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I'm not sure how to describe my relationship with The Voice of a Generation.  Brandon inspires me.  Brandon challenges me.  Brandon loves me.  Find you a Brandon Handley.  He has changed my life on so many levels.
Tawny has dated, loved, fell in love, fell out of love, been single and alone, broken some hearts, have had her heart broken, ignored a lot of red flags, was a red flag at one point and have experienced a life changing loss of a love partner.Tawny has 15+ years in the field of psychology and communications as well as over 20+ years of bartending which has provided her with REAL WORLD insight and feedback.Tawny has a powerful blend of professional tools and personal experiences that have allowed her to master The Art of Breakup Recovery and Relationship
My man Jonathan Gehrig!  One of the things I respect most about Jonathan is how great of a father and husband he is.  He has a passion for his faith and business.



This is by far my favorite episode with my friend Donnie.  Please take time to go on a journey of growth and motivation.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I
Kaluwa is an inspiration.....For so long I struggled. Struggled in unhealthy relationships, struggled to make ends meet, struggled to get my business to be successful, even when I was doing all the right things. Then I stopped struggling, and I don't want you to either.Be inspired by Breakthrough or Bust, ClariTea with Kaluwa, or Imperfectly Amazing.There's a spark in you!
1.  Expect it!2.  Realize where they are3.  Realize where you are going4.  Be silent.  Take action.5.  Understand you are on the right
Sam is a 19-year-old young man who is college bound, majoring in media and entrepreneurship. He found his niche and love in podcasting in high school when he joined his high school's media club. Podcasting became his passion and he started his own, Autism Rocks and Rolls. What started out as a hobby soon got the world's attention. Sam now wants to change the perspective of autism, destigmatizing the negativity that often surrounds this type of brain wiring. Sam is using his platform to first and foremost, help those on the spectrum or anyone that feels as though they do not belong because they simply feel "different." Sam wants to reach parents who might be terrified because their child was diagnosed with autism, someone on the spectrum that feels lost, a business owner that wants to bring motivation to his or her company, teachers that want to understand the emotional side of autism for their students, and anyone that needs something to feel good about themselves. Sam tells his story through motivational speaking and the spoken word. He also is building his business by asking more sponsors to jump aboard and offering several services. His favorite pastimes are well, podcasting. He also loves dogs, spending time outdoors, spending time with his family, creative writing, blogging, zip lining, traveling, and watching WWE.
This is how you get unstuck in life!
This is one of the best interviews i've ever been part of.  Dave is a mentor and a friend.  The knowledge he spits in this episode will change your life!Dave "Mr. Accountability" Anderson is a leading international speaker and author on personal and corporate performance improvement. After an extensive career in the automotive retail business Dave, along with his wife Rhonda, began LearnToLead - entering its third decade - with the goal to help individuals and organizations reach their personal and corporate potential.The author of 15 books, most recently Intentional Mindset: Developing Mental Toughness and a Killer Instinct (available wherever books are sold), and host of the wildly popular podcast, "The Game Changer Life," Dave's no-nonsense messages impact readers and listeners in over 145 countries. Dave has spoken in twenty countries and presents 100+ times annually to a wide array of businesses, athletic teams, and nonprofits. His immediately applicable messages, energized and dynamic presentation style, and unmatched content positively focuses, equips, and inspires teams to do better – and the principles he shares resonate with audiences from a wide array of industries.  His direct, often-humorous, and somewhat politically incorrect approach has earned him the nickname, “Mr. Accountability.” Dave’s “in-the-trenches” background of starting and running world class businesses, coupled with his relatable non-academic approach creates unmatched connection that resonates with his audiences and moves them to action. Dave and Rhonda are also co-founders of Matthew 25:35 Foundation, which helps feed, clothe and house under-resourced people worldwide. In his personal time Dave enjoys the martial arts and holds a second degree black belt in karate. He has been married three decades to Rhonda, and enjoys life as a grandpa
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The Laughing Otter is a positive alternative to all the negative media, both social and otherwise, that bombards us from every direction, every day. It is a positive membership community that laughs, grows, and gives back together – something that we can all feel good about.As a bonus, 5% is donated to grassroots initiatives, The Laughing Otter Scholarship Program, and Not-For-Profit Organizations to help children and people at risk.Have a click around, become a member, learn and hopefully The Laughing Otter will help you will find that little “Something” that will make you smile.
What kind of conversation are you having with yourself?  Are you truly aware of what goes on in your head?
Jesse Cole is one of my all time favorite guests.  He's not only my Coach, but one of my best friends.  This episode gets deep quick.  We talk about Faith, God, and Life.  Do not miss this episode.
1.  Belief in a dream2.  Belief in a process3.  Belief in time4.  Belief in success5.  Belief in yourselfJeremy@jeremytodd
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Edna Keep’s journey from single mom at age 16 – living in subsidized housing with a daughter in subsidized daycare - to multi-millionaire Real Estate Entrepreneur and Coach inspires others. Her major operations are long-term buy-and-hold rental apartment buildings. Her claim to fame is a $75 Million real estate portfolio built with “Other People’s Money.” A proponent of educationand inspiration, Edna offers free training with her Real Estate Coaching Fridays and Mindset Monday events on Facebook each
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As women age and experience the transition of menopause, they should not shrink away but become empowered about the future of their health and mindset so that they age gracefully and
1.  Expect to win!2.  Expect to lose!3.  Review goals often4.  Vision board5.  Ask for help!6.  Fear no
5 Truth Bombs!

