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Looking for YouTube hacks? Then right this way! Stephanie Shim, who works in music partnerships at YouTube, gives us all of the surefire ways to use the platform to get yourself seen – plus, she’s worked in artist management & at a label, so tune in for tons of indispensable music industry insight.
Pebe Sebert has written songs for Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Dolly Parton, to name a few, and she’s mom to one of the biggest pop stars in the world, meaning her songwriting knowledge is bested only by her insider knowledge of the music industry as a whole. This week’s episode is a can’t-miss!
Chris Maltese is a true veteran of the music industry – he’s worked at MTV, been an artist manager, and is now the Head of Artist Services at Believe. From what he learned interviewing music’s biggest stars to the one (free!) thing you should be doing every day – it’s all in this week’s episode!
Megan Ternes is an expert at marketing music that is not brand new – landing them on TikToks to vinyl reissues. By dint of that, she’s an expert in the most creative practices in music marketing. Whether you’re an artist, manager, or just want to understand the industry better, this talk is for you.
He came up at Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment and now counts Ari Lennox & Sophia Messa as clients. This week’s can’t-miss episode features Cameron Capers, cofounder of Black Wax Management, who talks about making his first deal, working at the majors, what he learned from Queen B (!) and much more.
Live music will never die! That’s why this week, Profesh Sesh gets the 4-1-1 from super-expert Melanie Macaulay on how to make great concert experiences happen, even if you’re on a verrrry tight budget.
Got a non-existent budget but still want to promote a release? This week on Profesh Sesh, it’s Aylish O’Sullivan to the rescue! The digital marketing manager at ADA reveals how to plug your music on a dime, plus tons of other high-impact marketing insights sure to turbo-charge your social platforms.
Lil Wayne to Eminem (!) — our guest on this week’s episode has worked with the best of the best. We’re talking about producer/artist White Gold, who spoke with Quadio about the power of college campuses, the importance of superfans, and why being honest with yourself is the true key to success.
Don’t you wish you could get inside the head of a real-live Rolling Stone reporter? You can! This week we talk to music journalism star Samantha Hissong — she spills on how she built her own career, and how you can build yours, whether you’re an aspiring writer or an artist dying to break through.
She’s coached the likes of Rihanna and Bieber to stardom, but this week, you’re in the hot seat! Dyana Williams, an internationally-renowned advisor & strategist for labels and artist management teams, takes us inside one of her coveted coaching sessions and reveals what it really takes to succeed.
What’s the one thing all artists should be doing for their careers, and it’s free? Find out the answer – and much more – this week on Profesh Sesh, when Sophia sits down with Seth Kallen & Ann Markwell of This Fiction, the innovative management company behind chart-toppers JP Saxe and X Ambassadors.
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