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B2B Social Growth: Presented By Tribal Impact
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B2B Social Growth: Presented By Tribal Impact

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Our aim is to educate B2B marketers on the power of enabling your employees' voices on social media platforms. We do this by speaking to people who have completely owned and successfully scaled their programmes. 

Every episode we take a deep dive into the different components which comprise a holistic approach towards digitally enabling your organisation, from Digital Selling,  Leadership Digital Activation, Employee Advocacy, Influencer Marketing, Employee Generated Content, Social Monitoring and Listening, down to the more tactical stuff like measuring the success of your programmes or getting buy-in for your initiatives. 

Join Sarah Goodall, Justyna Brownbridge and Sarah Winter from Tribal Impact as they unfold the successes and expertise of other B2B Social Media experts.

62 Episodes
Nearly half of Gen Z and Millennials post content about their employer on a weekly basis (Edelman). Join Tribal Impact's Sarah Goodall and Steven Brand, head of employer brand at EY, as they delve into the power of social media in shaping and amplifying your organisation's employer brand.We'll be covering:How can social media enhance an employer brand?The link between employee-generated content and employer brand.How do you encourage employees to create and share their own stories?
80% of jobseekers look up the social media profiles of current staff when applying or even considering a position (Capitalize). Join Tribal Impact’s Sarah Goodall, and Jessica Tompkinson, Global Head of Communications & Corporate Affairs at Unilever, about how comms and HR can join forces with employee advocacy and how employee recognition can enhance your employer brand. We'll be covering:How do you empower employees to share their stories internally and externally?How does employee recognition play a role in enhancing an organisation's employer brand?Which metrics can measure the impact on employer brand?
Currently planning your 2024 marketing budget? You won’t want to miss this episode.Join Tribal Impact's Justyna Brownbridge and Rand Fishkin from SparkToro, who’ll be discussing why paid media took such a large part of 2023 marketing budgets and whether this should be reconsidered for 2024. We'll be covering:What’s the difference between measurement and attribution?Why do the least measurable marketing channels tend to perform best?How to prove the ROI of organic channels. 
75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job (LinkedIn).Join Tribal Impact's Sarah Goodall and Maria Dinu from Coca-Cola HBC, who’ll be discussing the link between employer branding, employee-generated content and social media. We'll be covering:What does employer branding mean for Coca-Cola HBC?How can you encourage employee-generated content?How do you scale your employer branding efforts across different functions, teams, and borders?
Alexandra Fraysse, Channel Digital Engagement Manager at Henkel, will be discussing how a shared strategy with your channel partners can not only amplify your own social selling efforts, but bring joint success. Sarah Goodall, Anna Troidl and Alexandra will be discussing:The challenges of launching a social selling program.Rolling it out through a channel ecosystem and maintaining engagement.Which metrics to focus on: Measuring success & KPIs.
Thought leadership is one of the most effective tools an organisation can use to demonstrate its value to customers during a tough economy (Edelman).  Join Tribal Impact's Sarah Goodall who’ll be talking to Ashley Faus from Atlassian about how to become a thought leader.  We'll be covering:What does it mean to be a thought leader?How to grow your network, reach a wider audience, and develop a following.Overcoming procrastination and the fear of imperfection when creating content.The habits of successful thought leaders.
76% say they’re more likely to trust content shared by individuals over content shared by brands (Adweek).Join Tribal Impact’s Sarah Goodall, and Nada Alkutbi from IBM, who'll be discussing IBM's approach to employee advocacy and how it fits into IBM's wider social strategy. We'll be covering:What does employee advocacy mean for IBM?IBM's three-tiered approach for identifying and supporting advocates.Tips for launching and scaling a sustainable employee advocacy program.
Content shared by employees gets 8X more engagement than content shared through branded channels.Join Tribal Impact’s Sarah Goodall, and Lucy Thorpe, who'll be discussing how sales and marketing can collaborate to create engaging stories to attract customers. We'll be covering:The link between storytelling, sales and marketing.How employee-generated content can contribute to the value of a brand.Equipping sales with the right storytelling tools and techniques to enhance their customer interactions.
56% of professionals say an executive’s presence on social media positively influences their purchase decision.Join Tribal Impact’s Sarah Goodall, and David Perry from WSP, who'll be discussing the importance of leaders being visible on LinkedIn and how to support their social media journey. We'll be covering:How active leaders help employee engagement and support new sales.How can you convince time-poor leaders to take social media seriously?Practical tips to encourage your leaders to post and engage on LinkedIn.
