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Evolution Of AloHā Podcast

Author: Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell

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Evolution Of AloHā is about sharing stories. Storytelling is a tool for making sense of sophisticated conditions and exploring better ways to connect. Storytelling is the most natural way to enter into a new relationship to build a foundation of wisdom and humility. The Evolution of AloHā Podcast is a wonderful opportunity to engage with those stories as Dr. G engages with guests on various topics and interesting discussions. Join us!

22 Episodes
In this episode, we will be talking with Ranice Innocent, a Seattle-based educator whose work is focused on equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion, team building, emotional intelligence, experiential education and community development.
We start off Season Two of the Evolution of AloHā by talking with Emareena Daniels, a master educator and leading expert in adult learning inside prisons and jails, and on free campuses, as people transition into education after returning to their communities. Daniels is a skilled facilitator and speaker with an extensive and varied background in adult education, instructional design, curriculum building, and program development. They hold an M.S. degree in Teaching, General Arts, and Letters...
Dr. G sits down with Dianna David - Diana has been voted both Global (Filipina) Woman Who Rule and Ranked Top 9 Best Female Motivational Speaker for 2023. She is a coach, consultant, TedX speaker, and a multi-awarded 20-year professional performing artist. For the last 15 years, she has shared her wisdom through her MakeMOVES Coaching, Workshops, Self-Intiations, and Energetic Healing through her moves. She has toured her Red Ball MVMT around the world, empowering through Movement, Visualizat...
In this last episode of 2021, Gerry talks story with Fleur Larsen, Seattle-based racial justice facilitator and seasoned consultant about Gracious Anger and the need for ALL women to come together to heal our society.
In this episode, Gerry talks story with Kelsay Myers about the launch of her latest program s(e)oul expressions : : a transformative experience for Korean adoptees, Korean adopted and displaced persons.
In Episode 9 of the Mixed Plate Podcast, Gerry and Dr. Nina Kim Hanson bring an abundance of complex topics about being an Asian-American woman in politics, raising mixed-race kids, leading with love and Aloha despite the adversities, decolonizing the way we lead and the nuances and intricacies of being a woman of color navigating a Eurocentric world.
In this pre-recorded Podcast, Gerry gathers with Superintendent Will Nelson (Blackfeet) of the La Conner School District and Chelsea Craig (Tulalip), Cultural Specialist, and Asst. Principal of Quil Ceda Tulalip Elementary of the Marysville School District to discuss how Indigenous teaching is based on the nature and quality of communicating at all levels of being. Educating the Whole Child.
In this episode, Gerry talks story with the amazing Gabrielle Kazuko Nomura Gainor. We share our experiences about multi-racial identity and how this gift allows us to be in relationship with all of our cultures. We also discuss how the dichotomous nature of being both the colonizer and the colonized with grace leads to healing seven generations.
In this Episode of the mix plate podcast, Gerry talk's story with Sarah Chan, owner of Calypso Kitchen in Bellingham, WA about sharing a meal and transformative conversations that happen around the table.
In this Podcast you get to hear Gerry speak at the professional leadership conference for the Sierra Pacific Lutheran Synod at South Lake Tahoe about her dissertation work and upcoming book, "The Evolution Of AloHā." The speech was given on October 14th, 2021.
Naomi Pierce graduated from Western Washington University in 2021 with a double bachelor's in communications and sociology. Currently residing in the Seattle region working in the automotive and power tool industry.
On the second episode of the Mixed Plate Podcast, Gerry talks with Dr. Janis Velasquez Farmer about the model minority. Together, the dissect and explore the system that is operating exactly as it was intended and the call to action to change it. Janis talks about the assimilation of immigrant groups and her own families story in coming form the Philippines. She describes the powerful allure of what it is to arrive at the social status of 'able to exclude" and juxtaposes that idea with the co...
In this first episode of the Mixed Plate Podcast, Gerry talks with her husband, business partner and co-author - Jeremy D. Tunnell. Gerry & Jeremy went through and graduated from the Whole Systems Design Master's Program with Antioch University Seattle prior to Gerry enrolling in her doctoral program. They met in May of 2003 and have been business partners since 2004. They married in 2006 and have been cultivating ideas and growing opportunities every since. In this Podcast, Gerry a...
In this episode, Dr. G sits down with the owner of Aloha NW, a small Island-themed retail shop in the heart of downtown Kirkland, WA. Tanya Carnahan, the owner, identifies as haolé and fell in love with Kona after spending several years living there. Some local people see this as an offense, an appropriation of culture. Dr. G demonstrates that the heart of a person is what counts, and we should not quickly judge without attempting to build relationships and understanding first. They are...
In this episode, I invite our new intern for Plowline Media Productions, Paola Quijada, to talk about current news, pushing the movement forward, and self-care through it all. Paola Quijada is a graduate of Washington State University in Comparative Ethnic Studies. She is committed to seeing liberation for all and continuing the path to ongoing learning.#EvolutionOfAloha #GuidingPrinciplesOfAloha #WayfindingLeadership #WholeSystemsParadigm#WesternKnowledge #IndigenousWayOfBeingGive a little A...
In this episode, Dr. G and Heather Johnson, former Executive Director of the Whidbey Institute and now Integral Health Coach, engage in a beautiful and transformative conversation about health, healing, and decolonizing the language we have around our bodies. Heather Johnson’s 25-year professional life has been dedicated to social and environmental change, called by a deep sense that—at the heart of it—such work is about healing: in relationship with ourselves, one another, and the plane...
Ep. 19 - Sherri Mitchell

Ep. 19 - Sherri Mitchell


Sherri was born and raised on the Penobscot Indian reservation (Penawahpskek). She speaks and teaches around the world on issues of Indigenous rights, environmental justice, and spiritual change. Her broad base of knowledge allows her to synthesize many subjects into a cohesive whole, weaving together a multitude of complex issues and articulating them in a way that both satisfies the mind and heals the heart.Sherri received her Juris Doctorate and a certificate in Indigenous People’s L...
A Black woman adopted by a white family, Katie Lyons continues to navigate the complexity of identity. She is a wife and mother to two beautiful children. They reside in Bellingham, WA where Katie works as a lead banker with U.S. Bank. She hopes that as her journey through life continues to shine a light on the beauty and love we can all spread in this world.
Ep. 17 - Daphne Littlebear

Ep. 17 - Daphne Littlebear


In this episode, Dr. G talks with Indigenous educator and doctoral candidate Daphne Littlebear about P.L.A.C.E curriculum and forming your Pueblo Cloud. People: IntergenerationalLand: SourceArt: GratitudeCulture: ResilienceEcology: NetworksDaphne Littlebear is from Tamaya, Santa Ana Pueblo, and is a descendant of the Mvskoke, Yuchi, and Shawnee Nations, where she resides. Music and dancing provide so much joy and healing to Daphne, she engages in many of the cultural dances of her ...
In this episode, Dr. G talks story with Dr. Shukri Olow, a beautifully fierce Muslim woman and proud refugee from Somalia running for State Representative, 47th Legislative District which includes the city of Kent, Covington, and Auburn, WA.