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“I like to think of LinkedIn as an online networking event.”- Dee Boswell-BuckIn a world where you have so many social media platforms to choose from, LinkedIn is often ignored when it comes to marketing — but using it effectively can have powerful results for your business! The platform is much more than a job search tool. It’s a great way to connect with other businesses in order to find new customers, build new partnerships, discover new vendors, and so much more.In fact, LinkedIn’s algorithms actually helped me pivot into an unexpected new career!This episode of Strategize Your Business Online is a cross-episode with The Small Nonprofit podcast. In this episode, I speak with Cindy Wagman, the founder and president of The Good Partnership, a values-driven consultancy that helps small nonprofits focus their fundraising energy and raise more money with less stress.Listen now to uncover some of the biggest myths about LinkedIn and learn how to use this underrated tool to your advantage!In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌How to create a vibrant LinkedIn profile that showcases yourself and your small businessHow to make valuable new connections online — without being spammyHow often you should share content on LinkedIn and how to effectively engage with other people’s content  About Cindy Wagman: Cindy Wagman is the president and founder of The Good Partnership, a values-driven, social-justice informed consultancy that is working to unlock the potential of small nonprofits through fundraising.Highlights:‌ ‌00:01  Intro01:40  How LinkedIn “chose” my business05:42  LinkedIn myths08:20  Build an effective profile11:40  Networking as a nonprofit12:06  Making new connections online17:34  Using your personal profile for a nonprofit19:33  How much time to spend21:20  Engaging on LinkedIn24:28  Showing up meaningfully27:03  Mistakes to avoid29:05  Tagging etiquette 30:00  Time management ‌  Links:‌ ‌Cindy Wagman   Work with me: ‌  Stay Connected  
“If you are a business owner and you’re looking to expand your marketing reach while taking your company to the next level, then you’ve GOT TO be on LinkedIn!”- Dee Boswell-BuckDid you know that LinkedIn can generate 250% more leads than other social media sites? 4 out of 5 of LinkedIn users are driving business decisions for their companies — and smart B2B business owners are creating powerful LinkedIn strategies that help them connect with those decision-makers. With over 800 million users, 40% of which are active every day, LinkedIn is one of the biggest business drivers available online. Standing apart from tools like Instagram or Facebook, LinkedIn is a professional platform specifically created to establish and nurture valuable business relationships. Using the platform effectively begins with creating a well-written company profile page, but it doesn’t end there! If you want to build a strong presence, you need to be strategic about the way that you share, engage, and reach out to potential connections.If you’re interested in turning LinkedIn into one of your most valuable business tools, tune into this week’s episode of Strategize Your Business Online. I share my top tips for generating leads and boosting your credibility on the platform — starting at just 15 minutes a week!In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌The importance of having a company page — and what you should be sharing on it How to leverage your page to boost your traffic, discoverability, and credibility  2 steps to grow your reach and connect with potential customers without coming off as spammy  Highlights:‌ ‌00:01  Intro01:18  LinkedIn statistics02:07  LinkedIn benefits03:17  Generating leads on LinkedIn03:58  Your company page05:12  What you should share06:03  Improve your discoverability & credibility06:52  Steps to grow your reach10:37  Building your strong presence ‌  Links:‌ ‌  Work with me: ‌  Stay Connected  
“That’s the struggle with goal-setting — you have to be able to have vision to see where you’re going.”- Marsha V. WatsonAre you clear on the goals that have the most potential to truly move the needle in your business… and the most effective way to turn those goals from dreams into reality?Online business manager Marsha V. Watson is a seasoned expert when it comes to time management and goal-setting — two skills that almost every small business owner could use a little help with! Through her company, Divine Executive Concierge, Marsha helps entrepreneurs and creatives keep their focus on the strengths and passions that drive their revenue. Press play to learn why so many business owners struggle with goal-setting, and the strategies that Marsha uses to help her clients gain clarity and upgrade their productivity! Bonus: we also dig into the pros and cons of LinkedIn vs. Instagram and the magic app that Marsha swears by.In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌The specific skills that make up Marsha’s expertise in goal-setting — and her #1 tip for mastering goal-setting in your own business How Marsha helps her clients clear through the clutter and uncover their best next steps  What to look for when you’re hiring a virtual assistant or online business manager  About Marsha V. Watson: Marsha Watson is a goals and time management expert who helps entrepreneurs meet deadlines and achieve their goals without stress. She is the founder of Divine Executive Concierge and Divine Greetings and Gifts. Highlights:‌ ‌00:01  Intro02:06  Meet Marsha Watson! 04:45  Journey to entrepreneurship05:52  Marsha’s ideal clients06:38  Narrowing down next steps08:09  Why people struggle with goal-setting10:11  Top goal-setting tips12:06  Why work with Marsha?13:43  What sets Marsha apart17:33  Marsha’s goals18:44  Social media platforms21:26  Magic app23:37  Top two lessons24:52  Goal’d Members Club ‌  Links:‌ ‌Marsha V. Watson   Work with me: ‌  Stay Connected  
