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Author: Martin Sharp

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Here to discuss how to create health, fitness and lifestyle when you are a busy entrepreneur, business owner, exec or consultant juggling many demands.
If you are time-poor, stressed and feel your health is suffering or waistline is expanding because of it, then we'll be running through what it takes to get you back on top and keep you there.
11 Episodes
In this Sharp Fit for Life Podcast #11 It's competition time as Justin Scott and Martin Sharp head out to Ischgl Austria to compete in this years international snow sculpting festival, FORMEN IN WEISS / SHAPES IN WHITE. Martin and Dom discuss what to do to make sure the impact you make when working away, is not pushing you back from your health and fitness goals!
In this Sharp Fit for Life Podcast #10 Are you excited yet? If you are part of the estimated 4.2 billion people who celebrate or observe Christmas as a national holiday, then the count down days are well and truly underway. Though when it comes to those feel good hormones, are you making the most of this period? Join Dom and Martin as they explore anticipation, excitement, uncertainty and the unexpected when it come to feeling great and achieving your goals.
In this Sharp Fit for Life Podcast #9 Douglas Adams wrote that "Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mind-bogglingly big it is." yet as human beings, we seem adamant to fill it. As Parkinson's law states "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion." though Ben Elton more crudely exclaimed this for stuff as well. So in this episode, Martin and Dom explore how important is space and where are you filling it?
In this Sharp Fit for Life Podcast #8 Martin and Dom explore the relationships between exercise form and reps and discuss which is more important?
In this Sharp Fit for Life Podcast #7 Martin and Dom discuss the flu-like symptoms that are common this time of year and look to answer the question, when is a cold not a cold?
In this Sharp Fit for Life Podcast #6 Martin and Dom discuss what is a very poignant subject in regards to rest and recovery, asking the question are you actually getting enough?
In this Sharp Fit for Life Podcast #5 we'll be looking at exercise progression. When it is right to do so, when you shouldn't and some of the common mistakes people make.
In this Sharp Fit for Life Podcast #4 Martin and Dom will be looking at the question that so many people ask, which is more important food or exercise?
Dom & Martin exploring The Core - What is it and why it is more than just abs. If you are currently only including crunches and sit-ups, why you could be wasting your time.
Martin & Dom exploring why does the human body put on or shed weight and/or muscle and what you can do about it.
If you are wondering where to start and how to make the most of it. Dominic and Martin discuss some of the things that have affected their lives and what was the key to their success in fitness, health and lifestyle.
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