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Released regularly, the Richard Flint Photography podcast features photography news, photo projects, website and podcast links, multimedia, videos, photography articles, upcoming exhibitions, photographic awards and more.

The photography podcast is released regularly (around six episodes a year plus a number of special bonus podcasts focusing on books, photography locations and other photography-related subjects. The podcast covers all sorts of photography-related topics and issues including photography books, photographers, classic and contemporary photojournalism plus lots more.
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A new post on the Magnum website looks at the life and legacy of Robert Capa, along with a superb letter from John Steinbeck written shortly after Capa died in 1954. The Ageless, Changeless Robert Capa John Steinbeck - A Russian Journal book Robert Capa - the rare 1947 radio interview
In the podcast... the main website gets a BIG, and rather unexpected, spring clean to give it a bit of a refresh. A quick discussion about the recent royal photo manipulation story. In the podcast's recommended photography links we have four great photographers covering the last five decades including Chris Killip, Akihiko Okamura and Tim Hetherington. Podcast Links The extraordinary life and photography of Tim Hetherington The work and legacy of photographer Anja Niedringhaus endure 10 years after her death A new exhibition brings together Chris Killip and Graham Smith’s seminal shots of England’s north-east from 1975-87, when heavy industry and working-class life were transformed ‘The surreal dislocation of the everyday’: how Japanese photographer Akihiko Okamura captured the Troubles as never before Bonus Podcast Links BBC Media Show - Is seeing still believing? Photo journalists on how the Princess of Wales story unfolded. 2024 World Press Photo Contest: Winners revealed
In this podcast: Richard heads back to the RSS feeds as a way of getting new sources of photography news and content after stepping away from social media. Dusting off those old blog feeds and seeing what works. The main website gets a new portfolio gallery with Northumberland: Castles and Coast added to the site. The podcast links look at the legendary photojournalist Bert Hardy who has a retrospective exhibition on at The Photographers' Gallery in London until June 2nd. Podcast Links The Gorbals of the 1940s - through Bert Hardy's eyes Bert Hardy: Photojournalism in War and Peace Fri 23 Feb 2024 - Sun 02 Jun 2024 - The Photographers' Gallery Bert Hardy | Getty Images Gallery
Podcast links look at the diverse work work of legendary Magnum photographer Elliot Erwitt who died back in November 2023. A big influence to many photographers, his ability to capture iconic images of events, portraits, and even dogs showed the broad range of his skills. Magnum Profile - Guardian Obituary - View the podcast links page at
In the podcast: I'm looking back at 2023 and my favourite images from my travels during the past year. Also, I take a look at what may be coming in 2024. No podcast links in this episode but an Elliott Erwitt link podcast will be recorded soon for the end of January.
A location podcast from a wet and windy Campbeltown (Mull of Kintyre) looking back at two weeks of travels around the Isle of Arran and the Mull of Kintyre. Lots of photography with the weather adding some drama to the skies and coastline. Check out the websites and the richardflintphoto Instagram feed for some images from my travels.
In the podcast: With Twitter, now called X, making further changes to its platform and its lifespan up for debate, is it time to move back to blogging? Four great photography links including a history of photography TV series via YouTube. Photography links International Portrait Photographer of the Year 2023 BBC | Extraordinary photos of July's extreme weather BBC History Of Photography Complete (Episodes 1,2, and 3) Zak Waters - Birdmen. Great Documentary photography about Pigeon Racing
A bonus podcast talking about the first of two favourite photographs shot in Northumberland in late April 2023. The image of the harbour at Seahouses is my second favourite photograph. View the photo at
In the podcast: More drama from Twitter with the tweet feed vanishing from the website, the new social media platform Threads arrives and looks promising, and there's more website improvement work. In the links, Eve Arnold's excellent portrait and documentary work, a love letter to the industrial part of the Melbourne suburb and the makers who work there and an 84-year-old photo mystery is solved! Photography links Mystery of Holocaust escape girls solved after 84 years Roller Door: Moorabbin makers at work Brothels, bartenders and film stars: Eve Arnold’s women BONUS LINK Prix Pictet shortlist 2023: Human
In the podcast. Details on April's visit to Northumberland and photographing a couple of fantastic castles, the landscape, and more. Streamlining work on the website, to make the site a little more slick and light, and the problem with old WordPress plugins. Instagram and Twitter thoughts and RFP's social media future. The podcast link is for the excellent Railroad through the American landscape video work of Acme Cinematography on Youtube Podcast link
In the March podcast: Changes to the podcast page including an audio player on the darker skies website, social media accounts including the RFP Instagram feed start up again... slowly. In the photography links... The flaky remnants of adverts painted onto the walls of Bradford buildings years ago are being recorded by photographer Jenna Greenwood and Alex Boyd is using a photographic process developed by the Victorians more than 170 years ago to create images of Scotland and Ireland. Ghost signs: Bradford's faded adverts photographed The photographer using a Victorian process to picture Scotland
35 years or more after seeing it as a tennage photographer just starting to take images, I've rewatched the BBC Arena documentary 'Mentioned in Dispatches' about Vietnam war photographer Tim Page. I thought I'd capture some brief thoughts about Tim's images, his influence on my photography and how the documentary looks now.
