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At the Suite Set, want to make it easy for parents to choose what's best for their families based on the best information available to them. We wanted to make sure parents can get good information on parenting and pregnancy - important information in an easy to understand fast format. Our mission at the Suite Set, and here on What I Know Now - is to end the overwhelm so we are committed to only sharing robust, researched information to help you on your way.
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How can I choose a good prenatal vitamin? We've shaken up our format for today's bonus podcast - because it's such an important topic, I really needed to call in the big guns. Today on the podcast we have the amazing Brittany Darling, BHSc Nutr speaking about the importance of good supplementation for prenatal, pregnancy and postnatal. I am passionate about sharing the best, researched and science-based information and Brittany has dedicated her career to supporting women with robust information and evidence-based nutritional medicine so it made sense to get some serious expertise in on the podcast today. This will be the longest podcast we do I think, but there was just so much to talk about. Pre and anti-natal vitamins are the ultimate in overwhelm, it's important to get it right and I know for a fact that it's hard to work out what is best. It's also important to find something that works for you in those early stages of pregnancy when you just want to lay on the floor, sleep or vomit. In this episode of what I know now, we talk about all things to consider when choosing a prenatal and postnatal vitamin.Brittany explains What to look for in a vitamin or supplementationfolate and/or folic acid  - and the MTHR gene.Choline, the methylation process and baby's brain development.We also myth bust about lifestyle and need for supplementation and we navigate micronutrients. We talk about coming off the pill and what that means for supplement support too.And we round out the episode by talking about the top snacks for breastfeeding mums and do some more myth-busting about snacks and breastfeeding.Some helpful Instagram posts from Brittany at SUPPLEMENT SHOPPING GUIDE - DECODE PRENATAL SUPPLEMENT LABELS// ACID's other accounts to follow - those parents thinking of starting solids, and moving into eating here is a great free downloadable. more on the suite set, please visit us at, the information here is from our research and fact-checking and based on our experience, so make sure to always seek your very own professional advice before making any individual medical or wellbeing decisions.
The best tips for introducing your baby to your dog  - with some extra cat tips too.In today's episode, we cover a really common step many parents of new babies have to take, introducing them to your fur baby and four-legged friends. This episode is supported by the amazing team at Dogshare.Getting this right is really important, you, your baby and your dog deserve this to be well-thought-out and done to the best of everyone's ability. It's a topic to take really seriously, and one of those things where it pays to do the work in getting it right.It's a massive topic and can be really complicated. In this podcast, we've touched on the following points-Pet wellness before a baby is born.-Preparing the nursery and other big-ticket items.-Rewards and baby crying sounds - link here -Importance of having a well-exercised pet before and when baby is home.  -Introduction to baby (link here to Terry towelling nappies - an absolute must-have for any parent of a new baby, dog or not ).-Pet aggressions-Enrichments and rewards  - link to likimat here- Language and speaking to babies about pets- pets and sleeping spaces, spaces for pets- active supervision (the baby gates we used here )Because it is such a huge topic, I've included some resources and good links here.Dogshare – Get some regular walking and/or company for your dog in the lead up to and after babies’ arrivalFamily Paws – Parent Education to support new families with dogs and to find a suitably qualified trainer: & Kids – Dog Trainer in Melbourne, Specialises in creating safe environments for dogs and children: just because I'm obsessed, here is the adairs dog bed I really want! Myth v Reality of bringing baby home.This episode has been fact-checked. For more on the suite set, please visit us here and use the code in our podcast for a whopping 20% off all our site.Remember, the information here is from our research and fact-checking and based on our experience, so make sure to always seek your very own professional advice before making any individual medical or wellbeing decisions.We acknowledge the Yugambeh people as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the Bundjalung land on which our family lives and on which we recorded this episode.  We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.⁠
For many of us, when we have a baby in a hospital setting, it is a rare occasion to be a patient in the hospital. Hopefully, our experiences of being in a hospital are limited and so, therefore, hospitals can seem unfamiliar and can be daunting.One criticism of hospitals is that they’re “too institutionalised”, well, yes, hospitals are an institution, but they're also very safe, accessible, and caring spaces to have a baby and become a family. They’re also spaces that can be filled with great love and support.Here are a few ideas on how you can make a hospital feel more like home for that short time you’re there.Our key pointsDo your researchMake the most of the access to health professionals and midwivesYou can say no to visitors - if they're allowed under restrictionsDon't give a s@it what anyone else thinksBYOAnd some special tips on aromatherapy and other things we like to take to the hospital - is it a yes or a no? and The one thing that truly makes a hospital feel like home.Hospital safe aromatherapy Pregnancy and Breastfeeding safe brightening, exfoliating mask here because we need all the bright we can Mama! And this lovely face oil adds some extra lux, this one is nourishing and brightening too here. If you're in the market for the best birth suite lip balm, it's here Earbuds here Non-candle, candle hereA suite playlist for your hospital room "My wishes for you" hereIf you're in Melbourne and want some pampering in the hospital room, have a look at the gorgeous Jayney here This episode is fact-checked and supported by - thanks Liz and Sarah.For more on the suite set, please visit us at here  and to say thanks for listening, use our WIKN20 code for a whopping discount.Remember, the information here is from our research and fact-checking and based on our experience, so make sure to always seek your very own professional advice before making any individual medical or wellbeing decisions.
