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At Crosspoint we believe church should be a place for imperfect people. A place where all can belong, a place where we can be encouraged as we grow in our faith and be surrounded by people on a similar journey. We are dedicated to the spiritual growth and well being of every generation. There are special events, small groups and fun gatherings for people at every stage of life.

Welcome to Crosspoint
9 Episodes
Made to Matter Part 9 Be Heard Pastor Randy Base
Made to Matter Part 8 Leadership David Massengale
Pastor Steven Peterson Made to Matter Part 7 - Leadership Romans 12:3-8
All of us are called to give and be generous, some of us find this to be easier than others.
Pastor Steven Peterson Made to Matter Part 5 Teaching
Made to Matter Part 4 Prophecy Speaker Chris Romero
Sometimes we believe that only the "big/flashy" gifts make large impacts for God's kingdom, however Scripture tells us differently.
Each of use have a specific way that we are able to use our gifts to serve God's kingdom.
Made to Matter Part 1 Gifted
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