In the podcast: A catchup about what's been happening and the plans of the podcast, photobooks etc, and in the links, I take a look at one of my early heroes Vietnam war photographer Tim Page who died in August 2022. Tim had a huge influence on me as a young photographer. The 'Mentioned in Dispatches' BBC documentary especially sparked my interest in photojournalism. Links mentioned in the podcast Time Page's obituary in The Guardian Tim Page: the Vietnam war photographer’s career in pictures Tim Page 'Mentioned in Dispatches' - BBC Arena -1979
Back with an update about the Podcast for 2023. Regular episodes, short 5 minute podgrams and more.
After taking a break from social media and the Podcast for a few months, it's time to start posting again. This podcast is a update about the break with a quick photo link for the photographer Eric Treacy. Check out his photography on Google.
Back after an enforced break with a quick update. The RFP Redbubble shop gets close to 400 photos available to purchase as prints etc with a new collection of archive photos. In the links are award winning photographs by Sally Mann, images from a British Army Tank unit and a look at the work of street photographer Sabine Weiss who died recently aged 97. All the links can be found on the links page. Details at
A bit of a switch around this month due to the delay in getting the September podcast recorded. September's Scotland trip will now be talked about in next month's podcast complete with a recording originally made for a bonus Scotland podcast. I'll also cover recent website news in that podcast too.  In this podcast, however, I talk about the move to new podcast hosting that should improve the podcast no end. Better distribution, links in the show notes, and more! Some great photo links are thrown in at the end from the BBC In Pictures page including images of Joy Division by Kevin Cummins, award-winning wildlife photography and 1960s photographs of The Rolling Stone and The Beatles in County Durham. Photography links mentioned in the podcast Joy Division: Photographer Kevin Cummins on capturing the post-punk icons Close-up of gull's eye in Shetland wins ecology photography prize 'All I can hear is a cacophony of screaming girls' - photographing the Beatles and Stones All of the weblinks for the digital content mentioned in the podcasts can also be found on the dedicated podcast links page at
In the August podcast... talking about the recent bonus podcasts released to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Sea, Sky, Sand and Street. In the links, two from Afghanistan looking back at the twenty years of photography from the war torn country and a collection of images from this year's Olympics in Tokyo. All of the weblinks for the digital content mentioned in the podcasts can be found on the dedicated podcast links page at
Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the release of the Sea, Sky, Sand and Street photobook, this series of three bonus podcasts takes a look at some of my favourite images from the book. This podcast will look at three more images from the book starting with Final Mooring - shot in Brancaster Staithe. The second image is one of the most memorable photos from the project - Brancaster Beach with storm clouds building. The final image is the Wells Next the Sea crabbers down on the harbour that became the book's cover. Check out the image via the gallery at or via the podcast links page at
Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the release of the Sea, Sky, Sand and Street photobook, this series of three bonus podcasts takes a look at some of my favourite images from the book. This podcast will look at two more images from the book starting with a Fishing boat a Sheringham - an image that was an early candidate for the book's cover. The second image is of an abandoned bicycle at Burnham Overy Staithe. The final podcast in this series will feature my favourite final three photographs from Sea, Sky Sand and Street. Check out the image via the gallery at or via the podcast links page at