“Inclusive marketing is not a trend. It’s something always to consider.”- Dee Boswell-BuckDid you know that 72% of people feel that advertising does not reflect the world around them? Not only that, but 63% of people don’t feel that they’re represented in most advertising… and that statistic has a big impact on revenue. Creating inclusive campaigns can actually increase the ROI of your marketing spend. When more of your audience can see themselves in your marketing, it’s far easier for them to believe that you truly have a solution that can solve their problem.So how can you, as a small business owner, be more inclusive in your own marketing — or even become a leader of positive social change?Unintentionally alienating a wide range of potential customers is much easier than you think, so it’s important to be mindful. If you’re interested in creating more inclusive campaigns, then you will NOT want to miss out on this episode!In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌What “inclusive marketing” really means, and what you should consider as you strategize your marketing campaigns How to avoid stereotypes in your marketing — and even counteract them! Real-life examples of what NOT to do in your marketing Highlights:‌ ‌00:01  Intro01:56  Statistics & significance03:04  What is inclusive marketing?03:58  Non-inclusive marketing example #107:29  Non-inclusive marketing example #209:29  Identify your ideal client11:02  Perceptions & market research ‌  Links:‌ ‌  Work with me: ‌  Stay Connected  
“I became an entrepreneur so that I could be in control of my time… but I didn’t know how to take the time off.”- Dee Boswell-BuckIf you want to be a successful business owner, you need to hit the right balance between work and play. Focusing too heavily on the work side of things can lead to stress, overwhelm, and even burnout. Building time off into your schedule as a business owner may seem easy from the outside, but if you’re anything like me, you may have difficulty figuring out how or when to step away from your business, at least at first. But being on top of your game as a business owner means finding time to step away from your business — even if you need to build that time into your schedule in advance!After four years of being all-in in my own business, I’m finally scheduling downtime into my schedule. In this episode, I share the small ways in which I am infusing my schedule with greater balance. Listen now to learn how easy it can be to create a better work/life balance in your own life, so that you can continue to be your best and most productive self in your business.In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌My secret scheduling hack for getting the most out of occasional days off How having accountability can help you actually stick to your hobbies and make sure that you take that time for yourselfWhy the best things in life are worth a bit of a waitHighlights:‌ ‌00:01  Intro01:26  My former job & perks03:32  Transition to entrepreneurship04:45  Back to running06:38  Trampolining09:21  Reconnecting in person10:35  Creating your wish list13:33  Follow my adventures ‌  Links:‌ ‌Work with me: ‌  Stay Connected  
“Delegating is a non-negotiable that I have to work on every single day.”- Dee Boswell-Buck2021 was a tough year for a lot of business owners. That saying, “the struggle is real,” has never been more fitting — but through all of the challenges and setbacks, many of us have learned some valuable lessons (and maybe even made a few changes for the better.)In this episode, I share the changes I made in 2021 that have actually helped me to reclaim my time and enjoy my life… while earning even more revenue than before.From key hiring decisions to project management overhauls, there are many ways for you to optimize your business while lessening your own workload — and you don’t need to wait for the next pandemic to implement them.If you’re ready to make some meaningful changes in the way you run your business and work smarter, rather than harder, then you won’t want to miss this episode! In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌Why you shouldn’t hold off when it comes to hiring the people you truly need on your team Why you need to be more mindful of your boundaries — and how to stay firm on enforcing themHow to set up workflow that is heavy on automation and requires less of your attention and energy   Highlights:‌ ‌00:01  Intro01:30  Build a team02:47  Maintain your boundaries04:13  Delegate more05:24  Honeybook06:19  Learn to let go08:54  Good client fit10:02  Know your numbersLinks:‌ ‌  Work with me: ‌  Stay Connected 
