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With inflation at a historic high still, many people are worried about their retirement assets since inflation is a silent killer of retirement. In this episode, Dave Hall, your host, talks about inflation risk and how I Bonds might be a good fit for you as a principal-protected asset. Not only will he cover how I Bonds work, but Dave will discuss things to consider before purchasing them and reasons why you should invest in them. Support the show
Do you have a plan for when you leave your business to begin retirement? This week Dave Hall hosts John Brown, owner and founder of BEI Exit Planning Solutions, to discuss the importance of planning your transition out of your business, whether it is selling or bringing on a person or team to take over running it. Dave Hall and John Brown discuss strategies to ensure the success of your business and ease your transition into retirement. For more information on BEI and exit planning strategies visit Support the show
Perhaps you want to start a business after retirement, but you do not want to begin the whole business planning process, or you are unable to decide what you want to do. Thinking outside of the box is important when it comes to retirement! This week Dave Hall interviews Marty Greenbaum, Founder of Smart Franchise Investing, to discuss franchising as a retirement opportunity. Listen in as Dave and Marty discuss why franchising may be for you, the opportunity is offers, and how you can get started doing it! For more information on Smart Franchise Investing and Marty Greenbaum's service, please visit Smart Franchise Investing | Franchise Education, Consulting & MatchmakingSupport the show
Travel is the most sought-after thing to do in retirement, especially internationally. This week Dave hosts Pam Saylor, world traveler and author of Braving the World:  Adventures in Travel and Retirement. Saylor and her husband retired early and planned a yearlong trip to various countries overseas. Listen in as she and Dave discuss her worldly travels, tips and tricks for planning, medical care, living aboard for a year, and so much more to better prepare yourself for travelling in retirement! Website: Braving The World book - Adventures in Travel and Retirement | Pam SaylorAmazon Link for Book: Braving the World: Adventures in Travel and Retirement: Saylor, Pam, Hanley, Victoria: 9781736073117: BooksSupport the show
Aging, even if done gracefully, comes with many vulnerabilities. Especially when it comes to elder abuse and financial exploitation. This week Dave Hall discusses financial decision-making capacity and financial exploitation with national expert Dr. Peter Lichtenberg. Listen in as Dave and Dr. Lichtenberg cover the signs of financial exploitation, how cognitive decline makes seniors even more susceptible, and how to address financial abuse before it is too late.For more great information and resources visit Older Adult Nest Egg.  Support the show
Medicare is a complex program that is a baseline within retirement planning. This week Dave Hall hosts Chuck Chaput, CCO of MedicareCompareUSA, to discuss how focusing on your healthcare needs is the most important aspect of your Medicare Plan. Medicare Advantage Plans are becoming a commodity for retirees, increasing 8% since 2019. Listen in as Dave and Chuck talk about why these Advantage Plans are becoming more popular, what they offer as additional benefits to Part A and Part B, and how they enhance your healthcare needs in retirement. Support the show
The Secure Act 2.0 has been a hot topic for some time now--having appeared in headlines and finally passing in the House back in March. While the Senate has yet to vote on it, the proposed changes the Secure Act 2.0 offers will influence your retirement planning and savings greatly. Dive in with Dave Hall this week as he discusses 10 of the 35 parts that would impact your retirement. Support the show
How comfortable are you discussing finances with your parents? Your parents or even your grandparents may be hesitant to talk their finances with you because for so long it has been a taboo topic. But being warm, gentle, and compassionate about the conversation may make it easier. More often than not, you may have to take over your parents' finances as they age. This week Dave Hall interviews Cameron Huddleston, author of Mom, Dad, We Need to Talk. As they discuss how to have these conversations with your parents, learn how preparing to take over their finances will better prepare you and your finances for when you get older. For more resources and information visit Cameron's website: Cameron Huddleston - Make the Most of Your MoneySupport the show
This week Dave Hall and members of the Retirement Risk Advisors team attended the AICPA Engage 2022 Conference in Las Vegas. Listen in as Dave interviews CPAs on their retirement preparedness and security. CPAs just like you share their insights on Social Security, Medicare, longevity, and tips and tricks to help you prepare better now for your post-career years. Interviewees: Roger White, TXNicole Davis, GASara Stollberger, NYAndrew Waud, NYSupport the show
