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Power from the Blazing Stone

Author: Alexander Augustus

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Time is running out for Merryn! In this utopic vision of the deep future of mining, a young girl and her CL500 Mining Unit are in search of fabled Cornish lithium. Follow their journey among the granite hills of Cornwall, set to a whistling chorus of curlews, as the pair traverse the pitfalls of human greed and robotic destruction to strike a balance for the common good. Will they pass the test?

5 Episodes
The adventure begins! Merryn and Corin are inducted into their most tricksy task yet!
Merryn reflects on the horrors of the past, and sets about planning for the future.
Merryn tells Corin of her favourite story - The Mother of Blazing Stones - and they stumble upon a revelation.
Corin questions Merryn about the nature of humanity versus technology - and where nature falls in that equation.
The conclusion of Merryn and Corin's adventure. The girl and robot reconvene with their classmates to discover the true nature of the test.
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