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Author: Sarah Lauch

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Dogs are simply amazing. They have become part of our family and an integral part of our society--sometimes in horrifying ways. Many people turn their heads to look away at the bad, but dog rescuers do not. My rescue world is filled with amazing people that I am proud to know. It is also filled with a ton of drama. Time to Raise the Woof and tell the stories that are long overdue.
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When an undercover animal abuse investigator with 20+ years of experience says something bothers him, you know it is legit. Many years ago, the practice of luring racing greyhounds with live rabbits was investigated and many swept the practice under the rug or claimed "it did not happen." Cue investigator Pete Paxton, who conducted an undercover investigation in partnership with Grey2k USA. What they found was beyond shocking and their investigation, with your help, will hopefully lead to a federal bill called the Greyhound Protection Act.  More here (NOTE: this is not for the faint of heart):
Raise the Woof: SEED

Raise the Woof: SEED


This podcast has always been about learning more about animals and to say this particular one opened up my eyes is an understatement. Cailen LaBarge is the Co-Founder of SEED: Strategies for Ethical and Environmental Development. Before the pandemic, they investigated a dairy auction in Texas that revealed far more than they expected. The findings, as shocking as they may be, are so important, especially in this day and age.  For more information:
"He came to the door naked with a gun. We ended up with 63 snakes."  Cindy Steinle has had a LOT of experience with reptiles and while many people may be nervous around them, Cindy shares some amazing reasons why we should embrace snakes, alligators and more.  For more information or ways that you can help:  
Molly Downing is the Recreation Coordinator at SEASPAR and created a Pawsitive Pet Therapy program that brings smiles to faces of the participants.  SEASPAR is committed to the mission of providing dynamic recreation programs and quality services for residents with disabilities. More here:
Rachel Jensen is the Founder of Pleasant Heart Pet Food Pantry in Michigan. As a former Animal Control Officer, she saw a need in her community and immediately went to work to help by building a non-profit.
I always believe people. I give them the benefit of the doubt. I am a helper. I run to the bad when others may be running away.  When I woke up on Sunday with overflowing email, I was like wow, this is great. Then I realized something was really wrong.  This is the story of a how a selfish company took advantage of a small 501c3 and has ZERO apologies or regrets for what they did. They have done irreparable damage during our busiest time of the season. 
Comfy Carepacks are given, free of charge, to benefit pets of individuals experiencing homelessness in the Los Angeles area. Vice President Deborah joins me to chat about this amazing organization.
When Carolyn Alonzo lost her beloved Obi in May of 2020, she immediately went to work creating "Obi's Pet Pantry." A story of love, hope and passion to help others.
SOUL - Sharing of Unconditional Love. Jodie Diegel, the Founder and President of Soul Harbour Ranch joins me. The SOUL Harbour Ranch Animal Therapy Program, located in Barrington, Illinois, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to enrich lives by promoting the unconditional love and healing of the human-animal bond, while advocating for animal therapy standards of excellence. We offer the Barrington-area’s most experienced and comprehensive animal-assisted therapy teams, which includes registered therapy dogs, registered miniature therapy horses and miniature therapy donkeys. Our registered therapy dogs started visiting as early as 2010, and our registered miniature therapy horses started visiting in 2012.
West Suburban Humane Society just opened their brand new building in March and unfortunately the pandemic has hampered their plans, but they are still rescuing and still adopting animals out! Christina Morrison, the Director of Development joins me to talk about rescuing animals from rural areas, tips for adopting an animal and much more!
Paws with a Cause custom trains assistance dogs for people with a disability. Public Relations Coordinator Cara Conway joins me to talk about their service,hearing, seizure response and autism dogs. Great stories!  
Compassion Fatigue comes up over and over in this podcast and I am honored to be joined by an expert in the field, Jessica Dolce. She is the Founder of The Compassion in Balance Program and educates people who work with animals.
Camp Dogwood is a paradise for humans to get away with their dogs and partake in activities that surround their animals. The unique camp has grown in the last 20 years and Alysa Sly has done so much work and research making it a destination for dog lovers. For more:
Bailing Out Benji is a non-profit that is dedicated to educating people about puppy mills by using data and sharing stories. Nikki and Raquel join me to break down the difference between breeders and mills and much more. For more: 
Mobile dog grooming is a great concept for animals that may be nervous going to get a hair cut or a nail trim and Kirsten Nuffer took the leap into her own mobile grooming venture and never looked back. 
Jenny Leech started fostering not long ago and has taken in some very broken and injured animals. She also has 2 dogs that are frequently seen on viral videos! Big Ben and Tiny Tim have become best friends and their relationship is the cutest:
Felines and Canines started as just felines and then added the canines. For 42 years they have been saving lives! Abby and Kelly join me for a frank conversation about rescuing outside of Illinois and what it takes to run a rescue 24/7. A view from the inside...
Sorry for being MIA! I am back! Listen to hear what is new! 
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“It was a feeling like you wanted to protect the land and the dogs still buried on the property.” Rescuer and author Tamira Thayne transformed Michael Vick’s dog fighting compound into a rescue center for chained and penned dogs. Now, in her new book she reveals what they found inside those black sheds and how her life was affected by what she saw. For more about her book:
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