“Have a similar vibe across your platforms, and also you want to make sure that that vibe matches your website.”- Dee Boswell-BuckAre you steadily growing your passion business on the side? Planning to leave your 9-to-5 and take your side hustle full-time? Whether your business is already your primary income or preparing to launch, if you want to make enough sales to scale, you need a strong strategy to stand out online.Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a tech or design background in order to get your business the attention it deserves. In fact, there are inexpensive and even free tools available to help you build up a professional and eye catching online presence… with no experience necessary.If you haven’t already started working on your online strategy, NOW is the time to get started — and I am going to make it easy for you! In this episode, I share five simple and strategic ways I prepared my website and social media to showcase my side hustle BEFORE I left my 9-to-5.From your website to your social media, these tips will help you build a stronger and more trustworthy presence online, helping your audience feel more comfortable with the idea of working with you.In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌The tools that can help you build a simple but impactful website with easeWhy you may want to consider starting a blog — and how to keep it consistent  Your optimal number of social media platforms (and how to align them with your website)  Highlights:‌ ‌00:01  Intro01:12  My last day of work02:53  My social media pivot03:45  Get a website05:02  Schedule your blog posts06:11  Choose your social media platforms07:33  Brand across social media08:40  Canva10:00  Bios & links11:02  Social media content ideas13:21  Recap ‌  Links:‌ ‌Work with me: ‌  Stay Connected  
“When we step out into the world dressing for that possibility, it’s amazing what can happen.”- Hailey VerityHow do you show up for your business… and in life? If you want to make an impact, then curating first impressions is a must! Hailey Verity is a personal stylist and coach who helps women present themselves to the world in a way that is reflective of who they are — and the opportunities they’re ready to explore.In a world where track pants have become a staple of many people’s workday wardrobes, Hailey has made it her goal to use her style coaching to allow women to find themselves again. Showing up in a way that shows off our expertise and our experience helps us better connect with potential clients and feel more confident in our day-to-day lives.First impressions are made within the first seven seconds of meeting someone, and the way we show up speaks volumes… before we can even say a word. In this episode, you’ll learn how to curate your exterior to best showcase your personality, how Hailey uses social media to connect with new clients, and the biggest benefits of working with a style coach.Ready to inject more ease into your wardrobe choices? Press play now!In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌How Hailey uses style coaching as a way to boost female empowermentThe importance of reclaiming your fashion for yourself — and two misconceptions about style coachingHow your choice of clothing builds confidence across business and lifeAbout Hailey Verity: Hailey Verity’s mission is to provide the women she serves with wardrobe solutions and a side of life coaching. Serving as an educator and mentor, she was a top ambassador in a direct sales ladies accessories company before dedicating herself to her career as a style coach. A mother of three and former teacher, Hailey uses her own experience coupled with her background in style to help women reclaim their self-empowerment through fashion.Highlights:‌ ‌00:01  Intro03:10  Meet Hailey Verity05:42  Post-pandemic style & reflecting your true self08:26  Power of first impressions09:55  Struggles women have with their image11:16  Put it in the calendar & create space12:31  Misconceptions about style coaching15:51  Don’t wait to use the good stuff16:43  Why work with a style coach?18:45  Hailey’s most popular packages20:37  How to work with Hailey23:30  Social media strategy24:47  Top lessons from working with a style coach26:34  Dressing with more ease28:43  What’s next for HaileyLinks:‌Hailey Verityhttps://haileyverity.com with me: http://www.deeboswellbuck.comStay Connected 
