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In EVPA's Sound Funding podcast, host Ryan Grant Little talks to leading European impact investors about how they power social and environmental impact to create a better world.
22 Episodes
In this crossover episode with his other podcast, Another ClimateTech Podcast, host Ryan Grant Little talks with Arman Anatürk, founder of FoodHack, ClimateHack and HackCapital, a universe that grew out of a single event in Geneva in 2018. They talk about new approaches for startups, fund managers, and angels to participate in the capital-hungry universe of climatetech, and how to get more players involved. From micro funds to SPVs, M&A to secondary markets, we cover it all.
In this episode, host Ryan Grant Little speaks with Beatriz Franco, Managing Partner at Vita Vera Ventures. After two decades as a lawyer and investment banker, Beatriz went all-in on a bet to fight climate change by focusing on early-stage investment in the food industry. Her fund focuses on reducing GHG emissions through novel food technologies, reducing food waste and plastics, and increasing efficiency of materials and processes. We talked about why food is often overlooked by climatetech investors, why the food system is both a driver and victim of climate change, and what to do in the Big Apple.Talk to Beatriz about Next-Gen Food & Ingredients, New Proteins, Sustainable  Packaging & Materials during her office hours.
Host Ryan Grant Little spoke with Maximilian Schwarz (né) Bade, founder of Nucleus Capital, in Berlin.Nucleus Capital is a first-check investor in all things related to planetary health, with a focus on programming biology, foodtech, and decarbonization.The “Made with Biology Funding Napkin” mentioned in the episode can be found at Never miss an episode of Sound Funding by subscribing here and by following Ryan Grant Little at
In this episode, host Ryan Grant Little speaks with James Crawshaw, Senior Impact Manager at Inyova Impact Investing. Inyova is a pioneer in bringing impact investing to the retail level, currently operating in the German speaking world. They talked about active portfolio management, the power of shareholder activism, and swimming in Zurich.
In this episode of Sound Funding, host Ryan Grant Little speaks with Sonalie Figueiras about how investing in the food system can help solve the climate crisis. Figueiras is the founder and editor-in-chief of Green Queen, a highly respected platform for the food tech industry. They discuss the importance of investing in food tech, the lack of messaging to the general public, and the need for more education and communication surrounding alternative proteins. Figueiras also shares her experience as an angel investor and the need for more diversity in the investing space.
Host Ryan Grant Little spoke with Steven Molino, Principal at Clear Current Capital in New York.Clear Current Capital catalyzes sustainable change in the food system, especially through alternative protein investment. We talked about the state of affairs in alternative protein investment, why it’s all about teams, what makes sense in the world of company valuations, and how the film Cowspiracy can change the arc of your career.Learn more:
Host Ryan Grant Little spoke with Romain Diaz, founder of Satgana, in Lisbon.Satgana is a climate tech venture capital firm working on topics ranging from transportation, energy, food and agriculture, to circular economy. Romain and Ryan talked about the most effective climate interventions, what it’s like to be a first-time fund manager, and why just about everything about Lisbon is great.Find Satgana at and Romain Diaz at miss an episode of Sound Funding by subscribing and by following Ryan Grant Little at
Host Ryan Grant Little spoke with Tim Schumacher, co-founder of World Fund, in Cologne.World Fund is a €350 million climate fund that supports startups with the potential to remove 100 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere each year. It funds tickets of €1-10 million around the world, with a sweet spot in the under-funded European climate ventures arena. We spoke about coding as a teenager, alternative proteins, and where to find the best view of Cologne.Find World Fund at and Tim Schumacher at Never miss an episode of Sound Funding by following Ryan at
Host Ryan Grant Little spoke with Patrice Schneider, Chief Strategy Officer of the Media Development Investment Fund. Patrice is a war correspondent-turned-fund manager (how many people can say that?) and has been a leading voice in media independence in his role at MDIF for 18 years. They spoke about topics ranging from blended capital through to how to rebuild the media landscape in Ukraine. Find out more about MDIF at
Host Ryan Grant Little spoke with Zeineb Fakhfakh, Managing Director of Impact Partner in Tunisia.Impact Partner runs Tunisia’s only impact fund, the aptly named Social Business Fund. It works with early-stage startups to support employment, gender equality, and the environment. They talked about how corporates and startups can partner to innovate, Tunisia’s next generation, and how to think about a trip to the country’s capital.You can find Impact Partner on the web here
Host Ryan Grant Little spoke with Elena Casolari, CEO and Co-Founder of Opes Italia in Milan.Opes Italia is a €36 million impact fund active across Italy addressing topics like youth unemployment, the marginalization of migrants, and gender inequity. It was spun out of the Opes-LCEF foundation, where Elena is Chair and co-founder. The foundation is also an active impact investor, with a global remit.Here is the little church Elena mentions at the end of the episode: episode was created in collaboration with Medwaves.
