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Our guests today are Adam Rennert and Mike Dolloff of InflowCX. In this episode, the team talks about labor challenges in the contact center, agent satisfaction, and the pros and cons of leveraging outsourcing and automation to enhance your customer and agent experience.
Our guest today is Colin Kennedy, COO at Shelf. Shelf is a modern knowledge management platform for contact centers that provides fast, accurate answers to customer questions.In this episode, Colin and Austin discuss how knowledge management has changed to meet agent and customer needs, why you should consider a knowledge management strategy, and the impact of AI in contact centers.
Our guest today is Paul Jarman, CEO of NICE CXone. NICE CXone is a customer experience platform that delivers seamless experiences across the entire customer journey for the contact center and beyond.We chat with Paul about the demand for AI and self-service, the need for human interaction in the contact center, the importance of operational data, and much more.
Our guest today is Michael Setticasi, Vice President of Partners at Ada. Ada is a brand interaction platform that bridges the divide between you and the people who are trying to talk to you.We chat with Michael about Ada's platform, how savvy contact centers are getting ahead of the competition, and growing trends in automation and omnichannel interactions.
Our guest today is Scott Brown, Head of Contact Center at Zoom.  We talk to Scott about Zoom's new CCaaS offering, dealing with customer service perceptions, how Zoom's acquisition of Solvvy fits into the CX market, and more!
Our guest today is Benjamin Gleitzman, CTO & Co-Founder at Replicant, a conversational AI platform founded on the belief that machines are ready to have useful, complex conversations that will transform the way they interact with the world. We talk to Benjamin about the role Replicant plays in the market, common myths about contact center automation, and making technology inclusive and equitable for everyone.
Our guest today is Jennifer Waite, VP of Product Marketing at Playvox. We talk with Jennifer about her role at Playvox, the evolution of WEM/WFM technology, and changes we might see in the near future for the customer experience space.
Our guest today is Bill Pieper, Senior Vice President of Business Development at InflowCX. We talk with Bill about BPO consulting and labor strategy services at InflowCX, common misconceptions about outsourcing, and how to differentiate between a technology problem and a process problem in the contact center.
Today our guest is Stanton Smith, Senior Director of Consulting Services at InflowCX. We talk with Stanton about how InflowCX is helping clients realize a return on their customer experience investment, who should be involved in the contact center decision-making process, and more!
We're back! After a short hiatus, we're excited to kick off our 2022 podcast season with none other than our fearless leader himself, Ken Smith.In this episode, we talk about Ken's journey into the contact center industry, balancing customer and partner relationships, engaging client stakeholders in a contact center evaluation, and more.
In this episode, our guest is Dave Hoekstra, Product Evangelist at Calabrio. Today's topic is all about Workforce Engagement Management or WEM. We chat with Dave about the evolution of WFM to WEM, the benefits of WEM for your agents, his call center career, and Calabrio's WEM solutions.
In this episode, our guest is Jake Butterbaugh, Vice President of Global Channel Sales at Five9. We chat with Jake about his journey into the cloud contact center space, the recent Zoom acquisition of Five9, and much more!
In this episode, our guest is Derek Resler, Zoom Phone Enablement Specialist at Zoom. We chat with Derek about the evolution of the cloud voice landscape, how Zoom became a household name during the pandemic, and what gets him up in the morning.
In this episode, our guest is Brandon Knight, VP of Advanced Solutions & Contact Center at Telarus. We chat with Brandon about his call center journey, how Telarus fits into the market, his recent move to Las Vegas, and more!
In this episode, our guest is Amy Behbehani, Director of Customer Service at Uplift. We chat with Amy about how customer needs have changed, the impact of the pandemic on the travel industry, and how Inflow supports their organization.
In this episode, our guest is Alex Lustig, Solutions Consultant at Observe.AI. We chat with Alex about his role, how Observe.AI fits into the marketplace, and how their partnerships bring value to customers.
In this episode, our guest is Alex Ball, VP of Sales at Genesys. We talk to Alex about his career journey, the growth of Genesys and the maturity of the contact center space, and the partnership between Inflow and Genesys.
In this episode, our guest is Adam Rennert. Adam came to Inflow through an acquisition of his company, PeakView, and is now the President of Inflow.  We talk to Adam about his family, the PeakView-Inflow relationship, the maturity of CCaaS, and his attitude towards helping organizations.
In this episode, our guest is Peter Hornberger, VP of Sales at Brightmetrics. We talk to Peter about his personal life, CCaaS analytics, and what metrics you should be monitoring in your contact center.
In this episode, our guest is Henry Svendblad, CTO at Company Nurse. We talk to Henry about his background, empathy in the workplace, and the digital transformation journey of Company Nurse.
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