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Today, we're taking a break from questioning the socioeconomic status quo and digging into a more tactical, technical topic: The most common 401(k) mistakes I see. Follow along Blog Instagram Twitter
Today, we hear from Dr. Anna Hulett, an industrial organizational psychologist (think female Adam Grant), about the state of work in the United States and why there’s a small legion of Millennials obsessed with financial independence retiring early.  Is financial independence a sign of… a problem? We examine data from other places (read: Scandinavian countries) where employment rates are higher, people are happier, and – ironically – the taxes and social safety nets are extreme. There’s a LOT to unpack here. Here’s the article referenced throughout. Follow along Blog Instagram Twitter
Today, we hear from several #RichGirls about the role money plays in their relationships and talk about ways to improve financial intimacy – and, most importantly, create some common ground with a financially irresponsible partner. Whether you're the irresponsible partner or you're trying to cope with having one (or hey, maybe you two switch places!), this episode provides tangible tactics (and even a few 'scripts' you can try) for improving your finances – together. Thanks to all the #RichGirls who agreed to be interviewed for this episode. Other Resources An Efficient Way to Combine Finances for Marriage How We Built our First Couple's Budget Follow along Blog Instagram Twitter
Ever seen folks on the internet talk about house hacking? It's – admittedly – a magical concept if you can pull it off, and basically involves living for free by buying a place and then having your tenant foot the bill. As someone who loves free shit, I was IN. Except... the cost of homes has skyrocketed, and the price of rent (in a lot of places) hasn't risen as much. What does that mean for those trying to get in now? Big thanks to Mallory (@fuelingfinancialfreedom on Instagram) for being my #RichGirl interviewee for today's episode.
Today's episode dives into gambling research (via Chief of the Stanford Addiction Medicine Dual Diagnosis Clinic, Dr. Anna Lembke) and what it teaches us about our own dopamine pathways: Specifically, how strange it is that we can get the most dopamine when something objectively bad is happening (like losing money while gambling). We'll discuss unhealthy relationships with spending, earning, saving, and – bonus! – we'll hear from 3 members of the Money with Katie community who share their stories about spending problems. Finally, we'll review two major tactics you can try to address the issue (whether you're more of a compulsive spender or saver). A big thanks to #RichGirls Cynthia, Kate, and Taylor for their vulnerability.
Today’s episode brings back our friend Ben Miller, Founder of ChroniFI, for a Pt. 2 (for our first conversation, check out Ep. 11). We talk all things entrepreneurship:  The difference between working a 9-5 and entrepreneurship  The surprising aspects of monetizing a blog  Why entrepreneurship isn’t a democracy The unexpected pros & cons of starting your own “thing” How to begin to find the thing you’re passionate about The consequences of living in alignment, “scratching the itch,” and indulging curiosity for curiosity’s sake
Today's episode is a deep dive into a concept that most of us have probably never stopped to ponder: How much money would I need to never worry about money again? If the answer is, "There's no amount of money that would make me stop (insert hyper-frugal habit here)," this episode might be a must-listen for you.We'll talk resources, privilege, time, and the ultimate existential crisis-inducing question: What's the point?Moreover, is there a mathematically sound or reasonable way to calculate that number?
Today, we're revisiting a topic I first covered a few years ago – but with a renewed interest after the Christmas season (and all the damn Amazon boxes that accompany it).Thanks to today's sponsor, Capitalize, for their partnership in today's episode. If you'd like Capitalize to roll over your 401(k) for free FOR you, check them out.
Welcome back to Season 2 of the Money with Katie podcast!Today, we're exploring the ways in which I think about strategizing your spending across different credit cards (and how to earn more points).You can sign up for the Travel Rewards 101 free mini course here.Thanks to Capitalize for sponsoring today's episode – you can learn more about using Capitalize to roll over your old 401(k) for free here.
Today, we're discussing the top 3 financial lessons I'm taking from 2021. This is the last episode of season 1, and I'd love to hear what you're interested in for season 2. Shoot me an email at!Thanks to Capitalize for sponsoring today's episode. Capitalize is my favorite free 401(k) rollover service, and you can read about my experience using their product to roll over my 401(k) here.
Today, I'm interviewing a friend of mine who left the trading floor at Goldman Sachs to start his own company that helps people make sense of their finances and relate them back to the one precious resource that matters most: Time.I loved this conversation, and Ben is fantastic, as you'll hear. Here's where you can find him:Try ChroniFI with a 60-day free trial:'s budding blog, which I'm trying to convince him to blow up even moreIf you're interested in rolling over a 401(k) with the sponsor of today's episode, Capitalize, check out my full product review here.
Today, we're talking about three questions we should be asking ourselves in preparation for a new year. Annual planning (both financial and otherwise) is super powerful for achieving the things we want. Our three questions:Where will I be one year from today?Where am I right now?What's my one word for 2022?In this episode, I'll talk you through how to answer these questions (and the questions within them) and how to use them to reach your goals in 2022. The 2022 Wealth Planner launches January 1, 2022 at midnight.
