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Author: Reiner Kraft, PhD

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Are you ready to cultivate your level of presence to upgrade your body and mind and become the best version of yourself? Reiner Kraft, Ph.D., the founder of The Mindful Leader and co-founder of The New U, interviews experts and thought leaders in mind-management, leadership, and biohacking. Each episode contains powerful information to provide you with new ideas and insights to cultivate your level of present awareness (LPA), a healthy Body & Mind and increase your leadership effectiveness.
13 Episodes
In this episode of The Mindful Leader Podcast, we have a very special guest, Toby Pasman, the founder and CEO of NeuroFlex, a mobile peak performance, brain assessment, and training service based in South Florida. Toby is a board-certified QEEG brain mapping and neurofeedback BCN practitioner, trained under respected Neurofeedback pioneers like Dr. Joel F. Lubar. He has extensively studied the fields of psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, and physiology, bringing together cutting-edge research to the business world.In this fascinating conversation, we explore the cutting-edge field of neurofeedback and its practical applications for leaders and business professionals looking to improve their mental performance. We discuss Toby's extensive background in neuroscience, psychology, nutrition, and physiology and how he brings these disciplines to the business world.This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in visualizing the brain, understanding QEEG brain mapping, and exploring the transformative potential of neurofeedback to improve their mental performance and achieve a high-performance mindset.If you're interested in learning more about bringing out the best version of yourself, tune in to this episode of The Mindful Leader Podcast.Yours, Reiner#neurofeedback #brainperformance #mentalperformance #techleadership #biohacking #mindfulness #EEQ #brainmap #mindset #highperformancemindset #mentalhealthResources: - Find out our blog, Instagram, LinkedIn, and podcast here: Toby Tasman’s website: Certified Neurofeedback practitioner search tool: Toby’s LinkedIn:
If you're active on social media, you probably know the term "quiet-quitting," which has been the latest workplace buzzword over the last couple of months. It describes a rebellion against the workplace culture of going above and beyond. This term shows how problematic the workplace is nowadays: the employees are unhappy in their position or are experiencing burnout as their bosses keep pressuring them to do more work. Sure enough, it will cause a massive loss for the organization. This is why leaders should embrace selflessness and servant leadership to be successful. In this podcast episode, Katrijn van Oudheusden shares her expertise and insights around the topic of selfless and servant leadership in the modern workplace. You will learn the following:What is selflessness in leadershipDifferent traits that define servant leadershipHow to facilitate change through servant leadership Listen to the podcast and let us know your thoughts in the comment! Yours,Reiner #selfawareness #selflessleadership #servantleadership #mindfulness #podcast #newworkplace #burnout #mentalhealth #leadership #techleader #success #quietquitting
In this episode of The Mindful Leader podcast with Erwin Hartsuiker, CEO of Mind Media, we will deep dive into Neurofeedback and how it can be used to optimize your brain performance. In this episode we explore: - What is bio- and neurofeedback? - Why should you care? - How to train your brain with Neurofeedback- Tips on improving your resilience
Dr. Simone Koch, an integrative medicine doctor and author, joins us in this podcast episode to share her insights and expertise on integrative medicine. In this episode, we will discuss:- What is integrative "functional" medicine? And why should you care?- What is silent- or neuroinflammation & how to address it?- Proven Biohacks you can try today. And many more! Watch or listen to our podcast with Dr. Simone Koch to learn more about integrative medicine, where conventional and evidence-based complementary medicine meets.
Wouldn't it be amazing if you could make an inner shift that would improve all aspects of your leadership while increasing your happiness at the same time?You can! Mindful leadership is the art, science, and a proven methodology of making this shift. In this podcast, Dr. Silvia Schäfer, a mindful leader expert for leaders, shares her insights on how to transfer yourself into a mindful leader, what it takes to be a mindful leader, and so much more! She also shares tips and tricks you can implement for your mindfulness practice.
You may have heard of your genes and DNA, but did you know that epigenetics is the driver behind your genes? In this episode, Dr. Manuel Burzler, a functional medicine practitioner and one of the pioneers in the field of epigenetics, joined us to discuss how the science of Epigenetics paves the way to help leaders achieve maximum performance and potential. Think about Epigenetics as the software in our body. Discover the basics in the high-level overview of epigenetics and hacks around the Epigenetics area of sleep, nutrition, and exercise that you can use to re-write the software of your genes. We also talk about boosting resilience, the world of integrative medicine, optimizing energy, and hacks to upgrade your mind and body. This episode is in German. On my YouTube channel you will also find a video version with english subtitles. 