“When you tighten up what’s on your menu, then you make the navigation on your website MUCH easier.”- Dee Boswell-BuckYour website is your storefront and your information portal. This is the first place your potential customers come to learn more about you and your offers. It’s through your website that you signal your credibility and earn the trust of your audience. Unfortunately, many small business owners do not use their website to its full capacity, so they miss out on valuable opportunities to connect with their prospects more effectively.Even worse, their websites may actually discourage qualified leads from reaching out!Remember: even if you’re doing an amazing job on social media, your website still plays an extremely valuable role in your marketing strategy — so ensuring that you are strategic in terms of your website content, design, and tech is vital to your success.In this episode, I share five quick website updates that help you build more trust and book more leads.Listen now to discover:‌ ‌Why it’s important to own your own little corner of the internet, rather than relying on online platforms that are outside of your controlHow to keep your blog posts SEO-optimized and consistent — and a quick trick to make your blog feel timelessHow to effectively use Google My Business to drive more traffic to your website Highlights:‌ ‌01:11  Intro02:07  Social media hazards02:52  Check those links03:57  Contact page example05:20  Reevaluate your blogs07:40  My blog example09:38  Google My Business10:44  Clean up your navigation menu11:53  Match your vibe across platforms12:30  Optimized CTAs13:42  Recap  Links:‌ ‌  Work with me: ‌  Stay Connected 
“The hacking of social media accounts is at an all-time high. Recent reports have shared that social media account hacking has gone up from 13% to 28% in 2021.”- Dee Boswell-BuckWhen it comes to our social media accounts, sometimes we are our own biggest weakness.A recent report has found that social media account hacking has increased by 15% in just the past two years — and a lot of this hacking can be traced back to social media users’ own risky behaviours. As social media users share more and more details about their everyday lives online, it becomes much easier for hackers to attempt to take over your profile.Being aware of your social media interactions and digital surroundings is more important than ever before… especially if you use social media to promote your business.Luckily, you can reduce the chances of your online accounts being breached by makingsome simple changes to your online behaviours. With 5 easy-to-follow steps, you can ensure that you are adding an extra layer of protection and safety to your social media accounts, whether personal or professional. In this week’s episode, you’ll learn how to spot red flags online, simple steps that you can take to dramatically increase your online security, and the importance of awareness around social media sharing and messaging. In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌The high-risk online behaviours that can increase your chances of being hacked5 simple tips to reduce your chances of getting hackedHow to recognize potential hacker behaviour in your DMs and inboxes — and what to do when you encounter it  Highlights:‌00:01  Intro01:28  Rise of social media hacking02:27  The dangers of sharing too much03:39  5 ways to avoid being hacked on social media04:16  Best practices for dealing with passwords 05:04  Multi-factor authentication05:27  Accepting Facebook friend requests06:23  Public v. private settings07:33  Beware of your direct messages10:03  Take conversations off social media12:06  Recap ‌  Links:‌Work with me: http://www.deeboswellbuck.comStay Connected
“I love doing on-site shoots… Sometimes, showing how people get things done, depending on the nature of their business, is very important to them telling their story.”- Sheldon IsaacThey say that a picture is worth a thousand words — but what does that mean for your bottom line?Sheldon Isaac, owner and lead photographer of Sheldon Isaac Images, helps entrepreneurs and business owners enhance their marketing and deepen their connection with their audience through branding photography and professional headshots.“Most people I deal with have never had a professional photoshoot before. The most professional thing was them sitting down in grades 1-9 saying ‘cheese!’ with the school photographer,” Sheldon says. “So, because they haven’t done that before, they don’t know what’s involved.”Press play to learn what goes into planning a professional photoshoot for businesses, how to get the most value from your shoot, and when business owners should consider investing in professional headshots.In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌What goes into impactful and effective brand photography — and how it will improve your professional online presence   The 2 biggest missed opportunities when it comes to how business owners use their photos onlineThe types of professional videos that can help you polish your image and push the needle in your business  About Sheldon Isaac: Sheldon Isaac is a professional photographer serving Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Durham Region, and the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. He specializes in capturing the moments that matter through fun, stress-free, and efficient experiences, whether doing wedding photography, corporate photography, headshots, or family portraits.Highlights:‌00:01  Intro01:37  Meet Sheldon Isaac04:15  Sheldon’s entrepreneurial journey07:24  From side hustle to all-in10:17  Investing in headshots12:35  Most popular services for businesses13:49  Shoot preparation & planning18:42  Biggest missed opportunities20:48  LinkedIn, Instagram & TikTok27:26  Doing the dance 29:17  Sheldon’s hashtag30:58  Top lessons learned when working with Sheldon35:47  What’s on the horizon? ‌  Links:‌Sheldon Isaachttps://www.sheldonisaac.com with me: http://www.deeboswellbuck.comStay Connected