Leaders who use social media are trusted more than those who don't by a ratio of 6 to 1 (Brunswick).Join Tribal Impact’s Sarah Goodall and Charlotte Lander from Standard Chartered Bank, who'll be discussing the role of social media in building trust for brands, including challenges faced and the role senior leaders have to play. We'll be covering:The challenges of building trust on social media.How to encourage leaders to be more active online.The role of Employee Advocacy in building brand trust.
Join Ignacio Lancuba de Caro from Generali, a leader within the insurance industry, who will be sharing how they turn agents into trusted social advisors. Ignacio is joined by Tribal Impact’s Justyna Brownbridge.You will learn:How to turn agents into highly effective social advisorsHow Generali builds trust through their advice-led approach  Tips and tricks for using social media to generate leads, build your network, and close more deals.
In today's fast-paced business landscape, employee advocacy is quickly becoming a core part of how B2B companies go to market.However, rolling out a company-wide program can be daunting and there are several common barriers to success.Join Joe Morris, global B2B social media and employee advocacy leader at Capgemini, and Tribal Impact’s Sarah Winter, who'll explore what it takes to embed employee advocacy on a large scale. We'll be covering:How do you mobilise employee advocacy on a large scale?The main barriers to a successful employee advocacy programTips to embed a digital culture globally
Employees trust connected, digitally active leaders by a 3 to 1 ratio (Brunswick 2022). In today's world, having your senior leadership active and showing up on social media is essential. Join Tribal Impact's Sarah Winter and Sara Atkinson, EMEA Director of Field and Channel Marketing at Ciena, as they discuss how digitally active senior leaders are leading the way online. We'll be covering:Helping leaders become more digitally savvyEngaging Gen Z and Millennial employeesOvercoming objections to being active onlineThe connection to talent attraction
Join Tribal Impact's Sarah Goodall and Carole Scott, who'll be talking about the power of storytelling in B2B and how we enable employees to tell great stories.Topics covered will include:Why storytelling is just as important in B2BMeasuring communications and impactCreating a safe enviroment for employees to share their stories
According to LinkedIn, 76% of buyers are ready to have sales conversations on social media. Are your sales team ready to meet them there?Join Tribal Impact’s Sarah Goodall and Emmanuel Delvaux, former VP at MillerKnoll, who'll be sharing his experience and insights on how to transform sales through social selling and build lasting relationships with customers.  You will learn:The key benefits of a SocialSelling programBest practices for creating a social selling strategyTips and tricks for using social media to generate leads, build your network, and close more deals
Join Tribal Impact’s Sarah Goodall, and Nuria Munoz, Head of Talent Sourcing, at Microsoft, who'll be sharing her experiences of using social media across Microsoft, Unilever, and Vodafone (to name a few!), to attract top talent and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  Topics covered will include:The role social media plays for inclusive hiring programsThe importance of a compelling employer brand for attracting top diverse talentBest approaches for promoting diversity & inclusion in the workplace
Companies with a successful employee advocacy program are 58% more likely to attract, and 20% more likely to retain, top talent. (LinkedIn)Join Tribal Impact's Justyna Brownbridge, and Anna Bertoldini, Global Head of Employer Branding at NielsenIQ, who'll be discussing how employee advocacy can amplify your employer branding efforts. We'll be covering:NIQ's approach to employee advocacy How do you bring employee stories to life online? Encouraging employees to participate Ensuring employees follow the guidelines
Many enterprise firms are seeing the benefits of digitally enabling their workforce on social media.In this LinkedIn Live, Tribal Impact CEO Sarah Goodall will be joined by Kirsten Boileau, Learning Experience Partner from SAP, who will be sharing how to drive digital behaviour change, at scale. You’ll learn: The importance of investing in a digital culture Practical learning experiences to implement How to scale digital learning experiences How to get leadership buy-in The best ways to get employees engaged with your program. 
Almost 6 in 10 employees choose a workplace based on shared values (Edelman).Join Tribal Impact's Sarah Goodall, who spoke with Maya Tsankova, Global Employer Branding & Digital Communications Lead at Coca-Cola HBC, about the connection between HR, digital culture, employer branding, and social media. We discussed:Coca-Cola HBC's employee advocacy journeyRolling out an Employee Advocacy toolThe challenges of scaling a global programThe relationship between employer branding and talent acquisition
84% of B2B buyers are now starting the purchasing process with a referral, and peer recommendations are influencing more than 90% of all B2B buying decisions.Learn about the power of building your own online community with Tribal Impact's Justyna Brownbridge, who'll be speaking to Nádia Vieira, Manager - Global Scaled Customer Success Programs for LinkedIn Sales Solutions, about the lessons learned from build a LinkedIn Sales Navigator community. We'll be covering:Why are online communities so important? How do you start to build a strong community?How to keep your community alive and maintain high engagement. Differentiating between a branded community and company page.
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