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"Tarot Talk" is a thoughtful, laid-back weekly chat of all things esoteric with your Tarot-reading hosts, Raven & Georgianna--& our very special guests! Raven Mardirosian of Shivaya Wellness is a healer and specializes in Tarot. She is also a Reiki Master. Georgianna Boehnke of The Tarot Room is an artist & intuitive who works primarily with Tarot. She is based in Toronto. Join the conversation every Sunday 1pm EST as we talk with the most fascinating readers, psychics & healers in the Universe!
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Paul Quinn is an author, teacher, and professional intuitive coach who is passionate about helping others gain insights leading to positive changes and greater well-being. He uses the Tarot as a tool to intuitively access the soul wisdom and guidance which he believes is present within everyone. Listed in 2004 as a “top talent” in Tarot by Chicago Magazine, he is author of Tarot for Life: Reading the Cards for Everyday Guidance and Growth.(Quest Books).Call in for a reading with Paul!
Join Georgianna and Raven for a full show of readings and fun talk about Tarot! This is our final host show, so be sure to call in, say hello and get a reading!
Mary K. Greer is a revolutionary, breaking all the rules regarding methods of learning and using tarot cards. She has forty years tarot experience and, as an author and teacher, emphasizes personal insight and creativity. As a tarot reader, she works as a ‘midwife of the soul,’ using techniques that are interactive, transformational and empowering. The author of eight books on tarot and a biography of four female magicians, her latest book is Mary K. Greer’s 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card (Llewellyn, 2006), which won the COVR award for best divination book. Three of her books placed in the “Top Five Tarot books” survey by the American Tarot Association, which polled members of the major tarot discussion lists, while two of her books are in the top five of Aeclectic Tarot’s 2005 poll.Join us for live readings with Mary during the second part of the show!!
It was 25 years ago in France that Louise first discovered the ancient Tarot of Marseille. Since that time, she has continued to enhance her knowledge and further nurture her passion for the Tarot by studying either under the direct guidance, or through the writings of such masters as Jodorowsky, Colleuil, Morel, Hammaker-Zondag, and other distinguished authorities in the art of Tarot. Today, Ms. Dollin offers readings in person as well as from a distance. Her clients are geographically located all over the world. Over the years she has developed an innovative method which she refers to as the Path of Life Reading. The enormous popularity of this particular modality of Tarot reading has allowed Louise the opportunity to make it her specialty. Throughout the years, the Tarot has become a central pillar around which her natural intuitive abilities have expanded.Louise will be doing live readings during the second part of the show!
Join us as we welcome Karen Hager, the Fog City Psychic! She is a life-long intuitive guide & psychic channel - what some people call a "natural." She specializes in helping people who are in transition, feeling stuck, or who are at a crossroads make Spirit-informed decisions about the next step in their journey. Karen believes that part of her purpose in life is to help others uncover their own connection to the Divine. She hosts the BlogTalk Radio show "Out of the Fog" every Tuesday night at 8 pm PST (11 pm EST-great show!), & teaches workshops designed to help people develop their own intuitive gifts. Karen's clairvoyant & clairaudient abilities help her tune into the questions behind the questions, & her humorous, no-nonsense approach makes it easy to hear and live with the answers. Find out more about Karen & her work at
Join us as we welcome the force known as Thelemic Waves (you can call him Darin)! Tarot reader and "professional occultist", Darin will regale us w/stories about secret societies, living in LA as a child and his many years with the Tarot. In his own words (and really, what more can be said, other than there will be live readings):IN A WORLD WHERE MAGICK CAN BE BOTH SCIENCE & FICTION… IN A WORLD WHERE POETRY IS RELIGION AND RELIGION IS POETRY & LAUGHTER IS THE MIRACLE OF THE MASS… IN A WORLD WHERE GODS ROAM THE HALLS IN THEIR DIRTY UNDERWEAR AND SOCKS… IN A WORLD WHERE MOVIE TRAILERS ARE VOICED OVER IN LOUD BOOMING BASS… IN THIS WORLD THERE ARISES A MINOR MAGICIAN TO HIS COFFEE POT EVERY MORNING. IN THIS WORLD, A LONE MAGISTER SURFS THELEMIC WAVES. Focusing strictly on Tarot, I received my first deck of the cards at 14. Since then I’ve been studying & using them with great clarity. Also an initiate of several magickal orders (sometimes called “secret societies”), I’ve learned how the full lexicon of occult symbolism & philosophy is rooted into & related to the tarot. I find this side of the work has greatly enhanced my understanding of the tarot system. I have, like a lot of people my age (which happens to be 41 long yrs), held several careers & numerous jobs. But ultimately I was born into the entrepreneur spirit & always knew who I wanted to become & do with my life – I am, in my own words, a professional occultist. I provide professional tarot readings over the Internet or phone or in person. You can contact me at or through my account on Keen Psychic Services on In the future I will be opening an online book/occult supply shop.