What is Group B strep?Oh hi, it's me and my little podcast with a topic for a podcast that does not sound like true crime at all. Group B streptococcus (GBS, or group B strep) is a bacteria that can be carried by about 20% of all women, however, it is often undetected.  As my 5 year old would say "Bap bowm. Not a winner".Not a winner, but super important to be across. Sorry for being boring. true crime fans.It's really important to know about Group B strep, because not all hospitals and doctors order the tests and so it's great to have some extra information around your risk profile and what group B strep actually is so you can talk to your GP or care provider about it.In women, it’s found in the intestine and vagina. In most pregnancies, it causes no problem but in a small number of pregnancies, it can lead to infection for baby. This can happen just before or during labour, that is called early-onset infection. It can also affect babies some weeks or months down the track. It is really important to be clear - if you carry Group B Strep it's not a sign of poor hygiene or "uncleanliness"  it's normal bacteria  - so it is nothing to feel shame about. You may come across some info online about the use of probiotics during pregnancy to prevent GBS infection and or ways to "fix" it with food and supplements.  It's useful to research this information but equally important to remember that although the infection numbers are low, severe GBS infection is a very serious infection when it occurs. For information on Group B strep, here are the Australian Government's health resources, they're pretty technical. an easier to read version, but still detailed here is extra information from The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists episode is fact-checked and supported by - thanks Liz and Sarah.For more on the suite set, please visit us at and in this episode we share a whopping discount for our What I know now listeners. Remember, the information here is from our research and fact-checking and based on our experience, so make sure to always seek your very own professional advice before making any individual medical or wellbeing decisions.
We had such a big response to our post on Instagram on re-entry into "real life" when you're pregnant or have a new baby. A lot of the feedback was about the tips for visitors and how handy they were.  We decided to record it quickly today as a podcast.Please share it with anyone you know for some practical tips on having visitors, being social or visiting with a newborn. This podcast is broken down into two parts.The first is for parents and at 13 min mark, it's for visitors. So what now for parents? Lockdowns are being lifted, but that doesn't mean you feel like doing all the things, or maybe you're feeling a bit anxious about reentry. Here we go through ways to manage this. Well done you. You’ve had a baby in a pandemic. You’ve had a lockdown baby. You are awesome and your baby is so lucky it has you. I am proud and a bit in awe of you.As the parent,  it’s your job to protect your baby and your home - physically and emotionally.The only thing you need to focus on is this - Your baby comes first - not anyone else’s feelings or needs or wants. Not your in-laws, not your parents or your siblings, not your besties or your elderly neighbours who just want to pop in after they've been to chaddy. So let's set about making sure we can make sure the next few weeks of reentry are as ok as they can be. It is ok to want to do all the things and see all the people, but it's also totally ok and natural to want to stay in your newborn lockdown cocoon.Keep a close eye on your mental health, if you feel your baseline is slipping, click here for tips from Dr Aileen, make a telehealth appt asap with your GP or with your maternal health service - call PANDA or COPE or beyond blue. At 13.15  For Visitors:We get it - one of your besties or your sister has had her baby and you are FINALLY. ALLOWED. TO. VISIT. And it is big and massive and if you’re anything like me  - you can not wait a second more to get your hands on the bebe. Also, if you’re like me you watched a lot of Schitts in lockdown. If you're visiting new parents be really mindful that everything is new for them - everything, this little person has turned their world upside down and they’re surviving on dopamine and caffeine. Add in a pandemic and case numbers that sound super high -and it will be pretty common that new parents - and indeed pregnant people - to feel some significant anxiety. First and foremost, this isn’t about you. Said in the most loving and caring way. For many of you  - the thought of meeting this baby has got you through some tough moments, but it’s important to be mindful that baby needs to come first. Everyone loves company and help with a newborn, but this “new normal” isn’t normal - so let’s be super kind and supportive. Let's take it gently. with love xo
Like anything new, the first pregnancy appointment can be quite daunting.Do you think you're pregnant? I suppose you'd better confirm it! This first pregnancy appointment is important. It is great to get into a good relationship with your GP and really consider them as part of your team to bring your baby into the world.This first Doctor appointment can be daunting like any first thing is, but knowing what to expect can help you feel a bit more prepared.And that’s the whole point of this podcast.In this episode we go through - Tips to find a fit with your GP.What to say in your appointment.What to expect in this appointment.Due date facts and maths.What your GP should be running through.Your current medication update.Hot Tips -Any questions you have for your GP write them down and bring them with you to your appointment.This is a big and exciting appointment with lots of information so don’t be afraid to take notes in this appointment, don’t be afraid to ask your GP to repeat information.The period tracker I use is: Clue: Period and Ovulation Tracker for iPhone and AndroidWe would love your help to share our great researched information with your friends who may need some great tips. Please share.We've got a whopping discount code in this podcast too for The Suite SetsThanks so much to the team at for supporting this episode. 
