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In this episode I’m speaking with my good friend Ben Cooper. He is the Group Innovation Director for M&C Saatchi and the Founder of Tricky Jigsaw, their innovation capability.Ben and I share a passion for all things creativity and innovation. Every time I meet up with Ben, I learn something and this chat was no exception. He’s one of the smartest, most interesting and humble people I know.He has had such an interesting life and career journey and he’s worked on some incredible innovations. I can't wait for you to hear us unpack some of these epic ideas such as the infamous Clever Buoy - an idea that started from one Brit's fear of sharks ended up solving a global problem and winning the coveted Titanium Lion at Cannes amongst many other accolades.You'll also hear about the brilliant work Ben has done for Uber. Rather than just hand them ideas, Ben and his team created a tool that helps Uber's employees generate their own ideas, stay creative and disruptive.Ben is also really into technology so brace yourselves as we dive into how you can get creative in the Metaverse, with NFT’s and blockchain. Ben points out that with NFTs, Creatives have an incredible opportunity right now to create and get paid for their work in a way they haven't before.This chat was really inspiring. I hope you enjoy it!You can find Ben here https://www.trickyjigsaw.comAnd you can find me here
In this episode I speak with my good friend Justine Moyle.Justine is a Film Director and Creative Producer.She has had a very eclectic career working across film, advertising and radio over the past 20 years.In June this year Justine did something pretty incredible…she released her directorial debut feature documentary called Tall Poppy: A Skater’s Story and it was shown in cinemas around Australia. The documentary has been close to 10 years in the making.The film follows young Australian Skateboarder Poppy Starr as she comes of age on the road to becoming one of the first skateboarders to represent Australia at the Tokyo Olympic Games. She came 5th in the world!Poppy’s story is no small feat but I have to say as a friend watching Justine create this documentary, her journey has been equally as epic.When it comes to creative resilience, Justine has a bucket load. I really hope you enjoy this episode and inspires you to take on that creative project that's burning inside you, no matter how big or small.You can find Justine here http://www.justinemoylefilm.comAnd you can find Tall Poppy: A Skater's Story here you can find me, Nicole, here
In this episode I speak with Tara Mckenty, Creative Head for Google in the Asia Pacific Region. Tara is an absolute creative powerhouse!We unpack why the best creative ideas come from really understanding the audience you’re creating for on a deep level. Tara brings to life some of her best ideas that have earned her some of the most prestigious accolades in the advertising industry from Cannes Gold Lions , D&AD Pencils, Clios and Effies. I can’t wait for you to hear the story about Penny the Pirate and how Tara has managed to brilliantly combine ideas for Google with dog food and also The Wiggles.We also dive into her creative process, what it’s like being a creative working at Google and the powerful initiative called Rare that Tara has created with her 20% Google time.Rare is a global program that provides equitable opportunities for underrepresented creatives to thrive at every stage of their career.You can find more info about Rare (and Tara) here you can find me, Nicole Velik here
In this episode I’m speaking to the incredible Graphic Designer Jarmaine Stojanovic. He runs a multi disciplinary design studio based in Sydney that he founded in 2016. It’s called SCCO Studio.Jarmaine took a risk and started his own studio as a young designer instead of taking the well-trodden path of working at one of the big design agencies. It paid off as he hasn’t been restricted by working, designing and creating in the conventional way. He attracts clients who love his unconventional style and let him push his ideas to the limits and we discuss why hospitality venues offer the perfect environment to do some boundary pushing design.In this episode we unpack and dive into Jarmaine’s design process, his career journey and the techniques he uses to get some of his best ideas.You can find Jarmaine here and you can find me Nicole here,
In episode 4 of Creativity Unpacked, I speak with Beck Feiner. She’s an illustrator, designer and author living in Sydney Australia. Her illustrations, stories and memes shine a spotlight on social issues and tap into what’s going on in society at the time.We dive into one of Beck’s most brilliant ideas that went viral, The Aussie Legends Alphabet. She got so bored with the generic material and design out there that she created her own alphabet for kids. Instead of A is for apple and B is for banana, Beck created something truly legendary, A is for Adam Goodes, B is for Bob Hawke, C is for Cathy Freeman etc. This brilliant idea went viral, earned Beck a book publishing deal and propelled her career as a full time illustrator.Beck lets us under the bonnet and she shares some of the creative techniques that she learned working in advertising, lessons that she still uses in her daily creative practice.You can find Beck on instagram at And you can find me, Nicole Velik at
In this episode we dive into purpose led creativity. Chloe Saintilan is a Creative Director currently at Afterpay in New York. She has had an incredible career as a copywriter in advertising at some of the best ad agencies in the world from TBWA Sydney to R/GA NYC.“If something makes you angry. Do something!” This is Chloe’s credo. In this episode Chloe tells us some incredible stories of how she has used her creativity for purpose.She tells us how purpose led creativity has made a huge impact with her advertising clients in particular with Mercedes Benz where she challenged gender norms of what makes a “boys toy” or a “girls toy”. The results of this campaign are mind-blowing.Chloe also tells us about how she recently created a side hustle called Merch Aid that teamed up famous New York designers with small businesses that were greatly suffering through Covid. This initiative went viral and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.Chloe leaves us with a creative challenge. She reckons that you don't have to be a professional Creative to use your creativity to make a positive impact on people's lives.This episode will leave you inspired and wanting to use your own creativity for purpose. “Creativity is what makes the world a better place. When we chase it and when we apply it”.You can find Chloe here: her newsletter here you can find me, Nicole Velik
In this episode we dive into creative confidence and I bust the biggest myth around - that some people are born creative and others are not. This is such an important topic because when there is an underlying fear or lack of confidence when it comes to one's creativity, it becomes a huge block and impediment. Before learning any innovation or creativity tools or techniques, we need to have a good baseline of creative confidence. I then give you three practical ways to boost your creative confidence. You'll also learn about my favourite word in the English language "Neoteny" and why I recommend that you embrace the willingness to be really crap at something new.
In this episode I speak to Andrew Hoyne, Founder of Hoyne - A place visioning, property branding and marketing company.We dive into his journey as a creative from being a designer on the tools to Founding Principal of Hoyne where he leads a team across three offices in Australia. When it comes to leading for creativity, Andy shares some brilliant and somewhat quirky initiatives and rituals that are the DNA of Hoyne's creative culture.Andy's roles have changed over the years and his relationship to creativity has too. We unpack what it is that drives him, his successes and his failures and his wildest build a city!
In this very first episode of Creativity Unpacked, I share a bit about myself and my beliefs on creativity. I also share what you can expect to hear in each episode, including the amazing guests I'll have on the show, practical creativity and innovation techniques and advice you'll be getting along the way to become the best creative you can be. Let's dive in and unpack some creativity!
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