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Kate interviews educator and author Andrew Lang. They talk about: ✨ Scarcity mindset as a disconnection from our own inherent dignity. ✨ Practices for cultivating a rich inner life. ✨ The importance of depth and introspection to seeing the resources that are already available to us. ✨ The intersection of spirituality and activism for social change. ✨ Disrupting scarcity in the public school system. And more! Learn more about Andrew's work at: Subscribe to Kate's newsletter to get the prompts and practices that accompany this episode:
Kate interviews holistic time coach, Becca Rich. They discuss: ✨ The portal that takes us from linear "human" time to a more spacious "spiritual" sense of time. ✨ Approaches to separating time from money. ✨ How and why we should experience states of timelessness. ✨ And more! Go Deeper: To receive the journal prompts and practices that accompany today's episode, subscribe to Kate's weekly newsletter, The Portal. Check out Becca's work at:
Kate talks to author and creative coach, Catherine LaSota. They discuss: How honing your authentic voice in order to find your place in a crowded creative market. The importance of community over competition with other artists and writers. The false scarcity that can be created when we view awards, grants and residencies as the only path to legitimacy as an artist. Mindset reframes to empower and resource your work as a writer, content creator or artist. And more! Go deeper: ✨ Sign up for Kate's weekly newsletter, The Portal, to receive prompts and practices that accompany today's episode: ✨ Check out Catherine's free online community for writers: ✨ Learn more about Catherine's work as a coach for writers and creatives at: 
Kate interviews the award-winning musician and teacher, Gary Grundei. They talk about: How scarcity and limitations can support the creative process. Songwriting and the human voice as a portal to creating more from less. Why everyone has permission to write songs, even if you don't have formal training. How and why to prioritize creativity. And so much more! Gary Grundei is an award-winning musician and teacher based in NYC. He is the founder of golden lotus studio, an online community for songwriters. Gary is well-known for his work with the band High Fiction, composing music for theater, film, and podcasts, as well as coaching and producing other artists. Gary has written music for NPR, MTV, and the ID Channel, as well as for prestigious institutions such as The Kennedy Center and New York Stage and Film. He has taught at universities such as Naropa University and Occidental College, and worked on projects with Meredith Monk, Bill Pullman, and Leigh Fondakowski. He and Amy Shelley make records under the moniker High Fiction. Check out his work at:⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ To sign up for Kate's weekly newsletter, The Portal, and receive accompanying journal prompts and practices for today's episode, go to:
Kate interviews Rolfer and movement educator, Kat Kocurek. They discuss: How Kat developed the clarity and courage to leave a successful corporate marketing career to pursuing her dream of becoming a professional bodyworker. The ways that embodiment can help disrupt scarcity thinking. Kat's relationship to money mindset as someone who had "golden handcuffs", and how she shifted that thinking. Finding a sense of security from doing work that you want to growth with for a lifetime, rather than from a specific amount of income. And more! ✨ Check out Kat's movement classes and Rolfing services and sign up for her newsletter here: ✨ To sign up for Kate's Monday newsletter to receive the prompts and practices that accompany today's episode, go HERE. ✨ Learn more about the Sweet Spot Summer Retreat or sign up HERE.
On this solo-cast, Kate reviews some of the most common scarcity mindsets related to creativity, thought leadership and self-expression. If you have ever worried that your ideas are not good enough, original enough, or you are not getting your work into the world fast enough to compete with the others who might have similar expertise, this episode is for you! Nourish your mind with some believable reframes and reminders so that you can keep creating your best work at your own pace and feel confident in sharing it with the world. If you are an entrepreneur, artist, content creator, or Enneagram Type 4 (if you know, you know), you will want to give this one a listen. References in this episode include: Space Beyond Scarce Podcast Episode 16 with Caryn Berley Space Beyond Scarce Podcast Episode 18 with Kelly Diels Space Beyond Scarce Podcast Episode 49 with Anika Horn Go Deeper: To receive the journal prompts and practices that accompany this episode, sign up for Kate's weekly newsletter, The Portal. To learn more about coaching with Kate, check out her website HERE.
