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Author: J-Ma

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Thago League Podcast talk’s Hip-Hop, Spiritually from a nature standpoint, and important issues in today’s world i.e health, love and respect. And it's for the people. A place to be you /real. I'm J-Ma and this is my podcast. Come chop it up with. Welcome.
9 Episodes
J-Ma®️ Talks Queen of Chicago Hip-Hop Title Origin, targeting Billiards, Copyrights, New Music & Registration Reciprocity Support the Show.
J-MA Speaks Kanye West Plagiarizing Her message / mission On Drink Champs Support the Show.
Pay Attention| Don’t Get Tricked Out Of Your Awakening! Support the Show.
This Episode talking point is : Why do you big-name artist get away with stealing smaller artists content, Reversed clout chasing (The famous stealing from the un-famous to stay on / remain relevant). My podcast is also on YouTube @ Thago League Podcast. 💋 Be sure to: Like, Comment, Subscribe! Thanks Support the Show.
J-Ma talk's wearing white after labor day, President Joe Biden, hurricane Ida, time she met Memphis Bleek and comedian DeRay , Jay-z vs Nas verses battle. Support the Show.
J-Ma talk's how labor day started, hurricane Ida, Michael k. Williams, and being 1/4 way through Kanye West's Donda album. Support the Show.
My brief encounter at a local store, which reminded me of the nature of a man, or even that men in the hood is still fighting for/ holding on to their manhood. Update on Cov-19 booster shot's and possible requirements. Nas and Kanye releases new album, Whatttt....?! Support the Show.
J-Ma talk's how she got duped outta her first podcast domain name. Also, that the world is in a state of needing to spiritually heal at this time. Support the Show.
Hi, I'm J-Ma,,, Anddd,,,Don't try and steal my breaks (labor laws). Support the Show.