“You need to really listen to your inner voice, really channel into what your purpose is on earth… and you will find what you’re truly good at.”- Kayann SaundersAfter over a decade of working in the corporate and hospitality industries, my guest Kayann Saunders grew tired of the 9-5 lifestyle… and decided to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.Kayann now owns and operates not one, but TWO successful businesses, working as an independent licenced mortgage agent and as CEO of Vincan Personal Concierge, her personal assistant and lifestyle management company.Kayann launched Vincan as a cleaning service when she first moved to Canada, before putting the business on hold after landing her first corporate job. Since relaunching Vincan in 2019, she has expanded its offerings to include day-to-day errands, household reorganization and decluttering, decor and staging, and house sitting, among other services.This brilliant and timely shift perfectly positioned the company to thrive during the pandemic, as Vincan’s errand services have become invaluable to its clients!Determined to build a career based on her strengths and purpose, Kayann followed her passion for helping others. Press play now to hear Kayann’s inspiring story of perseverance and reinvention — and remember to subscribe so that you never miss an episode.In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌How Kayann has grown and evolved Vincan Personal Concierge over time to suit her own needs and the needs of her clientsWhy it’s important to show up powerfully on your social media — even when you don’t want toHow Kayann has stood strong in her values in order to build an aligned business that brings her joy    About Kayann Saunders: Kayann Saunders is a licenced mortgage broker and the CEO of Vincan Personal Concierge, a personal assistant and lifestyle management company that manages the life of your home so that you can focus on your family and your career. Kayann is a wife, mother, and career woman with a passion for helping people.Highlights:‌ ‌00:01  Intro01:41  Meet Kayann Saunders03:21  Vincan Personal Concierge06:06  Kayann’s entrepreneurial journey10:14  Leaving corporate13:10  Market research14:38  Origin of “Vincan”17:45  Top Vincan services21:22  Client mindset & building relationships27:13  Know the value of your time28:53  Follow your purpose33:20  Favourite social media platforms38:00  What’s on the horizon? ‌  Links:‌Kayann Saundershttps://www.vincanpersonalconcierge.ca with me: http://www.deeboswellbuck.comStay Connected
“Cater your content to the interests of your audience. This will help you leverage your social media platforms as you share content that actually appeals to the consumer.”- Dee Boswell-BuckThe year 2020 marked a major increase in the number of people using social media… and they weren’t just looking at pictures of cats. These Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook users were the driving force behind an increase in online sales worldwide. Savvy small business owners are paying attention to this trend and making it work to their advantage!Social media offers business owners a bundle of benefits. In addition to increasing their sales, using social media strategically can help them build brand awareness and grow their audience, without spending a large amount of money on advertising.If you and your team are strategizing your social media presence for the coming year, then you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode because simply being present just isn’t enough — you must be strategic in order to maximize your impact (and your online sales!).In this episode, I share 5 simple ways to improve your social media strategy in 2022. Press play to learn how to take your social media game plan from “How?” to “Wow!”In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌How to enhance your online marketing with user-generated content — and why social proof is so important  Why showing visible support for other small businesses can actually help you grow your own New changes to the Instagram platform that every small business owner needs to know    Highlights:‌ ‌00:55  Intro02:00  Cater to the interests of your audience03:17  Collect & organize reviews04:22  Show your support05:51  Get your Reels done07:19  Explore & use TikTok00:00  Recap ‌  Links:‌ ‌Work with me: http://www.deeboswellbuck.comStay Connected 
