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Description and Chopped Conference creator Marly McMillen reveals strategies to take your food blog to the next level. Through exciting interviews with industry leaders she will help you grow your social media platform, hone your online business skills, create killer marketing strategies, learn the latest tricks to improve your food photography and more in order to get ahead of the curve in the food blogging world. Become the food blogging business owner of your dreams with the Chopped Podcast!
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As a food blogger it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking if we just work more, we'll be more successful. This type of mindset can lead to burnout, which can eventually lead to quitting altogether. Today's guests, Sarah and Laura of The Wander Cooks, talk about the importance of creating life balance with our work. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. These two suggest finding ways to enjoy your life along the journey.
We've all heard the directive, the money is in the list! This is implying that growing your email list can pay off in the long run. But if you're struggling to grow your list, or trying to figure out what to say to them once they're there, Matt Molen has an inspiring message. Look at your email list as an investment. That changes everything. Matt is back on the show today, talking about creating a rewarding email newsletter. That means rewarding for your audience and for you! We also talk about communicating via email during times of crisis. It’s an informative conversation with lots of helpful tips and inspiration! Show notes here.
We've learned a lot about the ways to drive traffic to your site, from Pinterest, to Facebook, to Google, and more. But what do you do with that audience once they're there? Today we're learning about cultivating an engaged food blog audience. Because having an engaged audience makes all the difference. Today's guest is John Greely with the site Slickstream, which has a mission to help bloggers actively increase engagement on their sites. It's an informative conversation! Episode 200 Notes Page
If you're a food blogger and you're looking for a better vision for your role, Laurie Buckle of Cook-It Media, encourages you to consider becoming the Editor-in-Chief. It's kinda catchy, don't you think? It has a good ring to it. Whereas a blogger may be simply going from post to post, the editor-in-chief takes a higher level view of her audience and discovers how she delivers content to them. It really is an inspiring discussion to help you take things to another level! More info on the show notes page
If you thought food blogging would be one continuous path to success, join the club. However, that "build it and they will come" model is more like fantasy than reality. Today's guest, Lindsay Moe, is here talking about Pushing Past Roadblocks. Look, roadblocks happen. Sometimes they slow you down. However, Lindsay shares great advice on how to not let them derail you entirely from reaching your goals. Read more here:
Now that food blogging is coming into its own as a career path, there are so many courses, consultants, and teams of individuals ready to be hired to help make your dream a reality. But what if you don't have the money for all that? Kristen Wood is here to talk about how to bootstrap your food blog. The good news? You can create a successful and thriving food blog on a budget if you're willing to put the work in! Episode details here
As a creative entrepreneur, food bloggers face a lot of struggles, including isolation, comparison and more. For food bloggers dealing with mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar, and more, there's an added layer of difficulty with this chosen career. Today's guest, Jennifer Farley, is here talking about food bloggers and mental and health. There's a lot that goes into therapy for mental health issues. However, sometimes the first step is simply saying the words and having a conversation. That's what today's episode is all about.
You can Reinvigorate Your Pinterest Strategies with this thoughtful advice from Pinterest guru, Nicole Barker. Want to grow your audience to new levels? Pinterest is a powerful search engine that can deliver on that goal, but you have to know how to use it. And as many of us have learned the hard way, Pinterest is changing all the time. Learn the latest ways to improve your Pinterest game today!
We all know "comparison is the thief of joy" but that doesn't stop us from falling into the comparison trap. Today's guest, Cassie Heilbron, encourages stopping the comparison trap and loving your style as a food blogger. What does that mean? It means embracing the way you work. It means appreciating your style as a food photographer, blogger, and social influencer. It means finding a way to admire how others do it, while at the same time learning to love the way you do your own work. It's a powerful tool we all need in our basket of skills. Read more about this podcast at our blog:
If you're excited about your food blogging career, finding a way to stay focused with your work is critical. Because there's a number of distractions that can take over your passions, including comparing whatever you're doing with others. Tanya Harris talks about becoming the focused food blogger and the tools she's used to help her along the way!
If your day is broken into chunks of defined time, finding ways to get things done can be a struggle. Today's guest, Megan Porta, talks about planned productivity for limited time spans such as that. Without planning, your precious time can easily be squandered. That's while you'll love these tips from Megan about ways you can transform time to be on your side! Read more on the blog:
Today's guest, JinJoo Lee with the site Kimchi Mari, is on the Chopped Podcast talking about the Art of Taking Yourself Seriously. There is no end to the distractions that can happen in any given day when you're working for yourself. JinJoo explains that when she realized she was putting everyone else's priorities above her own, things started to shift. Learn about the inspiring change of perspective that can make a difference for you too!
If you have big dreams you need a lot of confidence to see you through both the good and the bad times. Today’s guest, Chandice Probst of the site This Vivacious Life, talks about developing confidence and how it has helped her do courageous things for her career as a food blogger.
Have you ever dreamed of launching a physical product for your blog? Today’s guest, Suzy Karadsheh of the site, The Mediterranean Dish did just that! However, today’s discussion has us also talking about the tools she used to grow her site to a successful blog, so much so that her husband quit his job and they now work together. You’ll love Suzy’s dedication to her audience and the authenticity in which she lives her life and how she shares about it on social media and her blog. 
Are you busy updating old content on your site? Today’s guest, Melissa Riker, shares tips for the best ways to Give Old Content a Refresh so that it’s user friendly and SEO optimized! Learn tips to manage your time and hire help to get your content updated. And while you’re at it, get inspired by the conversation around staying motivated, food photography and styling, and so much more!
As a food blogger, finding time to get everything done is always a struggle! Today’s guest, Jessica Scully, is talking about time management. As an owner of a fitness center, mom, wife, and food blogger, Jessica has experience managing multiple priorities. Her fitness instructor mindset also gives plenty of tough love combined with self care as well. She recognizes one of the best ways you can feel good about yourself is through doing difficult things. If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration, today’s episode will get you there!
As a food blogger one of the biggest struggles can be simply showing up to do the work day in and day out. Today's guest, Brian Dixon, specializes in helping entrepreneurs not only find their audience but also reignite the spark and passion for their blog! Listen in as Brian shares his tips on how to become a mission focused blogger!
Have you ever dreamed of being a really successful food blogger? Jessica Hoffman of the site Choosing Chia is today’s guest and she’s talking today about Developing a Food Blogger Work Ethic in order to find joy and balance in the work of achieving your goals. You can’t always have control over the outcomes, but you can use these mindset shifts and visioning techniques to fall in love with the process which can, in turn, have an impact on how you approach the work.
Food blogging can be a lonely business! It can feel like everyone has the skills to make it happen except you! Add to the mix a few rejections from places like Food Gawker and brands, and you’ve got a real recipe for disaster. Stephanie Melchione with the site The Cozy Cook talks about the rejections she experienced early on in her food blogging career, and how she persevered, dug in her heels and learned new skills, and ultimately quit her job to pursue food blogging full-time!
Adopt an Email Growth Mindset and optimize your email strategies. Email is where it’s at, and if you feel there’s room to improve your email marketing strategy, Matt is the go-to expert! He’s worked with thousands of bloggers, including well-known food bloggers, to help them grow their list, and send more engaging content to their readers. Be a part of the email strategy movement by listening to today’s episode!
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