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The Rise of Digital Companions
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The Rise of Digital Companions

Author: Caddify

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The way we interact with products and services is changing. What we value is changing - we're all focused on outcomes and experience. Leaders like Amazon, Uber, Tesla, and others, are driving growth by combining their product and service offerings with Digital Companions. The purpose - to make their customers more successful - helping them get the outcomes they want with the best possible experience.This podcast explores these changes in the world, how Digital Companion Apps are meeting these changes, and which organisations are leading the charge.
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Digital Companions are changing the way we interact with our products and services. This podcast explores the tech, the business, and interviews the key players - giving us all an insight into how we can start our own Digital Companion journey.This episode is the trailer where we uncover exactly what we're going to talk about, as well as pulling back the covers on exactly what a Digital Companion is.Your host is Justin Halfpenny who has worked his whole career at the intersection of manufacturing, service, customer success and technology.Give him a follow on Linkedin or Twitter - and above all enjoy the episode, give it a like, a review, and best of all hit subscribe!*************************This pod is powered by Caddify - the no-code Companion builder that means anyone can now create, publish and update their very own branded Companion Apps. 
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