Host Ryan Grant Little spoke to Myrna Atalla, Executive Director of Alfanar. Myrna has been working in the social investment space for almost 20 years. Now her team is putting together a 50 Million Dollar impact fund which will be the largest of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Learn more: episode was created in collaboration with Medwaves.
Host Ryan Grant Little spoke with Alena Kalibaba and Anna Gulevska-Chernysh, the founders of the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund in Kyiv. The Ukrainian Social Venture Fund was born out of the Euromaidan protest era, in 2014, as pro-democracy activism coalesced into a social innovation sector. Alena and Anna are two of Ukraine’s most influential social innovation players and the importance of their work has only intensified since the start of Russia’s brutal war. If you are interested in investing in the fund, you can contact Alena and Anna at Please consider supporting their humanitarian efforts as well at
Innpact provides specialised advisory services in the establishment and management support of impact finance initiatives. Since 2007, Innpact has supported the establishment of 30 impact finance vehicles in excess of €7 billion. I spoke with founder Arnaud Gillin about the power of blended finance, why Luxembourg has to be careful not to lose its primacy as a location for impact fund domiciling, and where to find the best Belgian breweries. 
The European Investment Fund is a pillar of Europe’s impact investing construct, backing and matching funds across the European Union. Elodie Donjon is Investment Manager at the EIF and has been there for an impressive 17 years. We talked about what the EIF is looking for in funds and teams, how it has evolved over her tenure there, and where to catch live music in Luxembourg. Elodie is happy to hear from fund managers directly by email at e.donjon -at - and you can visit them online at 
TIlia Impact Ventures is the first social impact fund in the Czech Republic, focused on building social enterprises with sustainable and replicable/scalable business models, aligned with significant and measurable societal impact. More at Days are June 2-3 in Vienna: Central Eastern Europe info at surely beautiful but very hard to pronounce parks in Prague Silke mentions are:Valdštejnská zahrada - Wallenstein GardenVrtbovská zahrada - Vrtba gardenVojanovy Sady – Vojan Garden
SI2 Fund identifies impact ventures offering breakthrough innovations to tackle societal challenges, and helps them scale with tailored capital, active in-kind support and access to networks. SI² Fund is an active investor, partnering with businesses within Benelux and neighbouring countries for social impact and financial success. Find out more at
Host Ryan Grant Little spoke with Michał Radziwiłł, Chair, Equity Fund for Social Investments (FKIS), a subsidiary of TISE in Warsaw.FKIS/TISE supports social enterprises in Poland and beyond with impact loans. With a total portfolio of 5,000+ active loans, the fund, originally launched by France’s Coop Coopératif, is one of the region’s most influential small business and impact investors. Find out more at
Host Ryan Grant Little spoke with Joshua Haynes, Founder and Managing Partner of Masawa Impact Fund in Berlin.  Masawa is the first impact fund specializing in mental wellness, and is currently targeting a EUR 15-30 million close. They work with early-stage founders, mostly in Europe, and are committed to an approach they call Nurture Capital. Find out more at:
Host Ryan Grant Little spoke with Johannes Weber, Founder and Managing Director at Ananda Impact Ventures in Munich.Ananda Impact Ventures manages $100 million in three funds and is one of the leading impact venture capital funds with a pan-European focus. The active portfolio comprises impact pioneers such as Auticon (IT consulting by people in the autism spectrum), IESO Digital Health (online psychotherapy) and Company Bike Solutions (e-bike leasing programs for corporates). More about Ananda Impact Ventures:
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