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Riverdish: A Riverdale Recap Podcast

Author: Ryan Bloomquist

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Ryan Bloomquist and Sam Gold share their unique and often comical musings on the new hit CW show, Riverdale.
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Ryan and Sam share an announcement about this upcoming season of Riverdale.
What a season it's been! The drama, the laughter, the tears just like pearls... Ryan and Sam are joined this week by director and all Riverdale super-fan Srda Vasiljevic to discuss the season 3 finale of Riverdale.
Organs and boxing and hooks... oh my! This week's episode of Riverdale was absolutely bonkers and we obviously LIVED for it! Tune in to hear all of our thoughts on the latest happenings at The Farm and what we think could possibly be going on with the Gargoyle King.
Prom Night

Prom Night


It's gonna be a night you'll never forget! Sam and Ryan recap this week's episode of Riverdale diving into their own prom nights, charismatic cult leaders, and Cher. We also share an exclusive first listen to our Riverdish audiobook!
Sam and Ryan recount their night at The Cher Show and are then joined by guest Nathan Richardson to talk about this week's episode of Riverdale. They dive into all things tattoo based, cults, and waterside prison views.



Tonight- it's just family! It's just Ryan and Sam this episode as they dive into this week's Riverdale episode. Fake graves, G, steam rooms, and an award worthy monologue from Dr. Curdle are all on the table this week as we start to head into the final episodes of season 3!
The farm's tapes have got nothing on us! This week we are joined by Gaelyn Golde to discuss this week's episode. Listen in as we chat about cults, school drills, and teeth in chalices.
How very. We're thrilled to report that this year's Riverdale musical episode delivered once again! This week we dish about our favorite parts of the episode before diving into interviews with the composer of "Heathers the Musical" Laurence O'Keefe and original cast member (aka Martha Dunnstock) Katie Ladner!
American Dreams

American Dreams


Tonight it's just family as Sam and Ryan tackle this week's episode of Riverdale. Move over Nana Rose- we've got a new icon in town: Delores! Listen as we chat Gay Red Paladin Challenges, Robyn, Heathers, and so much more!
It has certainly been a tough week for Riverdale fans with the news of Luke Perry's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends as they grieve this tremendous loss. There was no better week to have on Imani Gary, the marketing director for our upcoming book with Harper Collins. Imani is an expert on all things Riverdale and we were so happy to have her on to break down this week's episode. Listen in as we discuss being accidental hecklers, walking on fire, and the reveal of our upcoming milkshake!
Today we're coming at you with a special bonus episode with the hilarious Jared Freid. Jared is a relationship expert and, with his help, we're breaking down all of the flings both past and present of the characters on Riverdale.
Rocky found shaking. This week we enter the boxing ring with the one and only Nick Rizzo who joins us to break down this week's episode. We break down Archie's new career, cult baptisms, and the ever-expanding number of gangs in the town of Riverdale.
We had an absolute BLAST chatting with Cody Kearsley (Moose!) during our trip to Vancouver this past fall. Listen in as we chat over the most delicious donuts ever made about Cody's background, how he ended up on Riverdale, and his hopes for Moose in the future. While we were bummed to see Cody's departure from the show last episode, we are SO excited to watch Cody star in the new Netflix show, "Daybreak" coming soon. Enjoy!
Ryan and Sam are joined this week by super-agent (and Casey Cott's first director) Brittany Perlmuter! We go deep on bottoming after Pop's, The Wild Party, college admission stories, and so much more!
A not-so-secret sex club, Sondheim covers, and more plot lines than most shows have in an entire season, this episode has it all! Thankfully we have Dan Shinaberry/James with us this week to break it all down.
In this week’s episode Sam and Ryan are joined by the hilarious Sam Taggart to discuss Hal coming out as a flaming murderer, root beer floats, and so much more. We guarantee you that this episode is better than the SAT scores of the students of Riverdale High.
No Exit with Emma Gold

No Exit with Emma Gold


Tonight it is just family as Sam's sister Emma joins us for a recap of this week's wacky episode of Riverdale. We catch up on Sam's brush with death, host families, and so much more!



Sam and Ryan announce their upcoming book "Riverdish: The Unauthorized Case Files of Riverdale" coming this spring!!! They also discuss Riverdale's wild mid-season finale.
Ryan and Sam recap this week's episode of Riverdale before their exclusive interview with actor Julian Haig who plays Elio on Riverdale. Underscored by the best tunes of ABBA, the trio discuss Call Me By Your Name, drunken adventures on pirate ships, the sounds of the Vancouver steam clock, and much much more!
Entertainment Editor for Cosmo, Emily Tannenbaum, returns to Riverdish after her record breaking episode last season. We chat about all of our Gargoyle King theories and the insanity that was this week's episode of Riverdale. Also please reach out if you know the difference between Manhunt and Ghosts in the Graveyard.
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