Kate interviews ICF accredited Positive Psychologist & Leadership Coach, Karma Hill. We discuss: Karma's doctoral research into the impact of positive psychology coaching on workplace burnout. The importance of integral leadership to creating thriving workplaces. The top 3 signs that you may be experiencing burnout, and what to do about it. The influence of working remotely on burnout, and how we can prioritize "social self care" in the digital age. And so much more! Whether you are an organizational leader, a small business owner, or simply wanting to avoid burning out in your life and career, you will not want to miss this episode! Go Deeper: Follow Karma's work at: Linkedin: IG: FB: Website: ✨Sign up for Kate's Monday newsletter, The Portal, to receive the practices and prompts that accompany today's episode. ✨Learn more about Kate's Space Beyond Scarce Coaching Project that runs through May 15th, 2023.
Kate interviews Anika Horn, about building collaborative ecosystems around a common cause and overcoming the scarcity mindset of competition in movements for social good. More about this week's guest: Rooted at the intersection of systems thinking, social impact and storytelling, Anika works to advance the field of ecosystem building through her podcast Ecosystems for Change and as Director of Ecosystem Building at the Shenandoah Community Capital Fund in Staunton, VA. Previously, Anika co-founded Unreasonable Lab VA (Virginia’s first mini-accelerator for social entrepreneurs), CO.STARTERS VA (a startup program for idea-stage founders) and Rebelle Con (a boutique conference for entrepreneurial women). At the same time, she worked with high-growth startups at nationally ranked accelerator program Lighthouse Labs and spearheaded the B Corp movement in Virginia as the state’s official B Keeper. Prior to her work in North America, Anika earned a Bachelor of European Studies and Masters of Sustainability Sciences in Germany, France and Australia, where she spent a decade working  in journalism, non-profits, government and the private sector. Go Deeper: ✨ Sign up for Kate's weekly newsletter to get practices and prompts that accompany this week's episode. ✨ Sign up for Kate's Space Beyond Scarce Coaching Project. ✨ Learn more about Anika's work at: 
In this solo-cast, we are getting to know the nervous system! Kate outlines different stress responses that are influenced by scarcity mindset, and offers reframes, prompts and practices that will turn the power of the nervous system into an abundant resource. Go Deeper: To learn more, sign up for Kate's weekly newsletter HERE. Sign up for The Space Beyond Scarce Coaching Project HERE. Sign up for The Sweet Spot Summer Retreat HERE.
Kate interviews "Ritual Witch", Meghan Bursiek. They discuss: ✨ The relationship between binary thinking and scarcity mindset. ✨ How systems and spreadsheets can integrate with witchy rituals. ✨ Ways to disrupt time scarcity without adding more to your to-do list. ✨ Cultivating trust for what wants to happen. And so much more! Go Deeper: 🌈 Sign up for Kate's newsletter to get prompts and practices that accompany today's episode. To check out The Space Beyond Scarce Coaching Project or The Sweet Spot Retreat, go to: 🌈 You can learn more about Meghan's work and see the teachers she referenced in today's episode at:
Kate interviews her friend and coach trainer, Andrea Leda.  They discuss:  ✨ How scarcity mindset is similar to/differs from general anxiety.  ✨ How our sense of entitlement and privilege differentials can influence scarcity thinking (and why sometimes entitlement can be a good thing).  ✨ Specific examples of how coaching can disrupt cycles of scarcity, including many powerful questions to ask yourself if you are having a hard time believing that you can get the resources you need.  ✨ And so much more!  Go deeper:  Listen to episode 8 of this podcast for another deep dive conversation with Andrea  Check out Andrea's free online community for coaches, The Practice Community To see all that Andrea has to offer, check out the Braver Coach website.  For prompts and practices that accompany today's episode, be sure to subscribe to Kate's weekly newsletter HERE. 
Kate interviews Tiffany North (aka "Coach Tiffany") about her work as an intuitive eating professional, registered nurse and coach supporting people with disordered eating to find freedom and a secure attachment to food. Coach Tiffany is the creator of the Food Attachment Model, and in today's episode we discuss:  The scarcity mindset inherent in diet culture.  The importance of honoring our hunger signals and our desires.  The role of variety, novelty and pleasure in finding satiation, both with food and with our lives.  How attachment styles can show up in our relationship to food.  Tiffany's framework for supporting her clients to heal their relationship to food, eating and body image.  And so much more!  Resources to go deeper after listening:  Follow Coach Tiffany on IG Take Coach Tiffany's free quiz to find out your Food Attachment Style Sign up for Kate's Sweet Spot Summer Retreat Sign up for Kate's weekly newsletter, The Portal, to receive journal prompts in your inbox on Monday morning related to today's episode. 
