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Fields beat, toothless defense and awkward O.
Two jamokes talk last game, compare Fields with two QB's from the two top teams, and of course rankings and Falcons!
Fields of Fire, Claypool misdirects, Kmet breaks through
Two jamokes turn trader and focus on the trading traders!
Yes! Two jamokes talk respectable win, sayonara Quinn, power rankings, and going to Dallas.
Two jamokes discuss what we have seen and what we hope to see
Two jamoke's talk last game, talk this game, talk power rankings, talk.
Two jamoke's talk Giants, Justin, Jones, and Getsy.
Justin Fields ist kaput.

Justin Fields ist kaput.


We talk the twitter-death of Fields, resurgence of E Jackson, where are our pass-catchers and Power Rankings!
Two jamokes remember how much they hate the Packers.
Ep 50! Week 1 Win!

Ep 50! Week 1 Win!


Two jamokes talk the WIN, outstanding performances, some not so much, and Power Rankings!
Two jamokes celebrate the return of Da Bears! We give our breakdown and post there shall not be a beatdown!
Two jamokes talk preseason coolness (we're easily amused) and who will actually play Week 1!
Two jamokes see good stuff last week, look forward to the dress rehearsal and talk Roquan the best player on the team?
Review of last game - positivity reigns! Roquan sit rep - positivity squashed!
Tow jamokes review Roquan Smith's cover of “I can't go for that (no can do)" and it's game time!
Two jamokes riff on the delay with Smith, will Jenkins stay and play, Oline shuffle is the latest dance craze and more
Two jamokes talk Roquan Smith contract, Robert Quinn value, stadium folly and other bits!
Ep 42: We are back baby!

Ep 42: We are back baby!


Two jamokes rode out the dry spell along with all of you and we are back in the studio! Training camp is nearly here!
We look at the Bears for fantasy value and yes there is some and we step in a couple other piles.
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