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Author: Supriya Mehra

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One of the most popular way to create generation wealth is through Real Estate. We know or have at least heard of one person who has retired early and is now living their dream life and that was through investing in Real Estate.In this podcast, Supriya Mehra interviews Realtors, Investors, Accountants, Lawyers, Builders who have some insights into the world of Real Estate. Each week a guest discusses their ideas, strategies, opportunities that our listeners can take advantage of. You can subscribe to this podcast to make sure you don’t miss an episode once it has been released. Follow us on the gram @canadianrealestate101
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In this episode, we have Natasha Phipps from Phipps Real Estate Group based out of Calgary, Alberta and they provide supportive and value driven real estate services to their clients who wish to buy, sell or invest. Team leader Natasha Phipps is an experienced top producing Realtor, real estate investor and public speaker.In this episode Natasha discusses some key things people should consider before making a move from one city to another. If you are considering to move or purchase an investment property in Calgary, then please reach out to Natasha Phipps and her team:
In this episode, we have Suman Chakrobarthy who is a real estate investor as well. Suman’s story is very inspiring and interesting. He talks about his journey of how he got started in Real Estate, what was his why, what roadblocks he faced and what deals he has done so far.For financing needs please email
We know tax season is almost here. There’s always lots of questions around taxes, the deadlines, what kind of tax returns and tax structures are out there. So to answer all these questions, we have a tax and accounting specialist with us today. We have Sanjay Khanna from Taxacc Solutions inc. Sanjay is a Chartered Accountant from India and a Certified Financial Planner. With over 25 years of strategic, analytical and decision support experience in business planning, accounting, budgeting and operations Finance, Sanjay is serving the needs of individuals and owner managed businesses in the field of taxation, accounting and wealth management. He has a proven track record of settling up successful businesses in Canada and is now helping owners attain individual and business financial success. Email: taxacc@live.caPhone: 416-268-6907Address : 218 Export Blvd, Suite 314, Mississauga, CanadaFor financing needs please email
Many people think that the only way to invest in real estate is through buying a property, renting it out or flipping it or doing a brrr. Very few people know that you can actually invest in real estate through your registered funds account as well. Yes you can use funds from RRSP’s, TFSA, RESP ,invest in Real Estate and earn a healthy return without doing much other than lifting your finger to sign on the documents. In today’s episode, Nicholas Connell from Equiton talks about the opportunity to invest in Real Estate through Registered Funds. Equiton invests in pure play institutional grade multi residential properties through Apartment Fund. Investors in the fund receive monthly distributions from rental income and capital appreciation from property value increases. Nicholas explains different types of opportunities as it is RRSP season and presents you various options for your money to grow. If you’d want a white glove service, then please reach out to me at and I will directly connect you with : www.equiton.comIf you’d like to connect with Nicholas - please send an email to Supriya -
There are lots of nuances with Assignment Clause and Sales. We uncover in depth about assignment clause with Kam Sandhu from Goldstone Lawyers in this episode.We discuss:What are assignment salesDifferent legal terms usedWhat clauses to watch out forHow to protect yourself as a seller under Assignment ClauseHow to protect yourself as a buyer under Assignment ClauseContact 676-0001 #102For financing needs please email
In this episode we have Aditya Kumar Soma, who is an Investor focused realtor in Windsor. His story is really inspiring. He came to Canada from a tiny village in India back in 2012 as a student. He went into debt due to his studies and family obligations. What he created within the last 5 years after becoming a real estate agent and an investor is mind boggling. Today you can find him educating his viewers on YouTube, and other social media channels. With more than 26K subscribers, over 1 million views and over the last 4 years, he and his team have sold over 500 homes. Contact: Aditya Kumar SomaEmail: info@wincityre.comPhone: 1-519-279-6550Case Study:A Small Business Owner client was trying to refinance their property and plan on purchasing their next property. Using our NIAT program for Business owners, we were able to qualify them to refinance and purchase their next investment property. If you are a small business owner and want to invest or purchase a property, then please reach out to Supriya - 
In today’s episode, we have Sarah Logue from Team Logue. Sarah is the Broker of Record for RE/MAX Escarpment Team Logue Realty.Sarah’s goal has always been to create long-term relationships. She believes in honesty and integrity as the best currency in life and business, and hopes to pass on these values to those around her. Team Logue continues to exceed client expectations, earn repeat business & referrals, and remains a top team in the Burlington-Oakville area because of these values. In this episode, Sarah discusses how to prepare for selling your current or buying your next property in Q1 of 2023. Contact information for Sarah:Email: Sarah@teamlogue.caPhone: (905) 630-7022For your Mortgage Questions, please email Supriya at supriya.mehra@cibc.comWishing you safe and Happy Holidays! 