Kate interviews the founders of Upbringing Collective, Hannah and Kelty. They talk about:  How to parent without conditioning our kids into a scarcity-driven culture.  Transforming our own scarcity-driven conditioning through awareness of our needs and boundaries.  How to model respectful, connection-driven and needs-based communication with kids, rather than repeat systems of oppression and power over.  Why coaching is such a powerful tool for disrupting scarcity mindset, both in parenting and in business building.  And so much more!  Go deeper:  ✨ Follow Hannah and Kelty on IG @ ✨ Join the Upbringing Collective online community, sign up for small group parenting coaching, or get more resources at their website.  ✨ For practices and prompts that accompany today's episode, be sure to sign up for Kate's Monday newsletter, The Portal.  
In this solo podcast, Kate offers a primer for how attachment theory might intersect with scarcity thinking, and how our attachment styles can influence the way we relate to our resources.  References and additional resources:  ✨ Sign up for Kate's Monday newsletter to receive additional prompts and practices that accompany today's episode.  ✨ Learn more about attachment theory (and take a quiz to find out your style!) on NPR's Life Kit or check out Glennon Doyle's We Can Do Hard Things podcast.  ✨ For a critical perspective on attachment theory, this article makes a good start. 
Kate talks to the director of Realise Earth, Osbert Lancaster about:  ✨ Why overcoming scarcity mindset is important to building a more sustainable future.  ✨ How to avoid burnout as someone who cares about environmental sustainability.  ✨ Examples of how people in a variety of fields can become sustainability leaders.  ✨ Creating pockets of the future in the now.  And more!  Go Deeper:  To receive Kate's Monday newsletter with accompanying journal prompts for this episode, sign up HERE.  To learn more about Osbert's work and the Sustainability Leadership Network, check out their website HERE.    References made in this episode:  IPBES Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Joanna Macy's work on Active Hope Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economics
In this episode, Kate introduces a new tool for assessing decisions based on the level of scarcity or abundance they may bring. You can download the workbook that accompanies this podcast HERE.  Resources and references:  ✨ Sign up for Kate's "Scarcity Free 2023 Vision and Intention Setting for the New Year" mini-retreat HERE.  ✨ Get your very own digital download of The Scarcity Meter HERE.  ✨ Kate recommends: Rachel Maddow's "Ultra" podcast series. Check it out HERE.  ✨ Receive the accompanying prompts and practices by signing up for Kate's weekly newsletter HERE. 
Kate interviews business consultant Brooke Monaghan. They discuss:  -Why there is no "right way" to do business. -The link between scarcity mindset and perfectionism.  -How to create more agency in your approach to success.  And more!  Resources:  Check out Brooke's free self-guided workshop, "Pathway to Sustainable, Values-Aligned Impactful Business" Check out Kate's Fall Coaching Project, The Seeds of Self-Trust or sign up for her Monday newsletter to get the journal prompts that accompany this podcast episode HERE. 
Kate interviews anti-capitalist coach and fellow podcaster, Lauren Roberts. They talk about:  -The role of mindset coaching in working with political candidates.  -How Lauren defines anti-capitalism and why she uses that phrase in her work.  -The ethical nuance of money mindset work.  And so much more!  Additional Resources:  ⚡️You can schedule a free 30-minute call with Lauren HERE.  ⚡️ You can check out Lauren's work HERE.  ⚡️ Check out Lauren's NEW PODCAST! It's called "It's Not You, It's the System"  ⚡️ To sign up for Kate's newsletter (and get additional practices and prompts that go with this episode), or to sign up for Kate's coaching project, go to: 
In this solo episode, Kate breaks down a few of the reasons why prioritization is a vital skill to develop if we want to overcome scarcity thinking.  To get the free resources mentioned in this episode, go to To view or download the transcript from today's episode, go HERE. 
Kate interviews brand strategist and founder of the Ethical Move, Alice Karolina.  In our conversation, we talk about:  -Building ethical businesses that are based on relationships and trust.  -The bottom up influence of small businesses on corporate culture.  -The role that small business owners can play in influencing policy and a more just economy.  -The new Ethical Move community and how it came to be. And so much more!  Links and resources to go deeper:  -Check out The Ethical Move pledge and online community HERE.  -Check out Alice Karolina's work as a brand strategist HERE.  -Sign up for Kate's fall coaching project, The Seeds of Self Trust HERE.  -To get follow up practices and prompts to today's episode, make sure you are signed up for Kate's weekly newsletter. 
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