Aside from financial health, physical, mental, and social health are important components to retirement. This week Dave Hall interviews Grandmapreneur and inventor Connie Inukai about entrepreneurship, discussing how staying curious in retirement can lead to great opportunities such as social events, friendships, and business ideas. Who knew keeping yourself active in retirement could lead to a great chance to better your financial health, too!For more on Connie Inuaki's inventions and story, visit Support the show
What do you want from your retirement? Do you want to start a business? Go back to school? Retirement should be a time where you take care of yourself, maybe redefine or rediscover yourself. This is especially true when you have spent decades as a CPA. This week Dave Hall hosts Mechelle Barras, founder of MB Consulting to discuss the importance of how giving your retirement meaning can be lifesaving.  For more information on Mechelle Barras' services and podcast, visit MB Consulting (  Instagram: mechelle_barrasLinkedIn: the show
Have you considered cryptocurrency as an option for your retirement investments? This week Dave Hall brings on cryptocurrency expert and founder of WTF! Crypto Training Thomas Walsh to discuss how crypto could help diversify your retirement assets. Listen in as they cover the crypto cycles, types, the risks associated, and how you can reduce them to better your retirement. Support the show
Statistics illustrate that 68% of American retirees fear they will run out of money during retirement. Reportedly, over 50% actually do run out of money. As the elephant in the room, running out of money in retirement is rarely talked about until too late. In this episode Dave Hall discusses the reasons why this happens with Retirement Risk Advisors' very own, CR Thelin--today's inflation crisis, our current bear market, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and much moreSupport the show
The retirement planning landscape has more than meets the eye. Retirement readiness takes time, education, and thought-out preparedness for all the what ifs you will face as a CPA. This week join Dave Hall and Shawn Sigler, Senior Vice President of Financial Independence Group, as they discuss the cutting-edge tools and software FIG has to offer to enhance your retirement readiness and evaluate your risk tolerance. Support the show
At the base of all retirement planning is two things: Social Security and Medicare. Changes to these programs impact everyone now and especially in retirement. This week Dave Hall discusses the provisions that may be implemented to Medicare as soon as this year under the Consolidated Appropriations Act. These changes will directly impact the initial and special enrollment periods and coverage for immunosuppressive drugs of kidney transplant patients and renal dialysis care. Support the show (
In late 2021 the Social Security 2100: A Sacred Trust Act was introduced to Congress by Rep. John B. Larson of Connecticut. If this act was placed into law your retirement and Social Security would be directly and immediately impacted. In this episode, Dave Hall breaks down the proposed reforms and discusses how they may impact you in your working and retirement years. Support the show (
When it comes to your health you regularly see your health care providers to maintain your wellbeing and health goals. When it comes to your financial wellbeing, budgeting and planning are key ingredients to make the most of your hard-earned money.  Since retirement funding is mostly on the individual today, budgeting now to save for retirement is not futuristic thinking. This week Dave discusses budgeting with the Budget Queen herself. Diving into the psychology of money habits, Dave and Clarissa weigh the importance of budgeting for your needs and wants today so you can save now for your desired tomorrow without any rocky territory. Get yourself on the right footing in your working years so the golden years are just that: golden. Support the show (
Should you decide to keep your CPA status active after you retire, online education is the next best way to get your yearly CPE credits. Even now, as you are working towards retirement, not having to attend a conference or bring a presenter to the firm is ideal. Join Dave Hall this week as he talks with Scott Zarret, the founder and president of CPAacademy, an online CPE-credit educational platform. Dave and Scott compare and contrast the market and importance of offering an online platform for CPE credits as continued education for CPAs during the working and even retired years. Support the show (
Ever consider how side gigs could influence your retirement? Working passive income while retirement planning could help you invest more, save more, and have a more comfortable retirement. This week Dave Hall hosts the infamous Financial Panther to discuss side hustles, the impact of working them before and during retirement, and even discusses the various types of F.I.R.E (financial independence, retire early). For the Financial Panther's Ultimate List of Side Gigs discussed in this week's podcast, click here. Support the show
Strategically optimizing products and policies to work for you, not against you, in retirement is an important step in planning. Having been around for 30 years, premium finance is a method to optimize your life insurance policy, using leverage to create a higher policy value. This week Dave Hall analyzes the benefits and qualifications of premium finance with Tim Kelly and Joe Sgori, partners of Strategic Alliance Wealth Group. Support the show
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