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Understanding Trauma

Understanding Trauma


Join Diane and I as she gives us a greater understanding on truama. She also talks about her nonprofit Meet Me At The Crossroads which helps youth and veterans.
Join Dr. Pratt as she talks to Ms. Jenny Beckford on her journey to wholeness and how she is now pouring back into the lives of those across the globe!!
Join Dr. Sharmee and Pastor Yvonne Lopez as they discuss her battle with Domestic Violence.
Join Dr. Pratt and Dr. Monique Rodgers as she speaks on her deliverance journey. She will discuss her childhood and what started her eating disorder. She will also share what she's doing today to help others. 
Join Dr. Sharmee and special guest Telishia Berry in this discussion on fear and anxiety. Telishia is the Founder of Courageous Woman Magazine where she has had the chance to interview many courageous individuals who stepped out in spite of the fear that they may have faced. This is a episode that will give you life and hope!!
Are you positioned?

Are you positioned?


Join Dr. Sharmee and Kacie Starr Long as they discuss, "Are You Positioned"? What does it mean to be in position or out of position? Find out in this episode.
Join Dr. Sharmee and Jessica Randall as they discuss how to let go of fear and anxiety. Jessica will share times in her life that she was trapped by fear and anxiety. She will share how she overcame and what she is doing now.
Join Dr. Sharmee and Shondale LeVar as they discuss, What does it mean to walk by Faith!! Shondale is going to discuss particular times in her life when she had to walk in some unknown and unfamiliar places.
Listen to Dr. Sharmee and Gene Mason as they discuss, "When abnormal becomes normal." Gene will share his experience with Domestic Violence and how he walked through it as a man. He will share his thoughts and his victories of overcoming. 
Join Dr. Sharmee and Melanie as they discuss, "How to get unstuck from your past." As a Leader and Entrepreneur Melanie gives strategies and tools that are sure to  work if practiced! This episode will be one you will have to listen to more than once!!
Join Dr. Sharmee Pratt and Kiani Williams as they discuss tools on how to Regain Focus. Kiani gives tools and strategies that are sure to help you create a new world of focus. She discusses tips on how not to blend in with your surroundings.
Join Precious Smione and Dr. Sharmee as they discuss how it's possible to create a world of  endless possibilities. In this episode Precious shares some of her own struggles in life and how once she changed her belief she changed her possibilities. 
Mind Mastery Episode 2

Mind Mastery Episode 2


Do you struggle with your thoughts? If you are like most of the world I'm going to lean towards yes. What many don't understand is the power that resides in the Mind and how our thoughts can direct our life. In this episode I discuss, How To Regain Mind Control. Join me as I dive into understanding the Regaining Control Over Your Mind.
Mind Mastery Episode 1

Mind Mastery Episode 1


Do you struggle with your thoughts? If you are like most of the world I'm going to lean towards yes. The thing that most don't understand is the power of the Mind and how our thoughts can direct our life. In this episode I discuss the power of Mastery. I am a firm believer if you don't understand a thing it will master you. Join me as I dive into understanding the concepts of Mastery.
Join Dr. Sharmee as she interviews Dawn Elizabeth on her experience with Domestic Violence. She will discuss her pain and  triumphs as well as her recovery process. 
Join Dr, Sharmee, Kim and LaToya as they discuss this hot topic of Mind Mastery. In this interview they share tools to help anyone to master their mind!
Join Dr. Sharmee and Cynthia Bennett as they discuss  how to Reset Your Life. You will hear how Cynthia used tools to Reset her life as she tells her story on Domestic Violence. 
Join Dr. Sharmee Pratt and Mechelle Dunlap as they discuss creating an Atmosphere of Faith!
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