5 Truth Bombs!


1.  True to your personal skills2.  True to your intent3.  True to others4.  True to your past5  True to your
Comments (27)

shirzad sagafi

unconditionally love, I think it's only possible about your kids. at least it's true for me.

Aug 18th

shirzad sagafi

talking too fast or you trimmed??

Aug 18th

Erin kudrov

love your podcasts. I share them in my intentionalsoulsearcher group on fb hoping that they will help at least one person.

Mar 23rd


Love it!! So very true also, I'm kind of going through something at the moment, different but possibly a bit of an addiction without realising it! I need to change to be a better me; but is it better or is it just different? Do we need to conform to what is right by society or what feels right for you? Damn lots on the table to think about! Definitely gotta keep positive and live your best life! Keep what is good for your life and get rid of what is not!

Jan 6th

Lamila Talam

well said!!

Aug 19th
Reply (1)

Darja Jerjomcenko

Just because you have asked for a 5star rating at the end of the podcast...I am leaving a 4star rating...get better, improve, you are not perfect! 🤗

May 10th

Andrea Kay

I shared this with my friends. I lived this episode.

Apr 25th

Shonah Chalmers

Great way to start my day, thanks for reminding me of the power of positivity

Mar 20th

Jacqueline Michanczyk

wow. amazing episode 💕

Jan 24th

Amanda Ballard Coates


Jan 21st

Vandana Ashok Kumar

Loved this episode....authentic & takes courage to talk about our mistakes ..accepting it as the positive side of life.

Jan 14th
Reply (2)

Suleiman Joanne

Hey I’m from Kenya. Thank you for this words really do move me. Keep going, I’m listening

Dec 30th

Amanda Ballard Coates

I LOVE hearing about all of the countries around the world where people are tuning in!

Dec 18th

Amanda Ballard Coates

got my t shirt! plus one for a friend!

Dec 5th

Amanda Ballard Coates


Dec 1st

Amanda Ballard Coates


Nov 28th

Vandana Ashok Kumar

I could hear the excitement in your voice and this is the second podcast I got the chance to listen from the series. I bet you enjoy your work podcasting and Thanks for the message...made my day :)

Nov 23rd

Amanda Ballard Coates

you deserve ALL the love you receive! thanks for being you!!!

Nov 21st

Amanda Ballard Coates


Nov 12th

Tricia Miller-Hook

Glad I finally listened to this! Making it a regular part of my morning! You’re amazing Jeremy!

Nov 9th
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