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Helping people find the way back to God.
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You wouldn't be alone if you find it difficult to be thankful right now. It's been a tough year. But the times when it’s most difficult to be thankful are the times when it’s most important! In this message, we learn about how gratitude can transform our hearts and our relationships.
We believe the best is yet to come. And not just for our church family, but for the tens of thousands of people in our community who are finding the way back to God. In this message, Mark Stuenzi lays out a plan that will help us be the church that NEPA needs.
In this first Vision Weekend, Pastor Mark Stuenzi will share some of the lessons we’ve learned through the Coronavirus shutdown and how it has pushed us to find creative ways to accomplish our mission. The lessons we have learned will serve us well for many years. At the same time, we face some real challenges as we rebuild from the effects of the pandemic.
In this political season, so many people are feeling anxiety, cynicism, and despair. The reason we feel that way is because we have bought into some toxic myths about the importance of politics. In this final message in this series, we'll look at three of the most poisonous myths and help you find the proper place for politics in your life.
How can you tell what’s right and what’s wrong? Fortunately, many would say, we live in an age where objective truth has disappeared. What’s true for you isn’t true for others, and what’s wrong for you isn’t wrong for others. But is it truly good for us when morals change from generation to generation and you can write your own? Or, are we missing something?
What exactly is the purpose of your life? Well, you’ve heard it. Live your best life. Become the best version of yourself. You do you. But is self-fulfillment really all it’s cracked up to be? You might be surprised to find out that a life of self-denial is ultimately more rewarding than a life of self-fulfillment.
Many people in our culture see the Bible as nothing more than a collection of legends or religious folktales. The conventional wisdom of our culture tells us that the Bible has been badly distorted through multiple translations and isn’t a credible source of information or inspiration. Why would anyone living today trust the Bible? We long for a source of direction and hope, yet we are told that the Bible can’t be trusted.
Religion is basically how ancients understood the world, but science has taken us so far beyond that. However, if we think deeply, we realize that there are many deeper questions for which science does not provide satisfying answers; questions such as the origin of the universe, the meaning of life, the complexity of our world. The truth is, scientific discoveries can actually be a source of revelation about God – what theologians sometimes call ‘’general revelation.”
The Biblical picture of eternity is far more compelling than what we normally imagine. Scripture describes a place of perfect community, meaningful responsibility, incredible beauty, and unlimited joy. The Bible describes us as having real bodies, not just existing as disembodied spirits or “angels”.
Have you ever wondered what the end times will look like? Or if we're living in them now? Here are six signs of the end times according to Jesus in Matthew 24.
There is a strong sense within our hearts that there must be more to this life than just this life. We try to ignore this longing or bury it under a flurry of activity, but in our quietest moments, that still, small voice can be heard. Much of the depression and anxiety in our culture could be traced back to the loss of belief in Heaven. Having lost sight of eternity, we try to find heaven in this world. Ultimately, we become discouraged because life doesn’t work out the way we thought it should.
Dark Horses: Barnabas

Dark Horses: Barnabas


Hebrews 3:12-13 warns us about the potential of “turning away from the Living God.” The way to prevent this from happening is to “encourage one another daily.” Barnabas (whose names means “son of encouragement”) embodies what it looks like to be an encourager.
Dark Horses: Esther

Dark Horses: Esther


Esther was forced to wrestle with a very important question: Had God placed her in a royal position “for such a time as this”? Was her influential position all about her own comfort and security, or did God have something bigger in mind? We should all be struggling with that same question, “Why has God brought us to this position in this place at this time?”
Dark Horses: Gideon

Dark Horses: Gideon


Gideon was a man God used to take an army of 300 men and defeat a strong military force. Gideon first thought the task was too big, but God promised He would always be with him. Sometimes what we think God asks of us is too big to accomplish. But the difference between fear and faith is our focus.
John The Baptist was a man who lead many people to Jesus. One day he was thrown into prison, and he started to doubt Jesus. When our circumstances make us question God, we need to remember to doubt our doubts and trust God with His plan.
Dark Horses: Ehud

Dark Horses: Ehud


Ehud is a character in the Bible that not many of us heard of. He was an ordinary man and a judge that God used to save the Israelites from a controlling King. If you think God can't use you to do his greatest work, think again! Extraordinary moves of God begin with ordinary people of faith.
When we pray, God hears us. God wants us to come to Him when life is good and when life gets tough. A life with constant prayer empowers us to be better followers of Jesus.
James uses three examples of patience: a farmer, the prophets, and Job. We all get weary and are tempted to give up on God when life doesn’t seem “fair.” Stay faithful for the long-term and allow God to reward us in His time and in His way.
We are never guaranteed another day on this earth. Time goes by quickly and most of this time is trying to build our kingdom instead of God's kingdom. We need to live wisely by remembering we live briefly.
Pride and greed are two of the most common driving forces in our hearts. We all have desires, but when those desires go unmet, we turn on others, ourselves, and even God. When we align our desires with God's desires, we turn to Him instead of turning on each other.
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