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2 Friends, with the help of guests, are doing deep dives on horror movies whether they're old or new, low budget or box office smashes, and making the ultimate determination on whether they meet the criteria to join the greats among The House of 1000 Horrors.
50 Episodes
Episode 50: Willard (1971)

Episode 50: Willard (1971)


Clark joins to go DEEP into the rathole discussing Ratatouille: The Lost Tapes Clark's instagram: @deathrattlehorror Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
Episode 49: Ants! (1977)

Episode 49: Ants! (1977)


Jaws, Alien, and Ants! The holy trinity of 70s creature horror movies. Oh y'all forgot about Ants?! And you call yourself a horror fan... Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
Episode 48: Prophecy (1979)

Episode 48: Prophecy (1979)


Before manbearpig, there was the bear monster from Prophecy. And yeah I already used this joke on Instagram but it's 1 AM and I just want to release the episode. Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
Also goes by the alternate title "Let's bore Jessica to death while vibin to some groovy 70s nostalgia but also give her some real eerie moments to generally confuse her." That title was clearly way too long. Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
It's been 10 years in movie time and our reality since the original Crown Vic Mardi Gras super slam. He's back, still SWOLE, lookin to crack some nuts and peel some bananas. Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
A plot that only kids on the playground could dream up, Victor Crowley vs. SWAT with two famous Jason actors going head-to-head. And throw in two famous Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween final girls in the mix. Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
Yung Malice lightin up the swamp with this drop! He's got a whole new bag of tricks, Sexy Swamp Santa's got something for everyone! Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
Episode 43: Hatchet (2006)

Episode 43: Hatchet (2006)


Back with a series! Hatchet is a horror darling, really breaking new ground with the inbred murderous monster in the woods preying on stereotypical characters. But for real,we love this movie. TBD on the other 3 Hatchet movies though... Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
Apple pie, baseball, and a movie that feels like it was conceived in a day just because they thought of a somewhat humorous title. That's America! Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
The Sasquatch horror market is an untapped well of opportunity. And this one is done by a special and practical effects wizard. Its gotta be good...RIGHT?! Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
Just like the horror community, and all of James Wan's films, we're on both sides of the love/hate spectrum on this movie. Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
A giallo parody/tribute movie by Astron-6? How could it be anything but amazing!? Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
It's opening night for the new Netflix TCM! Cece and Savannah guest, the mics are as hot as the takes for this one. Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
Episode 37: Manborg (2011)

Episode 37: Manborg (2011)


It's not the greatest movie you'll ever see, and it's not...well actually it might be the worst. But we love Astron-6 and Steven Kostanski too much to say something that disrespectful about one of their movies. Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
Episode 36: Society (1989)

Episode 36: Society (1989)


Cece joins to talk about this horny cult 80s movie with a fun little ending that you probably shouldn't eat during. Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
Don't let the Slipknot song movie title mislead you, Psycho Goreman really earns his spot alongside Leprechaun as one of our favorite intergalactic demons. Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
It's called "Twitch", and Satan is using it to brainwash and control your children through the internet. More to come at 11. Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
Episode 33: The Void (2016)

Episode 33: The Void (2016)


Modern and indie version of The Thing, directed by one of our new favorites Steven Kostanski and heavily inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. How could you not like it?! Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
Big spoilers! Cece and Savannah join as guests to discuss Scream 5 from Opening Night and our first thoughts from the perspective of a die-hard fan and first time Scream viewer. Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
Yeah I meant to spell it that way. We rank the series, talk about the highs and the lows of the Leprechaun movies, and bid adieu to the patron saint Warwick Davis. Email us at Twitter & Insta: @House1KHorrors
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