What is the single most crucial factor that distinguishes great leaders from the rest? Resilience! Building resilience is vital to becoming a leader who can successfully navigate through challenges, which impacts the performance and engagement of their teams. You may already know that to boost your resilience and increase your leadership performance, you need to have an optimal recovery, regular exercise, and the right nutrition. But did you know that magnesium plays a vital role in regulating the body’s response to stress? In this interview, @Reiner and @Siim Land dive deeper into the topic of nutrition, where Siim highlights that “Not getting enough magnesium will be bad for not the heart health also, but just general stress management and sleep.” Therefore, Siim shares the recommended intake for magnesium, the best types of magnesium supplements, and their benefits. Furthermore, Siim Land shares his hacks to reach peak performance, such as getting more energy with intermittent fasting, a ketogenic diet, and achieving metabolic autophagy.Resources: - Find out our blog, Instagram, LinkedIn, and podcast here: Siimland’s books, including “Metabolic Auotphagy” and “Mineral Fix”: Instagram: Youtube:
It is unfortunate that many of us are not prioritizing our health and not investing enough in our own bodies to improve performance or even the quality of life. We often wait for the doctor to fix us up with pharmaceuticals when we are finally truly ill. Performance optimization is helpful in many areas, not only for leaders, but everyone can benefit from integrating biohacks and performance routines into their daily schedule.In this interview, Eduard de Wilde, CEO of Livehelfi and the founder of NoordCode, join us to share his experiences and insights around digital transformation, body awareness, leadership performance, and biohacking ripple effect in the workplace. Are you interested to learn more about these topics?Watch the video or listen to the podcast here:“There is no better moment to increase your level of present awareness than NOW” - Reiner Kraft---Do you want to learn more about #mindmanagement and #biohacking?Check out our blog and join our community of Mindful Tech Leaders to have access to exclusive content, resources, ideas, and surround yourself with like minded tech leaders here: Resources: - Find out our blog, Instagram, LinkedIn, and podcast here: Eduard de Wilde’s website: Check out Noordcode’s pure toxin-free coffee: Livehelfi: Instagram: Noordcode Instagram:
Become aware of the mind is surprisingly difficult because we’re usually lost in mind, and we just believe the mind,” says Sir John Hargrave. “What was my mind just thinking?” Have you ever challenged yourself to remind yourself to be aware of what your mind was just thinking? It is a “mind game,” an awareness exercise, that Sir John Hargrave recommends as the first step to hack the mind. In this interview, he further explains the 3 levels of mind hacking technique; he shares his methods of tracking the mental loops through journaling and his five why’s technique, which is also called root cause analysis. Watch the full interview or listen to this podcast to find out the tactic to reprogram your mind and be the better version of yourself! Resources: - Find out our blog, Instagram, LinkedIn, and podcast here: Media shower: Sir John Hargrave’s Book “Mind Hacking”- LinkedIn_ Twitter:
Mindfulness involves being fully aware of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Practicing mindfulness has many benefits in your private and working life, such as enhancing your mental and physical well-being, improve focus and concentration increase resilience and emotional intelligence.And why you, as a leader, should care about mindfulness at the workplace?Daniel Rieber, co-founder of WEVOLVE GmbH, whose mission is to introduce mindful leadership programs to start-ups and larger companies, shares some insights and results of their program conducted at a large e-commerce and tech company in Berlin. On a high level the results were very encouraging and indicating a measurable positive and sustainable impact on the workforce and teams within the areas of focus, stress management, and reduction of negativity. Daniel Rieber says that “change happens from the inside out, change always starts with you. And with you collaborating, interacting with people: we always start with the self.” One concept about a different level of connection we experience throughout our lives is called the ripple effect. The effect you have in the world, or in your company/organization, the intangible, energetic impact you have on the whole begins from you. As a mindful leader, it is essential to understand the ripple effect you are having on those you lead.  Furthermore, Daniel Rieber and Reiner Kraft, PhD discussed the topic of self-awareness. By practicing mindfulness, you sharpen your self-awareness and discover some fleeting and ferocious inner critic, those limiting thoughts and false beliefs. Watch the video on The Mindful Leader blog (or on YouTube) or listen to the podcast to learn more about how to let go of those negative thoughts, habits and beliefs, and progress in your transformation journey!
In this episode, Martin Flügge, Engineering Lead at Zalando SE in Berlin, joined us to share his insights and inspirations with other Tech Leaders across the business world. Martin has captured a wide variety of experiences and reflections on what it means to bear a Tech Lead's responsibilities. Here, he shares his purpose and mission as a Tech Leader, his superpower to be an effective leader, his mindfulness practices, and his morning routine that helps him set the tone for the day.
“The beauty of deep learning, AI, machine work, algorithm max function for efficiency and effectiveness in conversion of data is so that we can make a better decision of our carbon grain, says Wade Lightheart. However, he points out one problem:  “... because of the exponential expansion of nature and our lack of experience in these digital systems, we as humans have not learned how not to become the machine but to use the machine to become better human.”Listen to this podccast to“The beauty of deep learning, AI, machine work, algorithm max function for efficiency and effectiveness in conversion of data is so that we can make a better decision of our carbon grain, says Wade Lightheart. However, he points out one problem:  “... because of the exponential expansion of nature and our lack of experience in these digital systems, we as humans have not learned how not to become the machine but to use the machine to become better human.”Listen to this podccast to learn more about how to optimize brain function: extend your cognitive limit, improve neurochemical balances that allow you to increase the quality of decisions and overall health and happiness.Resources: - Find out our blog, Instagram, LinkedIn, and podcast here: Wade Lightheart’s website: Youtube: Instagram: Facebook:
Who does not love to optimize? Nothing is more satisfying than optimizing something and seeing the rewards from all the time saved and the increased output. With biohacking, you can optimize and transform your entire life for the better, including more meaningful productivity, having much more energy, and an overall healthier body and mind. Listen to our podcast with Teemu Arina, where he shared some insights around biohacking, optimization of health, prevention, and well-being as a technology entrepreneur and biohacking expert.As a technology entrepreneur, Teemu had gone through what it means to run a business in the startup world, raising venture capital, pushing the boundaries of his health in the process: “thinking I was living my dream,” says Teemu. His biohacking journey started as he got sick, and he could not get his energy level back even after he recovered. Teemu Arina then began to study deeply about the inflammation behind most diseases. He started to understand the human body as a biological computer and a complex system. Listen to the podcast and find out more about biohacking: how to start, which diet and exercise best to improve your health and energy level, why sleep quality is important, which performance-enhancing technologies to use, and so much more!Resources: - Find out our blog, Instagram, LinkedIn, and podcast here: Teemu Arina’s website: Biohacker’s Handbook: Youtube: Instagram:
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