“Platforms will flag a video if they see the watermark from another platform… they’re not going to drive traffic to that video once you’ve uploaded it elsewhere.”- Dee Boswell-BuckGet ready to take a dive into tech! Managing your professional social media in today’s world can be a tricky business. Not only are there multiple platforms to show up on, but each platform offers a wealth of functionality to learn, from text to images to video and more.If you’re not ready to hire a social media manager, turning to technology is one way to create more ease when it comes to showing up in front of your audience.The secret is figuring out which apps to use!In this episode, you’ll be taken on a tour of the affordable (or sometimes free) apps that will help you simplify your social media and maximize your marketing. Using these tools will streamline your ability to repurpose videos for usage across all platforms without restrictions. Get ready to lighten your workload and expand your reach by listening now!Subscribe for more episodes on social media strategy and shining online.In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌A variety of apps that simplify your social media marketing — and how to get the most value from themHow to remove pesky watermarks from videos so that you can repurpose them for use on other platformsThe workaround to help you share multiple links in your Instagram bio — and how many links you should share  Highlights:‌ ‌01:43  Social media management apps  02:52  The InShot App04:10  Turning pictures into video ads05:20  Creating Instagram Reels from pre-made videos 06:10  Repurposing Reels with InShot07:49  Story Save & Reels Video Downloader09:39  Snap Talk Download10:33  Story Cutter 11:29  TW Download12:15  Unfollow Pro13:19  Facebook videos & Video Download13:50  URL-shortening app Bitly14:58  Link-sharing apps16:55  How to learn more! ‌  Links:‌ ‌  Work with me: ‌  Stay Connected 
“It’s not just about getting in front of people, it’s about strategically getting in front of those who will be your ideal clients.”- Dee Boswell-BuckAre you using social media for your business? Are you frustrated because your audience isn’t converting to sales? Auditing your social media presence may be the key to boosting your impact — and it’s something you can do right now. The limitless reach of social media allows you to strategically get in front of your ideal clients, future collaborators, and great referral sources. Auditing your social media will help you understand what’s working (and what’s not) as well as how to refine your message in order to inspire your audience to convert.Auditing determines whether the content you share is getting you in front of your dream clients… or causing you to lose your audience. By creating a structured schedule to audit your socials, you’ll learn when and how to pivot!To discover how to properly audit your social media accounts, how often to do so, and how to use your dream client persona to uplevel your goal-setting, just press play!In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌The importance of auditing your social media platforms — and when to do soHow to define the goals and challenges of your company and address them from a social media aspectHow to avoid the posting  pitfalls that may cost you audience engagementHighlights:‌ ‌04:06  Benefits of auditing05:09  How often you should audit06:43  Dream clients & social media growth  10:26  Your social media challenges   12:21  How many times to show up on social media  13:29  Matching your goals with your posts17:14  Losing your target audience  19:57  Using hashtags and links  21:30  Reviewing insights for relevant data22:08  Exploring real estate opportunities  23:53  Work with me! ‌  Links:‌ ‌  Work with me: ‌  Stay Connected  
“When I really committed to my business, one of the things I wanted to make sure was that every single woman from every single cultural background and every age group felt safe with myself and with my team.”- Amanda ReidAre you the type of person who always has a backup plan in place? Usually, having a plan B is a practical approach. But when it comes to running your business, you may find that having a plan B will actually diminish the effort that you put toward your plan A, causing you to settle for less than what you really want.Amanda Reid is the founder of Amanda Reid Makeup, as well as makeup artist and hair stylist who works on a wide variety of clients from brides to CEOs.And she knows the value of having one clear plan… and sticking to it!Although Amanda has a degree in Criminology, she firmly shoots down the idea of going to law school. “It’s not part of the plan. The plan is to build this business and for it to be successful,” Amanda says. “I always knew that if I had this escape plan in the back of my mind, that I would use it one day if it got really hard.” Instead, Amanda has worked hard to create a thriving business that is in alignment with her values, ensuring that her clients and team always feel respected, safe, and comfortable.In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌The mindset strategy that Amanda uses to keep herself focused on her plan AThe practices and procedures that Amanda put in place to ensure that her team are able to work successfully with diverse clienteleWhat her background in criminology wound up teaching her about business  About Amanda Reid: Amanda Reid is a makeup artist and hair stylist with 18 years of experience who works with clients from all walks of life, age groups, and industries. Amanda Reid Makeup is the company headed by this dynamic artist, who leads a highly skilled team in the areas of bridal, corporate photoshoots and video, commercial shoots, and private clientele in the Greater Toronto area.Highlights:‌ ‌00:01  Intro01:55  Meet Amanda Reid03:11  Amanda’s journey04:04  How she grew her business & team08:26  Makeup for diverse clientele10:07  Values & procedures13:01  Having a strong mindset16:19  Plan A v. Plan B17:45  Criminology & forensic science19:48  Why not law school?23:19  Pandemic shifts29:44  Showing up during lockdowns33:08  Benefits of professional headshots34:27  Online class & top 2 feelings39:29  Social media43:00  What’s on the horizon?Links:‌ ‌Amanda Reidhttp://www.amandareidmakeup.com Instagram: @amandareidmakeup Work with me: http://www.deeboswellbuck.comStay Connected
