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Beyond the Capital will see us lift the lid on private equity, offering honest conversations with partners, inspiring CEOs and experts across our industry. Join us as we hear their stories, discuss hot topics and learn about what’s given them the edge to succeed.
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In our first episode of Beyond the Capital Season 2, we spoke with Steve Granite from Abbey Logistics. Steve discusses his journey to CEO and choosing the right private equity partner alongside the importance of investing in young people and trusting your gut.
Getting to know Luke Ambler

Getting to know Luke Ambler


We spoke with Luke Ambler - storyteller, motivational speaker, author, mental health campaigner and co-founder of Andy's Man Club - about the role of self-care in supporting mental resilience, maintaining high performance sustainably and the simple steps to take for achieving a more balanced state.
In our latest episode (23) of Beyond the Capital, we are joined by Phil Frame, Partner at NorthEdge. Phil delves into his career history, discusses his experience of the private equity industry and offers advice for both management teams and company founders.
In a special episode of Beyond the Capital, we are joined by Elijah Essien, who recently joined us on a six-week internship programme as part of the 10,000 Black Interns initiative. Elijah tells us more about his reasons for joining the 10,000 Black Interns initiative, why he would recommend it to others, and what he will take from his six weeks at NorthEdge into his future career.
In our latest episode of Beyond the Capital we spoke to Jon Pickering, Partner and Chief Investment Officer at NorthEdge. Jon explains why a people first approach is crucial to operating in this highly competitive environment, how everyone at NorthEdge is passionate about sharing the responsibility to build better businesses, and his advice to management teams looking to find the right private equity partner to drive growth.
We spoke to both the Founder and CEO of ramarketing, Raman Sehgal and Emma Banks. Raman and Emma discuss everything about their private equity journey with NorthEdge so far, including their thoughts on the entire private equity process, the key successes of the partnership to date, and why an alignment of values made NorthEdge the perfect partner for ramarketing. Please note this episode features explicit language.
We spoke to Colin Stirling, who sits on a number of NorthEdge boards as Chair. Colin explains why consistency and clarity are key components to delivering value in the Chair role, the importance of providing equal opportunities to people from all backgrounds, and the role of private equity in building better businesses.
We spoke to Christopher Grakal, CEO of ICP. Christopher shares his passion for building teams and developing people, how ICP supports some of the biggest brands in the world with their content strategies, and why ICP’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging principles are central to how they operate.
We spoke to Keven Parker, joint Managing Partner at NorthEdge. Keven explains how respect and integrity have been the values that have guided his career, why he is passionate about making a positive contribution to NorthEdge and the portfolio, and how a career in private equity gives people a unique exposure to a range of ambitious individuals and a seat at the table from very early in your career.
We spoke to Rob Sinclair, CEO of Altia. Rob explains why Altia’s people are at the heart of everything they do, how building the right culture can set the business up for success, and how NorthEdge’s people-first approach has helped the business to deliver on its growth plans.
We sat down with Prem Mohan Raj, Partner and COO at NorthEdge. Prem explains the importance of selecting a supportive private equity partner that provides more than just capital, why he’s proud of the way NorthEdge has evolved its approach to diversity and inclusion and by understanding what your motivations, strengths and interests are, you can find a career that you truly enjoy.
We spoke to Paul Stobart, Chair on multiple NorthEdge boards and CEO of Zen Internet. Paul explains how leading people effectively can lead to amazing results, the role of the Chair and the board in supporting a business to succeed, and why ESG is no longer seen as a box ticking exercise but a key driver of value.
In recognition of International Men's Day, we recorded a special podcast episode with former professional rugby player for Leeds Rhinos and founder of Mantality, Stevie Ward. Stevie shares his hugely inspiring story, the importance of starting the conversation about mental health, vulnerability and honesty, and how he hopes Mantality will help people take control of their mindset and reach their full potential.
We sat down with Charlie Page, CFO at NorthEdge. Charlie explains how a collaborative and supportive environment at NorthEdge has helped him to progress into the CFO role, why Private Equity is more than just a focus on numbers, and how sports stars have served as his inspiration to always learn and improve.
To celebrate a successful year of collaboration with portfolio company Meet, we sat down with co-founder and CEO, Hannah Haigh. Hannah explains why a people-centric approach has been vital to Meet’s success, how being part of a wider portfolio has helped to broaden her network and learn from other senior leaders, why the myths surrounding private equity are far from reality, and how her role as CEO is focused on value creation, scaling the business and being Meet’s cultural compass.
Having welcomed several young professionals into Team NorthEdge over the last 12 months, we are launching a special podcast episode to gain an insight into their careers so far. Hear Simone Masterson, Sam Allen and Matthew Mellon discuss why they chose a career in private equity, the biggest surprise about working in the industry and their top tips for people who want to follow a similar career path.
We sat down with Nicola McQuaid, Director and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion lead at NorthEdge. Nicola explains the importance of being yourself at work, why building an inclusive culture supports people to reach their full potential, how diversity leads to positive business outcomes, and why a good private equity partner is someone you can have honest conversations with during both the good times and the bad.
We spoke to Tom Ray, CEO of Cloud Technology Solutions. Tom explains why finding and following your passion is the best career advice, why he was proud to step into the role of CEO at CTS and his vision for the future, the importance of bringing diverse talent into a business, and his view on the vital role private equity plays in supporting high growth regional businesses.
We sat down with Andy Ball, Partner at NorthEdge. Andy outlines why he is so passionate about private equity, why he is proud that the people at NorthEdge live by the company’s values, and why it’s important to choose a private equity firm based on relationship and the value you will get from the partnership.
We spoke to Lights4fun Chair, David Stern. David explains why the people aspect of business has been the most rewarding for him, why a diverse business is vital for success, and how branding and digital transformation can be used as key drivers for growth.
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