Today on the show, I've got my friend Eliana Goldstein, a Millennial Success Coach who focuses on career coaching (she's certified!).Sign up for Eliana's free masterclass for Money with Katie listeners on Wednesday, Dec. 8 here (4PM PST/7PM EST).We discuss:Her journey to becoming a career coach and why she's uniquely qualified to do itWhy so many Millennials are unhappy in their careers, and how they can begin to remedy itHow we should think about the "fulfilling career" vs. "high-paying job" tradeoffCareer mindset & mapping
I was excited to talk to Sarah, the CEO of Betterment, about some of the tough questions I've wanted to ask someone for a long time:COMPETITION: What makes Betterment better than, say, Wealthfront?HUMAN EXPERTS: How much human involvement goes on behind the scenes with a roboadvisor?THE FUTURE: Where's Betterment headed in the next 5 years? 10?INVESTING WITH YOUR VALUES: How is Betterment approaching socially responsible investing?If you want to get started with Betterment, you can do so here.
All right, maybe the episode title should be, "What high earners should already be doing regardless of whether or not it goes away."I'd argue that the Backdoor Roth IRA is actually the sub-optimal path forward if you've got W2 wages and self-employment income. In today's episode, we talk about something you should consider doing instead to defer even more income.RESOURCES MENTIONED"We Should All be Millionaires" by Rachel RodgersRolling over your 401(k) easily
Today, we're riffing on a few things: How I discovered financial independence, what my life was like then, the progress I've made, and how my goals have shifted since then.Ultimately, we're taking a more thoughtful look at the way we approach financial goals and if – sometimes – we kinda miss the point.
Inspired by my recent venture into the capsule wardrobe, I wrote and recorded this episode about overcoming spending guilt as an objectively high earner who has a hard time spending money. We'll dig into...My money stories from childhoodWhy (I think) I have a hard time with spending, and what I'm doing about it3 legitimate, actionable tips for feeling less guilty about spending your moneyThe budgeting app I mentioned in today's show is called Copilot, and you can use the code KATIE2 to double your free trial.
Self-employed people are able to contribute a ridiculous amount of money to their special self-employment retirement accounts. Today, we're going to dig into:Everything you need to know about Solo 401(k)s and SEP IRAsWhere your self-employment tax even comes fromHow to decide what's better for you – Solo 401(k) or SEP IRA – depending on how much money you make and whether or not you have a full-time job, tooThe only way to avoid paying the 15.3% self-employment taxHow you could save more than $10,000 in taxesThe easy calculation for figuring out how much you're allowed to contribute to a SEP IRA or Solo 401(k)My new strategy for ditching the Backdoor Roth IRA and getting Roth exposure elsewhere, allowing me to use a big, fat SEP IRARESOURCES MENTIONEDYou can open a SEP IRA with Betterment todayThe fancy IRS calculator for determining what you're allowed to contribute (but I'd just use the easy formula I mentioned in the episode!)
Today, we're looking at the top 5 basics for people who are starting their personal finance journey:Paying off debt strategicallyNot over-doing the emergency fundInvesting early and often in a tax-efficient wayLiving beneath your meansUsing credit cards to travel for freeRESOURCES MENTIONEDGet started with Betterment > "Betterment Safety Net"Pick up a Wealth Planner tool for an exact emergency fund recommendationHow to Use Your 401(k) in Early Retirement without a 10% Penalty401(k)s for the Self-EmployedA Case for Why Nice Stuff Might Be Making Your Life WorseThe Top 3 Spending Mistakes I SeeTravel Credit Cards: A Full Breakdown Guide
An episode by popular demand: Let's talk about how you can travel for free using credit card rewards. Today, we're going to talk about:The prerequisites for using credit card travel rewards (who should and shouldn't be doing this)FAQs about timing, risks, credit score implications, and moreThe 5-6 cards I recommend getting, in order, and why the annual fees are worth itRESOURCES MENTIONEDThe Wealth PlannerThe Chase Freedom Flex Card application linkThe Chase Sapphire Preferred application linkThe Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Priority Card application linkThe Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Card application linkThe Platinum Card from American Express application linkThe Platinum Card from American Express full updated reviewTravel rewards as a couple ("two-player mode")
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Aakash Amanat

Hey everyone! Just caught the latest episode of "The Money with Katie Show" and I have to say, it was incredibly insightful. Katie really knows how to break down complex financial topics into easy-to-understand nuggets of wisdom. In this episode, she tackled the importance of emergency funds and how to build one even on a tight budget. Her tips on cutting down unnecessary expenses were on point and I've already started implementing a few of them. I've been following the show for a while now, and I must say, each episode brings something new and valuable to the table. Whether you're a financial newbie or someone looking to fine-tune their money management skills, Katie's show has got you covered. Plus, the guest interviews are always a treat – real stories from real people who've achieved financial success.

Aug 21st

Tiffany Poplaski

great episode. Really enjoyed the insight from the guest.

Jun 5th



Sep 8th

Dave G

I really enjoy the Money with Katie show, but I was disappointed that this show was so unnecessarily slanted towards women. From personal experience I can tell you that men need prenups at least as much as wonen.

Jun 27th

Dani Malawista

I always feel the need to take notes when listening to these episodes because there’s so much good information!

Apr 10th
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