First Time Home Buyer Seminar (In Person) - December 16th Friday from 6-8pmRegistration Link : this episode we have Kyle Stanley all the way from California. Kyle is an AirBnB Superhost and host of "The Fearless Investor Podcast."Kyle shares his entrepreneurial journey and how he got started in the AirBnB arbitrage business and scaling his business from $3K to $20K per month in less than 1 year.He also gives a glimpse about what his program teaches about building and scaling an AirBnB Arbitrage business. To get some juicy resources for this strategy, go to and subscribe to Canadian Real Estate 101 Podcast.Email us at supriyamehramortgages@gmail.comFollow us on IG/TikTok @canadianrealestate101
First Time Home Buyer Seminar (In Person) - December 16th Friday from 6-8pmRegistration Link : today’s episode, we have Joseph Kehoe. Joseph is a realtor with Royal LePage ProALLIANCE and Royal LePage Commercial out of the Belleville office. Joseph has been investing in real estate since he was 18 years old through REITs, purchased his property at 21 and have been scaling and investing ever since in the Bay of Quinte area, Toronto and the United States.With his strong understanding of financial, investment, and business practices he is well-equipped to handle complex commercial real estate transactions. In this episode, Joseph talks about Belleville market and why it might be your city for your residential or commercial investment.Joseph’s email: josephkehoe@royallepage.caPhone number: (613) 885-1374Share and subscribe to Canadian Real Estate 101 Podcast.Email us at supriyamehramortgages@gmail.comFollow us on IG/TikTok @canadianrealestate101
Sign up for our First Time Home Buyer In person seminar on December 16. Guest today is Huda Alvi.Huda’s journey has been really inspiring. She’s a natural born fighter, leader and an entrepreneur at heart. She has decade of experience in sales, having founded and run multiple businesses and handled nearly all facets of management and marketing – from PR, Social media and HR. As a fairly new real estate agent, Huda has developed deep understanding of the market, mortgages, finance and so much more. She has experience flipping couple of her own properties, doing an AirBnB and so much more.In this episode, she is so open and vulnerable about her wins and loses as a Real Estate Investor and shares some key learnings with us.You can follow her on IG @hudaalviEmail: hello@hudaalvi.comFollow us on IG and TikTok @canadianrealestate101Schedule your complimentary call with
This episode is unique as I wanted to celebrate my day with you all. In this episode I don’t have any guest as I wanted this one to be special and just talk to you guys! my CRE 101 family :) So for today’s episode I talk about 10 things that have helped me on the path I am on and hopefully they can motivate/guide you as well.  Tune in to find out what those 10 things are! Follow us on social @canadianrealestate101 Schedule your complimentary call to figure out how  you can achieve your financing goals with Supriya   
In today’s episode we have David Edey. David is a Certified Executor Advisor who has worked in the financial planning industry in Montreal for more than 35 years. He has advised hundreds of clients, written over 200 articles about personal finances and shared his expertise on radio and television numerous times. Due to his personal experience of grief, frustration and stress of an life altering experience, David was determined to help families with estate planning and executorship. In today’s episode David shares:What estate planning entailsWhy it is so important to have a these discussions early onWhat could be the implications of not having your estate planned in the right way. You can listen to his podcast Executor help and check out his self help book – Executor Help available through his website or listen to the audio book for free on audible. Follow us on social @canadianrealestate101 Schedule your complimentary call to figure out how  you can achieve your financing goals with Supriya
In today’s episode we have Charles Crompton. Charles had worked on the corporate side of an investment firm for 11 years before quitting his job about 10 months ago. As you’ll hear in the podcast, him and his wife Tiffany were on the path for creating wealth through stocks and real estate to retire early. Somewhere through their journey, they wanted to quit their corporate jobs and create something for themselves to create freedom.Inspired by listening to another podcast, they both quit their corporate jobs to build an arbitrage company with two other partners. 10 months into it, they have more than 40 listings and a 7 figure business.This is probably going to hit home with many of our listeners as this strategy has been well talked about and getting more traction in Canada. It was pretty popular in US already but slowly making its way up here.Charles shares how he got started in this business, what are some things to consider, what are some mistakes they have made and what were some key learnings from this business so far.You can follow him and his partners at @crompton_elite_rei and @airbnbsimplifiedIf you  have any comments or thoughts, please feel free to share them with us at
In today’s episode we have Erwin Szeto. He is the founder and owner of iWIN Real Estate, a team of veteran real estate agents, who coach real estate investors from Toronto area to achieve wealth. He also has a top 100 Investment Podcast – Truth about Real estate investing.Join me on November 12th , 2022 Wealth Conference where you’ll learn about smart, efficient strategies to earn, save, invest and protect your during upcoming uncertain times.Here is the link with our special code: your tickets today so we have a chance to meet and connect in person along with full day of learning and applying strategies for our growth.
