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We are back from hosting our annual in-person Girl It’s Your Life Success Conference 2021! And let me tell you Girl Greatness, it was beyond a success and we changed a group of women’s lives. Now that I’m back, I am motivated and inspired to share with you our next series on the podcast: the secret to becoming rich in your entrepreneur niche! Over the next four weeks we’ll be giving you the stuff you haven’t heard before, and the stuff you can’t google. And it all starts with an interview I had with the incredible celebrity Dr. Jackie Walters from Bravo TV’s Married to Medicine. Check out this episode to hear Dr. Jackie and I talk about the climb to greatness, the side of it that people don’t see, making a total commitment to greatness, and being “healthy, wealthy, and happy.” 
I have invited three incredibly powerful Girl Greatness CEO’s to join me in sharing the experiences they’ve had attending our annual Girl It’s Your Life Success Conference, our next one is taking place October 29-31, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia! All of these women have a voice to be heard and a story to be told, not unlike yourself. I know that this episode will resonate with you and inspire you to take action. If you’ve been waiting for a sign that you should attend this conference, this is it! Let me introduce you to today’s special guests. Keisha Pinto is the face and CEO of Keisha Pinto Events Inc., an event planning boutique located in Toronto Canada that services clients globally. She is an Event Experiences Expert who specializes in event planning, management, and strategies. She also mentors individuals who are new and up and coming in the event industry. When she is not planning events, she invests her time connecting, engaging, and speaking online about topics that impact business owners, such as networking, building and maintaining business relationships, especially with females, collaborating and building a successful business. Keisha also launched her passion project The Kidsmas Giftback in 2016, a free community holiday party/giveback for kids ages 0 – 16yrs.  She has hosted over 150+ kids the first year, and the numbers have been growing.  Jacqueline “Lulu” Brown is the Founder and CEO of Revolution Ascension LLC, and the Executive Director & Chief Program Officer for The Way-Out Ministries INC., a non-profit corporation. She also sits on the Board of Directors of The Precious Kids Foundation. Her mission is to support women as they cultivate a beautiful life filled with grace and ease. One that is centred around freedom, abundance, wisdom, and most importantly, the whisperings of their inner heart. She values innovation, diversity, service, individuality, and equality. Her goal is to support and guide professional women through their journey of self-discovery and reclaiming their own self-worth so that they are free from the obstacles that hold them back. For Tonya M. Gerard, obtaining her Electrical Engineering degree propelled her on a journey that led to her becoming one of a select group of respected black female technical contributors in the U.S. Power Utility industry. Along her journey to creating a sustainable legacy, she has become a licensed independent insurance and personal finance professional currently located in Central Florida. She became a licensed financial advisor because she wanted to help people navigate to successful wealth building and have peace of mind when making investment decisions. She and her life partner have three sons, a daughter-in-law, and one grandson. In her free time she enjoys traveling and giving back to the community by participating in activities such as community fundraisers with several local and national non-profit organizations.
Let’s start with this...She activated herself to increase her revenue from $165K to $4.4 million a year! I absolutely cannot wait for you to hear this woman’s story. She is one of those women that DEFY! We’re talking about so many great things, what motivates her, how she perceives the good vs. good enough notion, overcoming her personal and entrepreneur obstacles, and how she activated herself to increase her revenue from $165K to $4.4 million a year! Don’t miss a minute of this conversation because believe it or not, the answer to finally getting yourself those results that you’re looking for is simpler than you think. Please join me in welcoming Zenovia Andrews!Zenovia Andrews is CEO of MaxOUT Marketing Agency, a team of expert digital marketers and innovators helping companies attract more attention online, build more traffic to websites, improve their reputations, and obtain more conversions.Zenovia’s number one priority is to help you find the best online avenue that offers you maximum Reach and Impact! She recently launched one of her corporations Rubicon Healthcare Sales Consultants, and within seven months she increased her revenue from $165K to WHOPPING $4.4 million a year. Together, she believes that she can help you dance on your dream stage of business success. LET’S ACTIVATE ...listen in!
We have been navigating the Activation Framework. The third and final step is “Desire.” This episode is all about unlocking the code to desire. You might think you understand your desires, but recognizing them is only the first step. I’m challenging you to think about desire in a new way. Desire is where greatness resides. Desire will activate your willpower. But, here’s what you might not be aware of; what you desire is going to cost you something. The question is, how are you prepared to serve your desire? How will you put your desires to work? Once you uncover this, you will reveal the core of everything else you will be and everything else you will do. The secret I’m sharing with you in this final step of the Activation Framework is going to give you everything that you've been wanting to have. 
ACTIVATING The Truth! What is your truth? In this episode we are talking about activating your truth. I’m challenging you to ask yourself, at this moment in time, what is your truth? I will reveal a few of my truths to you. You will find that some of your truths will be easy to admit and will make you feel empowered, while other truths will be difficult to accept. You might even discover some truths about yourself that you weren’t aware of before. I am going to share with you things that will awaken your truths and inspire you to take action! The truth will activate you to greatness. So let’s dive in. 
Are you ready to learn about Activation? If the answer is hell yes! (as it should be) - then you are in the right place. In this episode we are talking all about our Activation Framework, why it’s important to experience this in your life, and how to achieve it. The best part? I am joined by our very first special Girl Greatness Guest, Dena Corbin! Dena Corbin is a retired Special Education Teacher, having worked 32 Years. She is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and Best-Selling Author of Change Balance & Flow: An Essential Oil Journey; which highlights her transition from working all her life to living the rest of her life, and the impact using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils made in balancing her mentally, emotionally and physically through it all. She is a Certified Horticultural Therapist, certified in the Utilization of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for Holistic Transformation, and a master gardener. Dena was selected to present a TEDx Tara Blvd Talk on how Reframing the Idea of Gardening was a transforming experience. She also recently earned a certificate in Applied Positive Psychology which focuses on the concepts and tools of flourishing and applied approaches to optimal functioning.
You know the difference between good vs. great. Now, how do you go from the good place to the great place? What does the path to greatness look like?It looks like a blank canvas. In this episode we explore the place of limitless possibilities and I’m sharing the six ways that I’ve learned how to get started. You will have an understanding of what these possibilities could look like for you. We’re also talking about what you can do to shift your risk tolerance. Why? Because risk produces greatness. Remember that good is free, but greatness will cost you something. 
Why Good is Dangerous