What does it cost to have a baby in hospital? What does medicare cover when you have a baby? Is there a big difference between public hospital and private hospital costs?I mean, c'mon. Where is the true crime? Isn't this a podcast? Isn't it rude to talk about money? Well, I hate to be the one to say it but these are the facts.This episode is a must-listen when you're making the decision about where to have a baby, and it's a follow on from E 03 What I Know Now - What is the difference between public and private hospitals. When you become a parent it is the ultimate in adulting, so it's important to get clear on the costs of having a baby in a hospital.  You do not want a surprise here.  Get clear on the costs and what the add on extras are.Know if you're choosing private too, know it's a business model and you want to make sure you get value for money. I've listed some ideas on what sort of questions you can ask when you book into the hospital.  Tips - Make sure you're all up to date with medicareMake sure you're across all the costs - no surprises!If you need help, you can ask admissions for a patient liaison.BONUS DISCOUNT 20% on - code in the podcastsFor more information on Medicare, visit this link episode is fact-checked and supported by the team at www.familyhq.comThe information herein WIKN is from our research and fact-checking. It is based on our experience, so make sure to always seek your very own professional advice before making any individual medical or wellbeing decisions.
I know Podcasts are meant to be about true crime, I know, not paps smears and pregnancy! This topic is too important not to soar up the podcast charts! In today's super-fast episode I talk about the Cervical Screening Test (CST) its importance and the facts about CST and pregnancy.*Spoiler alert - it is safe to have a CST when you're pregnant*The benefits of being on top of CST ( the new form of pap smear) far outweigh the uncomfortable bits.  In the past five years, the way CST are undertaken have changed so CST is a really good topic to add to your list of questions to ask your GP.For information on how a CST works visit here extra information from The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists episode is fact-checked and supported by - thanks Liz and Sarah.For more on the suite set, please visit us at
This is a big decision - where will you welcome your baby into this world?In this episode, we go through the differences between public and private hospitals here in Australia and talk about what models of care are offered. They are both really great options for safe birth - but their services and costs differ.This is such an important topic, you need to feel comfortable in your choices - because you need to feel comfortable where you have your baby.I've included a link to the Australian Govt Pregnancy information page here and it runs through the different birth choices available, including home birth.A good place to get local recommendations if you don't have family or friends networks local to you- is through moderated Facebook pages or through local maternal health services, to learn more about them click here great podcast for birth stories is hosted by Sophie at Australian Birth Stories podcast was fact-checked by the team at Family HQ, it's the best, most simple family medicine and illness tracker on the market - it is my go to.If you've got a topic you'd like an explainer for, email me and if you want the very best packed baby bag in the business - visit our shop at this podcast, I use words like vagina. I don't think these are explicit, but if you've got young ears listening, here is a fair warning. As a side note, it's great to use the real words for kids! 
This is a must listen and must share for all those pram pushing parents as the weather here in Australia begins to heat up.Here is some extra info on prams, pram covers and hot weather.The experiment on heat and prams  - ABC on pram covers -
Welcome to The Suite Set Podcast - where we share What I Know Now. There is so much information on being pregnant and becoming a parent that is circling around our phones, we wanted to make sure there was a quick reference to all the things we know now - the lessons we learned on the job, and fact-checked by the best in the baby business.In today's introduction - excuse the dodgy music editing - we talk about our why for the suite set, our promises of this podcast and we share some great and sort of obscure hospital bag packing tips.We are here for all parents, for all families and for all the good info.Have you got any questions you want a quick, robust answer to? email me at  For more on the suite set, visit some real life media on how we came up with the idea - more what I know now, visit
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