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CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains implied childhood sexual assault as well as mentions of sexual assault.This episode discusses different types of trauma triggers and their effects. It also discusses different types of flashbacks and how they can affect people. It finishes with a discussion of grounding techniques and how they can be helpful.Support the show (
Victim Blaming

Victim Blaming


CONTENT WARNING: This episode has frequent mentions of victim blaming when it comes to sexual assaults. It also has a section containing implied childhood sexual abuse. We also talk about abusive relationships near the end, and why people may stay in them.This episode discusses "victim blaming" and the problems it carries. It talks about how victim blaming is not just about sexual assault survivors, but about any and all types of trauma. It then talks about how victim blaming can impact abusive relationships and discusses some reasons an abused person may not leave.www.fortraumasurvivors.comSupport the show (
In this episode we introduce ourselves and talk about types of trauma, common myths, and Trauma Imposter Syndrome.For more information: www.fortraumasurvivors.comSupport the show (
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