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Logic refocused elevates people's abilities, knowledge and experience; it leverages  technology; and it builds confidence in the predictability of success.  In this episode of Deliberate Words, we welcome Daniel Canning - Vice President of Project Assurance and Delivery at Teknobuilt, and he is very much in agreeance and support of how relationships transform the industry.  Dan is captivating, entertaining and brilliant in his discussions, that actually become a story about his experiences over the course of his career, and how they have influenced his current position in improving the industry.  He distills it down to the correct placement of technology, people and process, which he proves has impact on success probability.  He explains how the correct framework in a project recognizes constraints, removes the constraints, and has a LOGIC that makes sense to everyone and allows everyone to do their part, having technology as a strong and supportive role. 
Eyes on the Prize - sometimes easier said than done.  We discover that is what is behind the success at Studio Libeskind when we chat with Neil Cook.  What's in a relationship, and how does it contribute to the success of the end goal as well as the journey that takes you there? Our Topeka, KS senior specifier Chris Ricke, had the pleasure of working on a Studio Libeskind project with architect Neil Cook.  Chris noticed something unique in the how they work with the entire project team during each phase.  Here is a hint: consult the contractor BEFORE drawings are complete!  Let them influence design decisions.  Neil takes a deep dive into their practices that encourages "Eyes on the prize" for ultimate success.  
In this episode we are very excited to welcome Charlie Dunn from DPR. As per his usual, Charlie provides many wonderful nuggets to improving the future of the construction industry through the art of storytelling, and distills the solutions down to two ideas: empathy and scientific thinking. Charlie has a unique and captivating way of looking at projects, identifying the challenges, and guiding members of the project team to efficiently and successfully provide solutions. He is able to do this at a high level applying solutions to areas of the industry as a whole, down to a project specific challenge. He also talks about his debut on TED Talk: the journey that lead him there.  The added twist to this podcast is the situation he found himself in Switzerland, which is providing additional reflection opportunities, development, and personal healing. Intrigued? Tune in and listen to your hosts of Deliberate Words - Dave Stutzman and Steve Gantner chatting with Charlie Dunn learning about Empathy and Construction. 
In this episode we chat with John Sier, an attorney and partner with a Detroit law firm - Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook. John works with construction owners and in this conversation, he identifies the challenges the industry is facing, what solutions are being applied, such as prefab and modular, -and what are the legal implications and contracting considerations what must the owner consider, in order to create success moving forward? Listen in on Deliberate Words while Dave Stutzman and Steve Gantner chat with John Sier as they visit lessons learned and how they are creating new construction trends, and why it is extremely important to look at them through the critical lens of an attorney. 
Our guests this month are Jim Beck from Allegheny Health Network, John Reddick from Stantec (Pittsburgh), and Mark Petzold from Highmark, and they teach us how they have Perfected the RFP.  Here is a question for our listeners: How confident are you with your RFPs (Requests for Proposal)? Whether you are writing them or answering them, the words in them matter immensely! In this episode we chat with an owner, an architect, and a procurement specialist who have perfected the RFP process.  They have worked together to create content that benefits all parties reducing confusion, frustration, and risk; while gaining clarity, confidence, and time.  
We are thrilled to welcome the hosts of the incredibly popular podcast The Construction Brothers - Tyler and Eddie Campbell!  Join us as they talk about tea, tech, people, and process and how it all fits into the feedback loop. Their podcast has led them to learning so much about the AECO industry, and they use this platform to share it with the world.  Their shows are incredibly fun, jam packed with great content and awesome guests.  In addition to their show, Eddie is a 6th generation constructor, and current owner of ABSI - a company that specializes in steel design and BIM. Tyler is an amazing story builder who works with companies to share their products and services.  He investigates technologies and shares his findings with the world in a unique perspective. Take a listen to our crazy conversation and how we go from the proper way to drink tea to where the industry can and must improve.And definitely check out the Construction Brothers podcast!
Our guest, Lauren Harris, Associate AIA, is the BIM manager at L2P.  She received the Associate of the Year Award in 2019, at the AIA-NJ Gala, which is where we met her and learned about her fascinating story of entering into architecture.  Her path to becoming an architect and her impact on the industry, truly embodies the feminine qualities of a woman.  Learn more about:- Her journey going back to school during motherhood (she has 4 children) and discussion on women in architecture programs. - Her passion for nurturing the next generation through amazing educational involvement. STEAM Tank Competition- Her drive for bettering architecture and construction through her many volunteer positions. Regional Associates Director for AIA-NJ, Chair of East Coast Green Conference, AIA Grass Roots Conference
In this episode "Swimming Against the Current", Stewart Carroll, President of Beck Technology chats with us about how they use strong cultural practices, technology, and the regimented mindset of a swimmer athlete to improve the Main Stream in the construction industry.  This conversation is very timely with focus on talent acquision and retainage in the industry, as well as how technology is playing a critical role in transparency and collaboration on projects. 
How often do you feel like you are on a bucking bull, and loosing control of the reigns, when your project enters VE? We kick off our second season chatting with Marcene Taylor, president of MTI, professional and continuous estimator. We learn the different between cost estimating and cost management, and how crucial the role of an estimator is on the project team.  She will explain how NOT to get bucked out of budget and stay within 5%. 
Welcome to the show Brian Perlberg, Esq., CM-Lean! Brian is a nationally recognized law attorney who serves as Executive Director and Senior Council for ConsensusDocs, a unique and durable coalition that attracts over 40 leading construction associations to create and sell best practice standard construction documents.  In addition to learning about Brian's favorite part of fall - Pomegranates and the secret to de-seeding them, he provides us with a wide knowledge of what ConsensusDocs is all about - a MUST listen to for anyone using contracts on their project.   He covers:- The History of ConsensusDocs- Using AI in contracts- The newest addition of Pre-Fab docs- Dive into Design Assist docs- Transactional Waste- Market for risk- Price escalation considerations 
Eliminate waste by 40%! Increase profitability by 200 - 300%!  Improve delivery by 50% It is the construction unicorn that actually exists.  It is not fiction, it is the power of community and neighborly attitude.  Listen in on the conversation between Pete Dumont (Prairie Dog), Dave Stutzman, and Steve Gantner on OS2 (operating system2) and redefining the capital projects business model.  Learn more: Prairie Dog Venture Partners:
What are Deliberate Words and what is this podcast all about?  An original Podcast by Conspectus, Inc., specifiers who provide meaning to drawings through words. The power, the beauty, the meaning of deliberate words can significantly impact the success of a construction project. Join us once a month for the Deliberate Words Podcast, as we chat with members of the project team who use our words to understand the project better, and how these words effect their role in creating a successful project outcome. 
Risky Business

Risky Business


David Stutzman and Steve Gantner kick off the podcast with two words that can be frightening or exhilarating, when put together - Risky Business! David and Steve talk about the AGC (Associated General Contractors) Risk Management Conference and how risk in construction impact more than you think!
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