“At each milestone, you do have to sit down and reevaluate your finances, instead of just doing it and hoping it works out.  You’ll be so much more successful if you have a plan in place for each milestone.”- Sunny WishartThere’s no question that taking care of your finances can feel overwhelming, stressful… or even a little scary.The truth is that the average person doesn’t have many options when it comes to high-quality financial advice. My guest, Sunny Wishart, founded A La Carte Financial to help individuals and families who are seeking clarity, organization, and education in their financial life. Sunny helps her clients dig into the nitty-gritty of their finances. Your finances should be organized with a purpose — and every element should be working toward a clear goal!When dealing with financial clients, Sunny draws on her background as a former music teacher to mentor them through the fundamentals of finance. She really makes financial education feel comfortable and achievable, so I know that you’ll get a lot out of this episode!In this conversation, you’ll learn valuable tips to help you budget strategically and streamline your finances. We discuss corporate exits, pandemic spending, finance bootcamps, and more. Listen now!In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌The process that Sunny uses to help her clients come up with budgets that work for their lifestyles The financial planning and lifestyle changes that Sunny and her family put in place as she was leaving her 9-to-5 to run her own business Why you should choose to work with a Certified Financial Planner rather than one without a certification — no matter how much experience they haveAbout Sunny Wishart: Sunny is Certified Financial Planner and the president and founder of A la Carte Financial. As a fee-based financial planner she prioritizes unbiased, objective financial advice and holds honesty and integrity as a defining value. Her background includes personal banking, business management, and financial planning.Highlights:‌00:01  Intro01:51  Meet Sunny Wishart03:03  What financial clarity looks like05:00  Planning for your milestones  06:06  Sunny’s journey07:44  Financial planning to leave corporate09:02  What is a CFP? 10:14  Sunny’s website12:28  Sunny’s services14:00  Getting real about budgeting vices16:20  The getting-to-know-you process17:49  Shifts since the pandemic hit19:12  Spending trends during the pandemic22:30  Sunny’s blog25:19  Social media + content27:15  What’s on the horizon? ‌  Links:‌Sunny Wisharthttps://www.alacartefinancial.ca @AlaCarteFinanceWork with me: http://www.deeboswellbuck.comStay Connected
“Although there could be a lot of different people doing the exact same thing as you...what makes your business different is truly you and how you show up and how you connect with people.”—Nathalie AmlaniEvery business is unique, and every picture tells a story. Showing up consistently online is a huge part of connecting with your audience, but how you show up makes all the difference.Nathalie Amlani is a personal branding strategist and the founder of Pictonat Photography in Toronto. In addition to family photography, she serves women in business by bringing their brand to life through visual storytelling.In this episode of Strategize Your Business Online, she shares her top tips to utilize brand photography and your visual story in every element of your business, from connecting with your audience to developing your long-term vision.She also shares her story.How she relied on the business community to refine her process and purpose in the early days...Why, rather than pivoting completely, she crafted a ‘plan B’ during the pandemic by accelerating her goals, designing an online course to create a hands-off revenue stream...As well as launching a virtual brand summit, sharing her story in a book chapter, and starting a podcast!Nathalie’s business journey helped to grow and strengthen her network and community, and position her as a thought leader in creating brand strategy.To grow your business using your visual brand story, listen to the episode!In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌How to incorporate planning your brand photography session in your project management and strategic visionThat brand photography can help you to bring your audience on your journey (using your ‘visual story bucket’)Why using outdoor space in your photography is super relatable for your audience right now (and promotes trust and mental wellbeing)Did you love this episode? I would love it if you would leave me a rating and review!Highlights:‌02:05Welcome, Nathalie!06:14Social proof: Trust & testimonials08:03Pricing & free time09:08What makes Pictonat Photography different?13:01Telling your story: Planning14:21Pivoting in the pandemic18:48Showing up consistently online20:55Brand vibe: Foundation, timing & journey23:15Studio space24:50Connect with Nathalie26:23Opportunities on different social platforms28:26Working with Nathalie: Comfort & confidence30:17Brand Builder & subscription serviceLinks:‌Pictonat: www.pictonat.comBrand Builder: Focal Tangent: with me: http://www.deeboswellbuck.comStay Connected