Why Good is Dangerous


I’m going to tell you why “Good” is so dangerous. Settling within your comfort zone is the most dangerous thing you could do. In fact, if good doesn’t scare you, ask yourself why not and then challenge those thoughts. Why are you comfortable with good being good enough? Challenge those thoughts. Ask yourself, “what is my life about?” We’re going to explore these questions in this episode. I don’t want you to stay in the danger of good, when you have greatness just waiting to give you all that you deserve. If there’s one thing you take away from this episode, I want you to understand why good is dangerous, and remember that greatness is your destination. 
This episode we are getting into some heavy stuff. Real stuff. I’m going to tell you about my story and share with you some of my background, things I’ve struggled with, and things I’ve overcome. As a warning, this episode does include some detailed topics of sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, and suicidal thoughts. We’re also going to talk about why going to school saved my life when I was growing up. I understood that I was born into a situation that was never going to give me greatness. Do you see greatness when you think about your life? If your answer is no, then know that I was where you are. And if I can go from where I was to where I am now, then I know you can too. Anyone can. If you’re in that place where achieving greatness feels impossible, I hope this episode will lift you up and change your outlook. 
Welcome to the first official episode of DEFY The Good Podcast! What does it mean to DEFY The “Good”? It means that as women we are going against the notion that good is good enough. We are tired of settling for a good life, a good job, a good income, good relationships, the list goes on. It’s time for women to be great and to strive for all things great. In this podcast I will teach you how to get there. You are in the right place if you are a woman who is ready to transform your daily life, drastically shift your mindset, and expand your entrepreneurial dreams. Each week you will learn from my experience and the experiences of other special guest women who DEFY The Good. If you are like me and you’re wondering what ever happened to “Girl, go be GREAT!” - Your journey to greatness starts right here in this episode. Say goodbye to the good notion as we explore the great paradigm and rewrite the narrative of what greatness means for women. 



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