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 Through my work with hundreds of clients I’ve become attuned to how much language effects mindset and the actions you take. For the full lesson recap, visit this episode, I'm sharing:The one word that creates the most suffering in day-to-day life... it's probably not what you think Reasons this word is dangerous to use with yourself and othersHow subtle the destructive nature of this word and it's relatives are to you and your energyAlternatives that you can substitute for this word that are 100x better
I'm sharing a fun metaphor about the differences between being a driver or passenger of a car and in your life. For show notes, visit episode explores the experience of being a passenger and helps you determine if that's how you're going through life and shares what's needed to be a driver. Being the driver of your life isn't about making the right decision it's about taking back the choices that are yours to make every day.
This episode takes a fun twist on what distraction is and how to use them for your benefit.  For show notes, visit episode:Digs into the nuance of what distraction is Explores why we distract ourselves, especially from things that we say we really want to doShares 3 benefits of distractionA simple method to leverage distraction in your lifeI also introduced my upcoming Courageous Conversation monthly series for women who want to explore an interesting and valuable topic that isn't part of your day-to-day. Because I believe when you slow down and take the opportunity to participate in a safe and supportive dialogue you can discover true growth and deep learning.  More details here.  
Today I’m talking about the danger in believing that knowing better means doing better. And how continuing to look for new information is one of the productivity traps that could be holding you back from finally starting. For show notes, visit episode:Points to the gap between knowing and doingShares what happens when you believe the only thing you need to do better is to find new informationExplores the 3 typical responses when new information doesn't seem to make a difference in what you're doingTo learn more about the 3 elements needed to fill the gap and get started on your idea (without more time management) check out my upcoming workshop here. 
In todays episode we're taking a critical look at goals, where they came from, where they're most useful and why.  And I share a different tool that you can use if you want something that goals can't give you.For show notes, visit episode is for you if you want to explore: How goals migrated from one environment to another and why that's a problemA framework called the Layers of Life that helps you determine whether or not to use a goalThe use of commitments as alternatives to goals 
In today's episode I'm sharing my process for my end-of-year review.  Of course, this is currently timely, and yet you can do a review at any time, it doesn’t have to be at the end of December. There are some tools and things to consider that make it effective and I’m diving diving into those for you. Plus I share 12 great questions for you to use for your review and I open the curtain on my review and the lessons I learned.For the full lesson recap, visit this episode, I’m sharing:The value of completing an end-of-year reviewThe process, tools and questions you can use to do your own reflection to set up your next yearThe five lessons I’m taking from this year into the nextFor more details about the upcoming training on how to take action on the projects you say you want to do but aren't (WITHOUT more time management or goal setting!) head to
When you think of stillness often there's a peace that comes with it, yet when you think of yourself "still not taking action" it brings up a whole other emotion that rarely feels like peace.For show notes, visit this episode, I'm sharing:The similarities and differences between still, as in stillness and still, as in "I'm still procrastinating"The two things you can do when you're judging yourself for still being where you areThe one thing to ensure you're not still in the same place laterIf you want to be the first to know about the upcoming Action Takers Club coming in 2022 head over to to get on the waitlist.
There seems to be an unspoken rule that you have to "stick to a plan" and today we're exploring the danger of this belief and what it might be costing you.For the full lesson recap, visit this episode, I'm sharingThe two things that arise when you think you have to stick to a planImportant differences between planning and a planFour simple questions to ask when things change to create a new plan
I've never heard anyone explore procrastination in this way before. We're diving deep and empowering you with what it REALLY means if you've got the point of procrastination and what it takes to move past it. For the full lesson recap, visit this episode, you'll learnWhy you might not be following through on the things you say you're going to do (it's not what you think it is)Revealing the idea of an emotional immune system that keeps you safeTwo suggestions for how you can start to move past procrastination without forcing yourself to "just do it"---
What makes it easy to start a new project? How about a unique plan that will help you keep going long after the new shiny excitement has worn off?In today's exciting inaugural episode I'm going to share some unique ideas to help you start a brand new project and a framework you can use no matter the kind of project that you want to start.For the full lesson recap, visit this episode, you'll learn:Why I started this podcast and how it ties into my bigger business goals of helping women use their time for what mattersWhy creating a project plan is more valuable than simply setting a goalThe four core components I recommend including in a project plan to get you started
Introducing: More Ways

Introducing: More Ways


Welcome! This is More Ways, a podcast for creative, ambitious women for whom productivity advice and time management tips tools and hacks haven't worked. I'm your host, Amanda Jane, and my intention is to inspire you to redefine productivity for yourself, to uncover what productivity means to you and the role you want it to play in your life.Here we explore More Ways to more ways to be productive, make progress on your dream projects, create momentum, make a difference in the world and live a life that you love.More Ways is not your typical productivity podcast, instead we're creating and sharing a new approach to what it means to be productive for modern women. For more information and to subscribe visit
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