“Social media is a fantastic way to grow your reach and to get new eyes on your business. But there is also so much happening on the various platforms in terms of how it's being used that can steal your time and steal your job.”—Dee Boswell-BuckDigital marketing has changed considerably in the past 10 years. Love it or hate it, social media is an essential foundation to create a strong online presence.To be truly effective as a marketing tool, your social media must be strategically aligned with your short and long-term goals — whether that’s launching a new offer or growing your network via your email list — in order to reach and engage with your audience.But that’s easier said than done if you’re not in a position to hire a digital marketing specialist!Aside from creating, scheduling and analyzing content, keeping up with all of your communications across multiple platforms can be overwhelming. This is why I hear so many entrepreneurs complaining that social media is stealing time they can’t afford to lose: Lost time leads to lost revenue and can affect your health and relationships.Social media can be a time-suck… but it doesn’t have to be! In this episode of Strategize Your Business Online, I share 4 tactics to rescue your time on social media, so you can get back to concentrating on working in your business rather than on it.It’s time to prioritize your time: Press play to stop social media from being a time-suck on your business! In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌Why you should timeblock your personal and professional accounts on social media (and how I created an alter ego to manage mine)!The reason I don’t recommend engaging with engagement podsThe time-saving benefits of filtering your communication with clients to specific platformsI hope you find this episode engaging, and that you’ll give me a rating and review if you do! (I promise it won’t take too much time)!Highlights:‌ ‌  01:25Leveraging online space02:49Social media can be a time-suck03:38Prioritize your time: Alter ego 07:04Filter communication with clients09:41Engagement pods  12:30Time-suck: Tagging consistently 14:41Recap: Rescue your time! 16:00 Let’s talk about your digital marketing strategy!   ‌  Links:‌ ‌Work with me: ‌  Stay Connected  
“You can't build your empire with just yourself, it's not possible. You will either burn yourself out or you'll lose…hone in on the specialty and the unique qualities and services that you provide your clients. That's your focus. That's why you built your business.”—Melissa HaddadSometimes you have to take a step back so you can move forward.In order to scale and grow, there’s only so far you can carry every aspect of the business before you need to outsource help.Letting go is hard. Control. Finances. Habits.But just like the leap of faith you took with the first step on this journey, you’ll know when it’s time to let go — to trust yourself, the process, and others to care for your business.If you’re not able to hire full-time help, outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant (VA), who will work remotely on your business for as many hours as you need or can afford, is the first step to hiring an in-house employee.VAs can be highly specialized or provide general support. By trusting your VA  to do some of the tasks you can afford to let go of or can’t afford to take time to learn to do, this means you can truly focus on working in your business rather than on it. Melissa Haddad is the founder and owner of Efficient Business Solutions, which provides VA services and end-to-end business support for entrepreneurs. She joins me on this episode of Strategize Your Business Online to share how, when and why you should hire a VA to help you build your vision and the life you want.In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌How end-to-end business support services can help to develop long-term business strategies based on your visionWhy LinkedIn is the place to be for B2B opportunities and connections as more companies shift to remote workingThe benefits of hiring a VA to complete fractional work on areas of your business that may be confidential or unsuitable for current employees to take on  Feel free to share this podcast with someone who might find value in it, and leave me a rating and review!Highlights:‌02:14Welcome, Melissa!03:37Expanding capacity06:19When to hire help09:39Virtual Assistants vs. outsourced resources13:05Onboarding process: Mindset, priorities & plan15:46Strategize your vision17:31CRM data entry18:19Bookkeeping18:55Investing in assistance23:09Virtual assistance (pre- and post-pandemic)28:10Connections: Referrals & networking29:02 Efficient Business Solutions: Social media31:22Benefits of working with a VA32:51Efficient Business Solutions: The next stage33:54CEO mindset36:46Scalability38:36Connect with Melissa!Links:‌ ‌ Work with me: ‌  Stay Connected
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