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Author: Jeff Borman and Matt Brown

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No Show is about the business of travel: hotels, tourism, technology, changing consumer tastes, the conference industry, and what you actually get for $50 worth of resort fees.


Hosts Jeff Borman and Matt Brown explore the intersection of design, architecture, place, emotion, and memory. When we travel, we pass through these intersections, supported by a massive business infrastructure and a fleet of dedicated (and patient) service professionals.

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50 Episodes
Have you ever pondered the fate of your hotel soap after check-out? Shawn Seipler did, big time, and it launched him on an extraordinary mission to improve global hygiene. The Clean the World founder joins us to talk about how its Global Hospitality Program works with over 8,000 participants to upcycle soap and tackle some of the deadliest problems on the planet.https://cleantheworld.org
Atomic Ranch Editor Jickie Torres joins us to talk Palm Springs, modernism, and the 75th anniversary of the Hollin Hills House and Garden Tour, now the largest mid-century modern home event on the East Coast. Touring architecture has been around as long as the Coliseum, but we're in a new era of architecture as tourism, with an economic impact we're just starting to understand.https://www.hollinhillsmodern.comhttps://modernismweek.comhttps://www.atomic-ranch.com
What exactly is Sustainable Aviation Fuel? What needs to happen for us to start using it? And what's the government's role in propelling a new era of sky travel? Our guest Meg Whitty is Vice President of Corporate Relations and Marketing at LanzaJet, a company whose aim is to decarbonize the aviation industry. She joins us in this episode to talk about jet fuel's brave new future, which is WAY closer than you think.lanzajet.comLanzaJet on LinkedIn
How big of a factor is sustainability when U.S. travelers choose where to go? Who do they think should be responsible for addressing cultural and economic sustainability challenges? How much does a crowded versus uncrowded destination matter when tourists make decisions on where to go? We will definitely, absolutely find out with Madeline List, a Senior Research Analyst with Phocuswright and the author of the report Beyond Climate Change: Cultural and Economic Sustainability in Travel.h...
Ever wonder how the experience at a hotel might transform your next hospital visit? Stowe Shoemaker is a legend in hospitality academia, and we discuss his new book Hospitable Healthcare: Just What the Patient Ordered!, co-written with Peter Yesawich. Hospitals are taking a closer look at how hotels approach care, service, and satisfaction, and a change in your hospital stay might come sooner than you think.
The industry veteran and co-founder of Travel Again Advisory dives in to biggest question facing the travel industry. And can we please come up with an alternative to the term "revenge travel?" And what's going on with American Airlines, and the state of loyalty programs in general?
Today Hilton is comprised of 17 brands, with more than 5,900 properties in 114 countries around the world. Marriott International controls over 7,000 properties in 131 countries, including the Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis luxury brands. But...were they really competing with each other over the last century, or competing with the world?In this episode we're going extremely meta in a review of another podcast you should absolutely listen to. Also, we investigate the intriguingly named "bed wars" ...
Lise is Chief Program Officer of the National Park Foundation, leading program and partnerships teams responsible for delivering more than $89 million in grants and other support to national parks. We talk about the NPS' overall economic impact on communities and regions, keeping a healthy symbiosis between public and private interests, combatting overtourism, and hidden gems in the park system.National Park FoundationLeave No TraceRecreate ResponsiblyNPF Instagram
The award-winning associate professor from Penn State's School of Hospitality Management talks about the possible (?) demise of those dreaded resort fees, how local economies depend on NCAA football weekends, and gives us the state of the union for the hotel industry heading into 2024.
The chance to speak with someone who has visited 191 countries was just too good, which is why academic, entrepreneur, advisor to world leaders, and world traveler David Goldberg joins us. What are tips for traveling in a fraught world? What's the hairiest travel situation he's been in? What's an underrated country you should visit? Did he know from an early age he'd become an international man of mystery?
Amtrav CEO Jeff Klee sheds light on New Distribution Capability (NDC), a transformative schema that's changing the way we travel. NDC is reshaping the landscape of airfares, third-party technology, and personalization in unexpected ways. We also talk about Southwest's unique (and longstanding) stance on third-party sales, and how NDC elevates the importance of price assurance tools in hotel distribution.
Are major hotel brands taking over the world? Does office attendance directly correlate to hotel occupancy? What's the worst day for occupancy at hotels? And how do you handle travel to places that have recently experienced a disaster?
Summer may be winding down, but the road to adventure lives forever in our hearts. Or does it? People still take road trips, but where they go and why has changed drastically over the last 30 years, and the coming wave of EVs is going to alter our idea of a road trip even more.So, do gas prices matter at all? Do sky-high airfares impact our willingness to sit in a car for 20 hours? Did roadside hotels see a post-pandemic dip or boost in summer occupancy? What's the worst state to drive to? An...
How exactly to airline loyalty programs work, and is there any way to game the system? Credit cards play a huge factor, but do any of them give you the edge? We use American Airlines as our case study example of how plane perks and credit cards are so intertwined.The more you know:
Hotel data people: prepare for enlightenment as we sit down with Jan Freitag, CoStar's National Director of Hospitality Analytics. How does 2024 look? Why is occupancy still still trailing 4% below pre-pandemic levels? What data sources does he use? What's his new podcast about? Is he actually a wizard who can predict the future? YES.News you can use:
Aaron is the Executive Director of must-see destination The Neon Museum Las Vegas, a space dedicated to collecting, preserving, studying and exhibiting iconic Las Vegas signs. We talk about pushing the boundaries of a traditional museum experience, preserving history in a town that embraces demolition, and the mysterious red button in Siegfried and Roy's mansion.
Wait, the Intercontinental is related to Pan Am? Holiday Inn really came from a movie? Motel 6 was (briefly) $6 a night? Doubletree was just because the land surveyed had two trees on it? Jeff and Matt explore the naming origins of hotels big and small.The more you know:
Does Taylor Swift really affect hotel prices? Which airport has the longest security wait times? Are international travelers favoring the east coast more than the west coast? Should you buy trip insurance? Is there really a hotel designed specifically for pilots and flight crews? Are plane tickets radically more expensive this year? Let's find out.
Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts


Dave is an award-winning professor, author, and hospitality legend, and he's the recipient of the 2023 Revenue Optimization Educator of the Year award from The Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI). We talk about what NOT to do in a downturn, whether promotions actually work, the reality around loyalty programs, and advice he gives soon-to-be graduates.
Dan is Director of Operations for the Andaz West Hollywood, perhaps the most storied rock and roll hotel in history. We talk about the debaucherous past of what was formerly known as the "Riot Hyatt" on the Sunset Strip, the growing focus on wellness in hospitality, what to do when celebrities walk through the lobby, and mysterious campsites of the Old West.
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