In our episode today, we have Reuven Gorsht from Deeded.Reuven is the Co-Founder and CEO of Deeded, the Canadian instant home ownership platform.  Deeded is CHANGING the home closing experience.  Deeded works with lenders, mortgage professionals, and prop tech companies to make closings frictionless.  Prior to Deeded, Reuven co-founded MoveSnap, a real estate technology company, which was acquired in 2018.Reuven spent 15+ years working with top fortune 500 companies on their customer experience and go-to-market strategies.  He holds degrees in business and human resources and is an alumnus of Harvard Business School.In this episode, Reuven talks about how Deeded is helping create a smoother home closing experience.He shares his story about how his personal experience was when it came to his own home closing. Thatexperience led to the birth of Deeded.Check out the company website and their services at deeded.caContact Supriya Mehra for any questions about your Financing needs
We are celebrating our first anniversary today! THANK YOU for all the support you have given us over the last 12 months. It means a lot to us.Our first in person event is happening on Thursday October 20th from 12-3pm in Mississauga. Please email us at if you’d like to attend. As we have very limited seats left, please connect with us soon. We expect more to come this year. So if you’re in the market for renewal or purchasing a property or simply want to switch from another bank then we have a promo going on for the month of October. You can get 4.89% for a two year term at 25 year amortization. Email or call me and we can discuss further if this is something that will work for you.In this episode we have Adriana Ostapenko. Adriana is the Founder of Ace Properties and started investing in Real Estate back in 2016. She co-owns a construction company that was established 12 years ago in the Greater Toronto Area, and specializes in MultiFamily BRRR projects. Her main focus presently is on restructuring assets to give back to the communities she operates in, while expanding her portfolio and reach.She shares her journey about how she got into real estate investing. She walks you through her formula about how to decides which market to invest in. You can reach Adriana through email hello@ace-properties.comWebsite: www.ace-properties.comIG: @adriana.ostapenko. 
With over a decade of experience on Bay St. In the Financial Industry working as a consultant, Mindy Kahlon brings with her a wealth of knowledge, a fiery passion and a can-do attitude. Having worked successfully in both resale and numerous PreConstruction projects over the years, she believes it is her duty to ensure her clients are well equipped for any real estate transaction. In this episode Mindy shares about her journey as a realtor and why she had invested in Calgary. We talk about current environment of investing in Calgary and she also shares her recent project she’s working on with her builder partners.Website: www.mindykahlon.comIG: @mindykahlonEmail: realty@mindykahlon.comIf you have any questions or concerns regarding your current mortgage need some guidance in your particular situation - please email
Susan White Livermore knew she didn’t want to work in corporate anymore, and when the option of her first real investment property buy presented itself, she jumped in.However haphazardly she entered the investment property world, in just over a year she had 13 properties, had earned the “Newcomer of the Year” award from Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine (2011) and the “Top Player” title from the Real Estate Investment Network (2012). With properties in Ontario and Alberta, she continues to steadily build her unique investment business focusing on legalized suites.Susan began coaching and teaching from the stage as more and more curious investors sought her out to learn her strategies. Now known as Millionaire Mom, Susan’s approachable coaching platform is suitable for everyone from first time buyers to seasoned investors.In this episode Susan walks us through strategies on how you can achieve your real estate goals with limited time on hand.Check out her website https://www.millionairemom.coIG susan@millionairemom.caIf you have any questions or concerns regarding your current mortgage need some guidance in your particular situation - please email
Alfonso Cuadra is a serial entrepreneur and an established Real Estate Investor. With his wealth of experience in Real Estate Investing he helps other new and savvy RE Investors through Wealth Genius academy. In this episode, Alfonso sheds more light on Multi Family investing. Some of the key points we discuss about are:What are multi family propertiesWhy purchasing multi family properties makes senseHow does the financing works for this asset classYou can follow Alfonso on IG @alfonsocuadraYoutube @Alfonso CuadraEmail: acuadra@wealthgenius.aiIf you want to find out how financing might work in your situation for the Multi Family Properties. Please reach out to
Daniela Biagi is a realtor in Grimsby, St. Catherine’s and Niagara Falls area. With her diverse experience and skill set along with the passion to help her clients find their dream home, Daniela excels in providing her services to her clients.In this episode she shares if you should buy or sell first. We also discuss about conditions. These are back into the market and what kind of conditions buyers should consider including in their offers.Schedule a call with Daniela today to see how you should proceed in this market. Her IG handle is @danielabiagiEmail: daniela@danielabiagi.comIf you have any Mortgage Related questions, please feel free to reach out
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