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How to Succeed in Evil: The Novel
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How to Succeed in Evil: The Novel

Author: Patrick McLean

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Alternately funny and dark, How to Succeed in Evil: The Novel, is the story of Edwin Windsor, Evil Efficiency Consultant. A biting satire of both modern business and the conventions of the superhero genre.

This is new content, distinct from the original podcast episodes that have been up on podiobooks since 2006. While the novel is contained within the original podcast story arc, there's a lot more depth. Many new characters, much subplottery and (to use a technical term) it's funny as balls. Among other things we get to know Dr. Loeb a lot better.

If you love one, you'll love the other. But to put it in some kind of perspective, the original podcast episodes might be best thought of as really good notes, character sketches, etc. But maybe that's downplaying them a bit as they were good enough to win a Parsec award?

Also the Original Podcast Episodes have a lot of rich sound design in them. How to Succeed in Evil: The Novel is more of a traditional audiobook.
72 Episodes
Prologue: Song

Prologue: Song


In which a brave pilot fights to save his plane and all on-board.
Excelsior races to the rescue?
Edwin meets the Not-So-Sinister Dr. Loeb
Edwin walks down memory lane. This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife. How did I get here?
Enter Agnes, Edwin's formidable secretary.
Edwin and Topper hit the links.
Edwin plots, schemes and puts up with Topper.
Gus gives the big guy a pep talk.
The one scheme that can't possibly work.
Edwin meets the Not-So-Sinister Dr. Loeb's mother. Iphagenia.
More than Edwin ever wanted to know about Iphagenia Rielly.
Edwin checks in.
Excelsior tries to take a night off.
Can civilization be contained in a mere garment?
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
Agnes does her job. Topper attempts to swing into action.
Edwin does what he does best.
The world ain't what it used to be.
Why fight for it when you can simply buy it?
Restraint and perseverance aren't paying off.
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