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What a better way to start your day than with some kink and coffee? Your favorite domme duo is back with a new weekly podcast that will get the blood pumping and *other parts* twitching. We are a changing up our podcast a bit. While you kick back on a coffee break or are enjoying lunch, you can spare a few moments of time to listen to the weekly lesson. Each week we share our commentary on a question or two regarding kinks and fetishes that fall under the BDSM, Femdom lifestyle. Expect to get a lesson to be just a few minutes long. That means you could certainly get in a listen while you are in a meeting, or waiting to pick up your wife from an outing with friends (aka her secret rendezvous with a lover) Do you like your coffee black like bbc? Or with a little cream for CEI lovers? Regardless, kick back and enjoy some kink and coffee with Dr. Kiera and Mistress Lillith.
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The ABDL Lifestyle is often clouded with misjudgement and misunderstanding. It is an intense lifestyle and fetish with many facets and different levels and a multitude of layers. There is no such thing as a one size fits all for adult babies and diaper lovers. Mommy Mistress Lillith is an expert abdl mommy that has been working with and training abbies for a handful of years. Today we will just touch on this elusive and often hidden fetish lifestyle. and
Dr. Kiera brings on one of her stroker boy addicts to share with us his kinky little fetish. He moans at the sight of armpits and LOVES armpits. He loves to moan, and stroke and be financial dominated. We show him today that we get what we want, one way or another. In a short interview with a kinkster ready to share his fetish. and
What happens between consenting adults is really none of anyone's business. If you are in the world of Fetish and Kink, you certainly are not the beacon of morality and have to business telling others how they are allowed to engage their fantasies. Join Dr. Kiera and Mistress Lillith with another hot topic button of fetish, sexuality and morality -- We like to stir the pot a bit. Perhaps with todays cup of coffee a splace of bailey's may be needed. Don't shy away from hot topics. Engage with us. Let us know what you think on our site at
Do you call yourself a pay pig...are you one of those RT slaves? We are not buying it. Your name means nothing, and the size of your wallet means EVERYTHING. This week for Kink and Coffee we will review and expose the paypig names and touch on those slimy RT slaves on twitter. If you are a new findom and looking for how to be a findom -- this is a podcast you will want to listen to. Don't believe the name, believe the tribute.
Top 3 Items to have for a Guided Masturbation Session. As experienced cock control mistresses, we probably know more ways to enhance your masturbation than you do. While we tend to shy away from providing lists because everyone's creativity level and experience and preference is different -- there are a few things that are MUST haves for guided masturbation. From there, the sky is the limit as our inspiration and creativity knows no bounds.
when searching for how to find a mistress -- File this under things you DON'T do when contacting a mistress. You DONT make comments about 'mistress so and so does it' -- elite, experienced femdommes don't care about what others do and find it disrespectful. Time for another episode of Kink and Coffee with Mistress Lillith and Dr. Kiera as they touch on a controversial topic of Mistress/Femdom Comparisons.
Looking for an intense mind fuck mistress? Do you think you could handle TWO experienced dommes that specialize in mind fuck and erotic hypnosis. Be ready to open your mind to let us in. We are knocking and we are coming for you to turn you into the perfect little play thing. Want to know how best to prepare? Open your mind to begin with and then follow our instructs as we sip on some kink and coffee and dive into the world of mind fuckery.
Sissy Preparedness -- Join your Intelligent Femdoms Dr. Kiera and Mistress Lillith to know how best to prepare for a sissy training session with any sissy trainer. We go over sissy preparedness and we will discuss pissy sissy syndrome and fighting the urge to purge.
You regularly like to ask "what can I do for you today mistress?" well, once again only ask if you are prepared to actually DO what we tell you to do. We are an elite domme duo that charge for our premium cock control domination services -- so right off the bat if you are seeking an answer that doesn't involve financial worship or tribute you will not be a submissive that will get the privilege of serving us and finding out what we REALLY want you to do.
All too often we here the statement 'we'll do anything mistress' . With Mistress Lillith and Dr. Kiera you will learn that "Anything" does not fly with us. Don't mean it unless you say it and with a pair of elite dommes you must always be careful what you wish for. Enjoy your next sip of kink and coffee with your intelligent femdoms.
Your favorite Domme Duo here with a titillating podcast series to send blood rushing to that twitching dick. We have changed things up and this series is a short little break from the norm. A kinky coffee break if you will. For the first episode of the series, It is best to start off with our clear rules of conduct when reaching out to us. To do and Not To do when contacting your Dream Domme.
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