Dawn loves Angels, Donnaleigh loves Tarot! Together, this dynamic duo create 3-D readings in stereo for you!Dawn is an Angelic Life Coach ®, and assistant teacher with; Donnaleigh is a psychic artist who has a wild passion for tarot; she connects you with your Spirit Guides and Angels while bringing forth information about life purposes and life lessons.We believe everyone has a psychic story, you included!To learn more about Dawn and Donnaleigh or sign up for a newsletter,go to and
Join us as we welcome Andy Brewer, “The Rock n Roll Psychic”! He is a nationally televised clairvoyant & astrologer & host of “Rock n Roll Psychic Radio”, heard Mondays at 7 PM EST on BTR. Andrew has over 100 appearances to his credit on radio/TV, perhaps most notably as the featured psychic/co-host, along w/Erik Estrada (“Chips”) & Jenilee Harrison (“Three’s Company), of “Kebrina’s Psychic Answer”, which aired throughout the United States & Canada from 1992-94.Andrew was the resident morning psychic for many years on Magic 99.7 FM—Columbus’ leading Rock station & was also featured in a segment on “PM Magazine”. A talented writer, Andrew has published articles on a wide variety of metaphysical topics. He was at one time a featured columnist in “The Free Press” & has been featured & quoted, in front page articles in both “The L.A. Times” & “USA Today”.Labeled “The Rock n Roll Psychic” due to his many clients in the music industry, Andrew has advised major players from Hollywood to Wall Street & his client list, both past and present, includes Actors and Directors, Recording Stars (from L.A. to Nashville, San Francisco to Berlin) & business executives, internationally known super-models, NFL Cheerleaders & professional athletes in both the NFL & NBA.A dynamic speaker, Andrew has led workshops for both corporate & non-corporate audiences all across the country. Not content “only” to be a psychic, Andrew “retired” from metaphysics in 1994 to “prove” he could make it in the big bad world of business & over a 10 yr, six figure plus career, Andrew managed projects for several Fortune 500 companies & was twice selected for inclusion in “Who’s Who in Business”.Live reads during 2nd half of show!
Join us for our 2nd week of animal psychics as we chat with Bridget Pilloud (@petsaretalking)! Bridget is an intuitive animal communicator based in Portland, Oregon. By talking with animals, she resolves issues & strengthens relationships between pets & their people. By using Skype & phone, she talks with clients world-wide. She also teaches animal communication & writes about the people-pet relationship at She lives in Portland, Oregon with her better half, their 3 kids, 3 dogs, 3 cats & a horse named Ed. Live reads for your pets!
Join us as we welcome Laura Lassiter! Laura is an animal communicator & devotes her energies helping people remember how to speak the Universal Language by going beyond the logical & allowing the Intelligence that created the Universe to be felt & heard within the heart. Certified as an EARS, CHAART & Big Cat Rescue volunteer, she serves as an animal advocate, ambassador & rescuer. She is also a writer and has been featured in the TV series "Real Strange." As a Quantum Practitioner, she is certified in Matrix Energetics & is a Reiki Master. Her mission is to help raise the awareness of animals as sentient beings & establish an Animal's Bill of Rights. Live reads for your pets during 2nd half!
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