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1279, Yuan-Song War. Genghis Khan has set his sights to the east. Through two kingdoms and four khagans, Kublai Khan looks to finish off what his grandfather started. Technology and trickery abound as the Mongols use the philosophy of Bruce Lee against their foes.
1303, Mamluk-Ilkhanid War. The Ilkhanate has eliminated Baghdad and Aleppo, and only the Mamluk Sultanate of Cairo stands in their way of domination over the Levant. Sultan Nasir al-Muhammad needs to contend with the general Qutlugh to seize victory and ensure Mamluk rule over the contested land, and end Mongol incursions into the region forever. Artwork by Angus McBride
530 AD, Iberian War. The Sassanid Persians have the Byzantine Empire outnumbered two-to-one. Can Flavius Belisarius deploy his troops to meet the challenge of the famous Persian Zheydan? Artwork by the US Military Academy Atlas for Ancient Warfare.
1071. Byzantine-Seljuk War. The Byzantine Emperor Romanus IV attempts to defeat the Seljuk Turks to stop the problem of raiding and secure his newly won throne. Sultan Alp Arslan is outnumbered, but not unwilling to play the game. Strategic planning, tactical mistakes, and political infighting all show up on the board game of history. Artwork by O. Mustafin, Istanbul Military Museum
1097, The First Crusade. The Seljuk Turks attempt to crush the Norman vanguard of the First Crusade. Can the speed and mobility of the Turks overcome the heavy armor of the Normans? Formation are key, but morale takes center stage in central Anatolia on one hot day. Painting by Gustav Dore
1302, Franco-Flemish War. The Flemish tradesmen, angered by high taxes and contempt of French feudal leadership, rise up against King Phillip IV. Can the urban population of Flanders use their militia training against the flower of French chivalry? Changes in equipment, tactics, and the importance of social class come to a head on the muddy fields outside of Courtrai. Oil painting by James Emerson.
1914, World War I. The Imperial German high command, led by Helmuth von Moltke the Younger, has a plan for winning a two-front war, and the first stop is Belgium. Can the German plan survive under the new technologies that comprise modern warfare?
Thirty Years War, 1631. The Catholic League is winning the war, but a new challenger in Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus Magnus has entered the conflict on the side of the Protestant Union. Can his new combined arms tactics reverse the course of the war?
Great Northern War, 1709. The Swedish juggernaut under Charles XII seems almost unstoppable as it crushes Denmark-Norway and the Poland-Lithuianian Commonwealth despite a severe manpower disadvantage. Will Tsar Peter I fare any better, and can anyone stop this young wunderkind before he conquers all of Northern Europe? Painting by Anton Batov
Crimean War, 1854. The British settle for a siege of Sevastopol, and the Russians attempt to break it on a foggy November morning. What honor and horror await in the fog of war? Painting is "The Battle of Inkerman" by Orlando Norie
American Revolutionary War, 1780. Banastre Tarleton aims to defeat the Patriots and complete the capture of the southern colonies, returning momentum to the British army. Daniel Morgan, Patriot commander, stands ready with his army of regulars and militia, with his back to the Broad River. What can be wrought from an hour in Carolina?
To Wage War - Intro

To Wage War - Intro


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