's episode we speak to Hans Hageman. Hans is a social entrepreneur. He has developed visionary solutions to improve education from Harlem to India. Hans grew up in Spanish Harlem, New York. His home was Exodus House, a pioneering residential drug treatment center started by his father. We speak with Hans about his life growing up in Exodus house, how it's grown into the school it is today, the other schools he created, as well as his journey in getting there. Hans is quite the Renaissance man and the epitome of the type of person we need in this world today. Be sure to check out Hans at
In this week's episode we're talking to Jeff Lemieux. Jeff is the senior staff writer and editor for the New England Revolution. We talk all things MLS with Jeff including Bruce Arena and the impact he's made at the club, how transferring popular players out of the MLS is a good thing for the future of the league, promotion/relegation, and will the Revolution ever get a their own stadium? Jeff gives us great insight on the past, present, and future of the MLS with the usually laughs you can expect from these two dumb dudes.  Check out Jeff's content at
This week we're talking to Terry Tucker, Terry has been battling a rare form of cancer for over 10 years and through it all is one of the most positive people Bobby and Bento have ever spoken to. Terry has a unique perspective on life that is as motivational as it is refreshing.  Listen in to hear Terry's story and get the motivation you need this week! Check Terry out at
This week we're talking ghosts! Kristy Sumner and her sister are founders of Soul Sisters Paranormal.  Kristy shares some of her experiences in the most haunted places on the east coast. From abandoned prison's to the famous Lizzie Borden house, the Soul Sisters will try and prove to you that spirits remain. Be sure to check them out at
Welcome back to another episode of Teach 2 Dumb Dudes with Bobby and Bento! We're talking hypnosis today with Adam Jones. Adam is a hypnotherapist that uses hypnosis to change habits. Want to quit smoking? Adam can kick your habit in just 2 sessions! Listen to find out all the other things Adam could change in your life through hypnotherapy.Check out Adam at and
Today we have a very special guest, and one of my favorite people! We're talking to Hemant Mehta, also known as The Friendly Atheist. We discuss where Atheism stands in 2022 and how the focus has shifted over the past couple of decades. We also discuss the left/right spectrum and how the sides are getting more extreme than ever before. Don't forget to check out Hemant's blog.*We apologize in advance, but the audio for Hemant is quite loud, we tried to even out the levels as best we could*
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