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Every Tuesday prepare for the perfect brew of research and banter. Digging deep into the blood-curdling nature of every case, Londyn is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. But don’t fret, Aine is taking the petrifying plunge alongside you as she also hears the spine-chilling cases for the first time as well.

Join us for a podcast that’s sure to be killer.
12 Episodes
Join us for a special case that was requested by the sister of the victim. A mysterious death and a corrupt police investigation leave us with more questions than answers. What really happened to Breana? Let us know your thoughts on this questionable case.TW: Drug use, mention of suicideAnon Tip Line: 205-282-0740Facebook Group: Fund Me:
Join us for human trafficking awareness month as we dive into the case of Brittanee Drexel, a girl who’s vacation with friends turned into something much more sinister. What do you think happened to Brittanee? Let us know your thoughts on this dire case.TW: Sexual AssaultIf you have information, call 1-800-CALL-FBINational Human Trafficking Hotline ( 888-373-7888Text: "HELP" or "INFO" to 233733
5 missing children, a house burned to ashes, and a town covering up a dark secret. Were the Sodder children kidnapped? Or did they perish in the fire that changed the family’s lives forever? Let us know what you think about this corrupt case.
Junko Furuta was a successful girl with a bright future, until she met Hiroshi Miyano. Her kidnapping was just the beginning of this tragic story. Let us know your thoughts on what has become the worst juvenile case in Japan to date.TW: Sexual Assault and Graphic ContentInstagram:
He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, and he slaughtered a family during a psychotic break. Let us know what your thoughts are on this shocking holiday case.TW: Mention of suicide
Welcome to our 7th episode! Nationwide murders, hidden kill kits, and and an unknown amount of undiscovered bodies. Israel keyes is our first ever serial killer episode. Let us know your thoughts on this chilling case.TW: Sexual Assault and SuicideSubmit a tip: of travels:
Episode 6: Adam Walsh

Episode 6: Adam Walsh


Welcome back to our sixth episode! Adam Walsh was a 6 year old boy who went missing, but 3 notorious serial killers have been tied to the case. Who was responsible for this tragic story? Let us know your thoughts on it.TW: Involves a child
Welcome to our fifth episode!!! A mysterious car ride, a missing boy, and heartbroken parents. What really happened to Bryce Laspisa?  Let us know your thoughts on this tragic case.Please take a couple minutes and commit this guy’s face to memory. Bryce’s family and friends can’t search everywhere – it takes all of us looking out and keeping our eyes open. If you think you’ve seen Bryce, take a picture and call 949-292-4400 right away!You can follow the family’s search for him on their FB page here:
Welcome to our fourth episode! Horror movies are just entertainment for most people, but what happens when they inspire a real murder? Let us know what you think about the tragic case of Cassie Jo Stoddart.
Welcome back to our third episode of Grave Danger! The Powells were just like any other family, until Josh Powell decided to take the fracturing of his marriage into his own hands. Is Susan still out there? Let us know your thoughts on this heart-wrenching story.TW: There is suicide and children involved.
Episode 2: Grant Amato

Episode 2: Grant Amato


Welcome to our second episode! This week we are sharing a case close to home, the story of Grant Amato. Grant was a troubled 29 year old with a history of stealing and lying, but does that also make him capable of murder? Let us know what you think.
Woo! Our first episode is out and it’s a crazy case. This week we’re telling you the story of Susan Wright, AKA the Blue Eyed Butcher. After being emotionally and physically abused for years by her husband, Susan finally snapped… or did she? This case is filled with shocking things left and right. Let us know what you think happened.
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